Kate Moss Debuts for Saint Laurent on Steps of Modern Italian Classic

Villa Malaparte, Adalberto Libera’s modern Italian classic, is featured as the backdrop in Saint Lauren’s spring 2018 campaign starring modern English classic, Kate Moss. The video for the campaign, directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, positions Moss on the dramatic and monumental steps of the villa, an architectural promenade that seems to lead directly to the sky. 

The rationalist project was built in 1938 for Italian writer Curzio Malaparte in Punta Massullo on the Island of Capri. Monumental and iconic, the building becomes an extension of its clifftop location as if it has been playfully carved out of the rock. 

While bright red in reality, the black and white footage puts the focus on the formal qualities of the project, heightening the drama of its curved solarium and level changes. Malaparte once said of the villa:

[It is] the image of my desire.

Which seems all the more appropriate in the context of Kate Moss rolling about on its steps in extremely expensive high-end clothing.

News via: Saint Laurent.