Open Call: Imagine London as a National Park City

Imagine London as a National Park City

Imagine London as a National Park City

Imagine that London becomes the world’s first National Park City. This large-scale and long-term vision has the potential to transform how Londoners live and how the city works. But what would London look like?

In partnership with Time Out London, we’re calling for artists, designers, illustrators, cartographers, urbanists, filmmakers, developers, architects and landscape architects to help Londoners visualize the capital’s future as a National Park City.

You should dream the possible knowing that your ideas may transform how Londoners live, work and play!

We are running this competition because we want to attract the best ideas for achieving the aims of making London a National Park City. We are keen to not just see ideas for future urban developments, but re-imaginations of London’s current cityscape. Your ideas could be small scale and design in small changes into Londoners’ lives that have a big impact. Or they could be transformative on a large scale.

You can imagine London at any scale:

  • What ‘micro-greening’ (eg a single balcony) can give a home to wildlife?
  • Can a commuter route become a ‘green corridor’?
  • How could a high-rise block enable children to play outdoors easily?
  • What plans for streetscapes, neighborhoods, or even London’s entire watershed could transform London lifestyles and address London’s challenges including air quality, increasing biodiversity, road congestion, community cohesion, mental health, and childhood obesity?

Download the information related to this competition here.

  • Title: Open Call: Imagine London as a National Park City
  • Type: Competition Announcement (Ideas)
  • Organizers: London National Park City
  • Submission Deadline: 19/05/2017 23:59
  • Venue: London
  • Price: Free