PECK citylife fine dining at milan’s new temple of gastronomical delights

vudafieri-saverino partners has completed PECK, a restaurant, wine shop, deli, and cocktail bar in milan‘s citylife shopping district. the interior pays tribute to the city’s post-war aesthetics, with floors that recall the historical milanese stone extracted from the quarries of lake iseo, and wooden lozenges on the restaurant’s ceiling that reference the villa necchi campiglio di portaluppi located in the city’s porta venezia area. the vertical support posts holding up the shelves recall the form of milan’s characteristic torre velasca built by the BBPR in the 50s, while the decorative lamps throughout the interior feature a modernist, post-industrial quality reminiscent of the aesthetic tradition of milanese buildings.

PECK citylife fine dining at milan's new temple of gastronomical delightsall images by santi caleca unless stated otherwise



responsible for the project in every phase, from the concept, to the design of each room and of all furnishings, vudafieri-saverino partners has created a space full of symbolic elements that reconstruct PECK‘s historical identity with a more contemporary and modern dimension. the restaurant and deli’s new location occupies a 300 sqm pavilion at piazza tre torri, central to the entrance of the citylife shopping district and the symbolic architecture of the new city. a large counter welcomes visitors as they enter the space, designed to offer technical, aesthetic, and practical performances, while introducing a new possibility: that of eating directly seated at the counter.

PECK citylife fine dining at milan's new temple of gastronomical delights



the interior has been designed to be able to open and close by multiplying the table seats – 70 in total, including 50 at the restaurant/deli and 20 in the enoteca cocktail bar. the folding tables next to the deli counter contribute to the expansion of seating space when needed, while offering customers a privileged view and engaging experience with the gastronomical products.

image courtesy of PECK



the shelves of the enoteca cocktail bar form a gridded layout in which the bottles of wine are displayed as notes of a score, expressing the value of the overall composition. the sense of verticality is further accentuated by the black pilasters found in both the furniture and the boiserie of the bar counter. copper window displays favor the permeability of the gaze, while each shelf is also a support for mobile tables that make the space versatile and multifaceted.



the cocktail counter is covered in hand-painted stoneware tiles with a unique design created exclusively for PECK, taken from a historical photograph of the 1950s, combined with copper elements such as the countertop and the large mirror hanging on the wall behind it. iconic materials, such as wood, black iron, and copper found in the restaurant’s original location in the historical city center, have been reinterpreted with a contemporary outlook, while white and blue tiles in the kitchen are the same ones as the ones in via spadari.

image courtesy of PECK

image courtesy of PECK




project info:



name: PECK citylife

architects: vudafieri-saverino partners, tiziano vudafieri and claudio saverino

design team: simona quadri, alessandra bottiroli, nicolo spina

total area: 309 square meters

works management and construction project: R4M engineering

lighting design: leukos studio

executive planning and construction supervision: R4M engineering, carlo bacchini and luca arcari

contractors: montorfano srl company, ferrario impianti tecnologici srl

custom furniture: made to order by 2square

chairs and stools: l’abbate and dvelas

bench fabric: dedar and kvadrat

decorative lighting: artemide, sammode, dcw edition

materials used: wood (american walnut), copper, black metal, alpi laminate

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

dec 14, 2018

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