One Way Reinforced Concrete Slab – How to design it?

One way reinforcement in concrete slab is something we found very structurally explained in the video bellow. These slabs are utilized in floors and roofs of buildings and usually combined with the supporting beams, bear the distributed loads mainly by bending.


One way slab should contain the following properties:

1) A slab is recognized as one way slab when the support is provided to a slab on two edges and the slab is bent in only one direction.
2) If the support is provided to a rectangular on all the four edges, the slab is treated as a one-way slab if the length-to-breadth (L/B) proportion of the slab is equivalent or larger than two.

3) A one-way slab is intended for the spanning direction solely; the primary tension reinforcing bars of such slabs operate parallel to the span. Toward the transverse direction, a lowest amount of shrinkage reinforcement is arranged.

4) Cantilever slab is one-way at all times.
5) Primary steel is only arranged parallel to span.

6) One-way slab is designed like singly reinforced rectangular section.
7) h(min) for the slab differs corresponding to the beams.


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