Is This Yeezy Home 1.0? Kanye West Collaborator Teases Affordable Housing Project on Instagram

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A month after Kanye West announced his intention to open an architecture venture, at the time named Yeezy Home, off the back of his fashion brand, it seems we may have the first glimpse of the type of buildings the rapper is hoping to create. Yesterday Jalil Peraza, a previous collaborator with West’s design company DONDA and designer of the “Face Modules” pop-up retail concept, posted two images to his Instagram showing a building render alongside the caption “Low income housing scheme, made of prefabricated concrete in collaboration with Petra Kustrin, Jalil Peraza, Kanye West, Nejc Skufca.”

As is often the case with announcements in connection with Kanye West’s brands, no further information has been released to substantiate the social media post, leaving the internet to scramble to conclusions. However, the consensus online seems to be that this is the first step in the Yeezy Home venture—with details such as where the design is intended to be built, who the developer might be, or what constitutes “low income” in the world of Yeezy, to be figured out down the road (or perhaps to be posted to social media by various members of West’s entourage).

Nevertheless, if this truly is our first glimpse at a Yeezy Home, it will doubtless be a moment that people return to frequently in future discussions of Kanye West’s architectural ambitions.

Kanye West’s New Architecture Venture: Who, What, Why and… Really?