These “Urban Soaps” are Inspired by the Architecture of Seoul

Courtesy of Studio Ohk

Courtesy of Studio Ohk

Designers Studio Ohk have released details of their architecturally-inspired “Urban Soaps” range, reflecting built fragments of the South Korean capital Seoul. The four designs reference traditional and modern architectural elements in Seoul through their shapes and colors, “curated and blended by the team to highlight the city’s personality.”

The products began with an idea of “delivering regional stories, images, and experiences through an accessible medium” with soap chosen ultimately for its flexibility, and its appeal to multiple senses, such as sight, scent, and touch.

Design #01 is inspired by Seoul’s famous Royal Palace, with a transparent, slanted form representing the irregular stone pavements of the main hall, and their reflection of sunlight. Design #02 is shaped with reference to numerous architectural structures across the city. The #02 range comprises two soaps, contrasting between transparent and opaque to reflect the “complexity and construction of the city’s structures.”

Design #03 was created to reflect the painted patterns of the Royal Palace, with a blend of opaque and transparent soaps highlighting the “vivid colors of decoration and the softness of the floral shape.”Design #04, also inspired by the Royal Palace, reflects the symmetry and continuity of its roof tiles, with a color and clarity inspired by light passing through and reflecting off glass buildings.

Perfect pieces for “soaping up” the architecture of the South Korean capital.

News via: Studio Ohk