Francis Kéré’s 2017 Serpentine Pavilion To be Moved to Permanent Home in Malaysia

© Laurian Ghinitoiu

© Laurian Ghinitoiu

A month after its critically-lauded run came to a close, Francis Kéré’s 2017 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion has found a permanent home halfway across the globe.

As reported by the Star, the structure has been purchased by Kuala Lumpur-based Ilham Gallery, who are now searching for a permanent site of the pavilion in Malaysia.

“Thanks to the generous donations by a group of philanthropists, Ilham Gallery now has a prestigious architectural commission in its collection,” said said Ilham Gallery director Rahel Joseph.

“It was a surprising yet very welcome bit of news to be the new custodian of this exciting work.”

While the exact location of the pavilion is yet to be determined, Ilham Gallery currently owns two permanent installations – Divina Proportione by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Breast Stupa Topiary by Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak – both of which are located at the entrance to Ilham Tower.

“It’s too large for Ilham and we want to put it in a public space for all to enjoy. We are looking for a space for it in the Klang Valley,” said Joseph.

The structure follows in the tradition of Serpentine Pavilions finding new homes across the globe. Last year’s structure, designed by BIG, has been relocated to Vancouver. Other examples include Zaha Hadid’s 2007 design, re-erected at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England, and Toyo Ito/Cecil Balmond’s 2002 pavilion, which now serves as a beachside restaurant at the luxury hotel Le Beauvallon on the Côte d’Azur in France. Other pavilions have also been purchased by private owners.

News via the Star.

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Diébédo Francis Kéré’s Serpentine Pavilion Photographed by Laurian Ghinitoiu

Following the opening of the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion, designed this year by Diébédo Francis Kéré ( Kéré Architecture), photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu has turned his lens to London. Designed to mimic a tree, or a canopy of trees, the wooden structure has been designed to fuse cultural references from Kéré’s home town of Gando in Burkino Faso with more “experimental” construction techniques.

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