Seismic Dampers for Safe of Earthquakes Structures

Seismic dampers are latest innovative method of preventing bad consequences because of the earthquakes. Rapid advances have been made during the past few decades in earthquake response modification technologies for structures. Usually in base isolation and energy dissipation systems. Many practical applications of various dampers can be found worldwide. A damper design in USA has been included in building codes. The current design process is simple and useful for adding supplemental damping up to a reasonable level — but it is not as useful with higher levels of damping.
Seismic Dampers for Safe of Earthquakes Structures

Seismic Dampers for Safe Structures

Applications in Seismic Response Modification considers the dynamic responses of structures with added damping devices as systems governed by the combined effect of the static stiffness, period, and damping—or “dynamic stiffness”—of the structure-device system. This formulation supplies additional information for higher-level supplemental damping design that current provisions may not adequately cover. The authors also propose a more comprehensive consideration of the core issues in structural damping, which provides a useful foundation for continued research and development in seismic response modification technologies for performance-based engineering.


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