Sanuki Daisuke Architects builds light-filled house on dense urban plot in Vietnam

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

Double-height glazed walls help draw light into NGA House, designed by Vietnam studio Sanuki Daisuke Architects for a tight plot in Ho Chi Minh City.

NGA House is surrounded by one to three-storey buildings linked by a web of narrow alleys, where adjacent houses cast shadows over one another and block views.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

Sanuki Daisuke Architects filled the site with as large a volume as possible, then cut its corners according to sunlight studies that determined where light could effectively be brought in without overheating the interior.

“We envisioned this building as a three-dimensional garden, where the wind and sunlight travels constantly from the outdoors through every open entrance in the building,” said the studio.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

Common areas between rooms have been merged into a single continuous space to avoid compartmentalisation. This space shifts between single and double-height as it moves up the house.

A total of five bedrooms, spread across each floor, are arranged around this central space, and are more enclosed to offer privacy.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

The ground floor entrance and common area, a kitchen and dining space above, the living room on the second floor and a worship room on the third floor are all located in this single continuous space.

Large double-height windows on the north and south side bring light into this space. These also form the entrance and the other opening onto a small first-floor terrace.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

Sliding windows allow these areas to be almost entirely opened up to the outdoors, such as at the rear of the house where a small garden has been added.

In the common areas, wall and floor finishes are carried in from the outside spaces to create what feels like a continuous flow through the space.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

“Waterproof cement is applied to both the outer and inner walls, making a seamless transition from the outdoor space to the inside of the house,” said Sanuki Daisuke Architects.

In bedrooms and more private spaces, wooden floors and white wall finishes provide a contrast to the these living areas.

NGA house by Sanuki Daisuke

On the second floor, a walled terrace space leads up to a rooftop garden surrounded by a high parapet and planted with trees.

Sanuki Daisuke Architects has previously completed private homes in Ho Chi Minh City on similarly tight urban plots. A 2017 apartment block was clad with a perforated terracotta screen, and the 2016 Hem House featured patterned grills over its windows.

Photography is by Hiroyuki Oki and drone photography is by Sanuki Daisuke Architects.

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