Demo Presentation Of An Online Course in AutoCAD 2018

Demo presentation recorded in AutoCAD 2018 by Shaun Bryant is making exclusive show. The software is robust design and draft program which can be applied for generating accurate 2D and 3D designs. It shows the fundamentals of the user interface: how to utilize the ribbon, apply the ViewCube, alter workspaces, perform with the Quick Access Toolbar. As well as dealing with files and options, navigation trough your drawings, drawing and modifying objects…demo presentation of AutoCAD 2018

Demo Presentation of AutoCAD 2018

There are several topics this online course covers:

• Analyze the user interface
• Application of the ribbon, status bar, and ViewCube
• Opening, saving, and closing files
• Setting and converting drawing units
• Navigating drawings
• Saving and restoring views
• Drawing and rectifying objects
• Drawing perfectly
• Reprocessing content
• Generating output
• Applying PDFs in AutoCAD


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