Structural Wood and Bamboo Usage in the Construction

Structural wood and  everything that the building needs as a product should be considered from many different viewpoints. The most important questions are: is it structurally sound; is it cost effective; is it “green”? Public awareness has huge demand for products that are sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and where exposed, look beautiful. Engineered wood products are structurally superior to sawn timber, often made from recycled materials, and are much more cost efficient. Consider also the fact that a tree absorbs during it’s lifetime almost 150% of it’s weight in carbon dioxide and when harvested, locks that carbon up for generations.

Structural Wood and Bamboo Usage

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material that has many applications in construction. Engineered bamboo products result from processing the raw bamboo culm into a laminated composite, similar to glue-laminated timber products.

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