Improve your skills in working with SketchUp by following some important guidelines. Actually if you work in this software every day or often as you may, you’ll learn how to simplify your work and making it faster as well. But, if you are just starting, you’ll need some experienced advises as these, which offer the full explaining in the link bellow. Improve Your SketchUp Skills by Using some Helpful Advices

Improve Your SketchUp Skills

Use the 3D Warehouse gallery: check and purge models before importing them.

Position the model correctly in space.

Use plugins and check out the new stuff in Extension Warehouse.

Organize and save your toolbar settings.

Use groups and components to simplify editing and constructing a model.

Use layers, but not too many.

. Reference other points on the model and make guides.

Keyboard shortcuts.

Use the appropriate visual style each time.

Use scene manager to set and save views.


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