Sino Land’s Grand Central Complex immerses residents in greenery

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Dezeen promotion: led by property developer Sino Land, the Grand Central Complex in Hong Kong is designed to “showcase biodiversity”.

The project, developed by Sino Land, is part of an urban redevelopment project in the Kwun Tong district undergoing rejuvenation.

The complex is made up of a shopping centre home to Hong Kong’s first air-conditioned public transport interchange with a garden atop; four residential towers called Grand Central; and a clubhouse for residents called Grand Garden.

Grand Central Complex
The complex is part of an urban redevelopment project in Kwun Tong

The complex’s residential area offers an imaginative outdoor area called Seven Wonders – a series of “biophilic experiences” to immerse residents in the landscape.

“These ‘wonders’ include a Green Sanctuary, Country Club, Fun Laboratory, The Study, Garden Of Delight, Orchid Garden and Green Kitchen,” said Sino Land.

Across each of the wonders, there are spaces designed for community building – areas for barbecues, herb gardens, children’s play areas and outdoor kitchens.

Sino Lands intends Grand Central Complex to become a “new prototype” for parks

The complex’s clubhouse was designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates and EM Bespoke, and is made up of an east and west wing of 40,000 square feet (3,716 square metres).

The east wing includes an indoor swimming pool and wellness area, children’s play area, motion fitness space and yoga room.

The clubhouse’s west wing facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, library and lounge.

Grand Central Complex
The Grand Entrance to the complex

“It was all about functionality, practicality – being clever about the spaces and how they connect,” said Emma Maclean, interior designer at EM Bespoke. “So we thought about the energy – how it moves through space.”

“The gym and the kid’s room are right next to each other; they have a high level of energy – it’s loud, it’s fun. Then over on the other side of the clubhouse, we have the lounge and the library – these levels of energy are calmer, more tranquil. It was important that we had the balance correct.”

Grand Central Complex
The Grand House function room in the Grand Central Clubhouse

The project is designed to encourage people to enjoy outdoor space in Hong Kong, emphasising how it contributes to their health while connecting them to their community and the natural environment.

Across the site, contemporary and pop art sculptures are nestled in the greenery for photo opportunities.

Within the public gardens on the shopping mall’s rooftop sits a butterfly garden to attract wildlife and birds to the complex.

“A Butterfly Garden is strategically introduced at the far end which displays approximately 50 plant species in which more than 15 species are specifically planted to attract butterflies,” explained the brand.

Sino Land intends the design to become a “new prototype” for parks illustrating the beneficial merge of art, nature and technological innovation.

“There is so much care in this development – a huge amount of detail that has gone into each element,” said Maclean.

Grand Central Complex
The landscape features contemporary art sculptures

Sustainability has been a significant consideration of the project, and the landscape features smart technologies to reduce energy consumption, pollution and heat.

This includes wind turbines, an automatic irrigation system – designed to reduce water consumption – and exercise equipment that generates energy and charges phones.

The project is part of Sino Land’s Creating Better Lifescape campaign. For more information, visit their website.

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