Topics for Structural Engineering Seminars and Projects

Topics a structural engineer can choose where to spread his/ hers knowledge are more. There are seminars and projects happening all the time world wide. But what this person would like to go on is only his decision. No matter why!Topics for Structural Engineering Seminars and Projects


Topics for Seminar Presentations or Project Work in Structural Engineering

Here is the list:

  • Evaluation of marine salts properties near the bridge structures
  • A relative research on durability of concrete tunnels carried out in AP irrigation projects
  • Multistory structure which are already fabricated, contact to engineering seismicity
  • Shape optimization of Reinforced underground tunnels
  • Characteristics of Fiber Cement Boards for building partitions
  • Properties of RC Structures when led blasting
  • The usage of green materials in the manufacturing of buildings
  • Finite element model for dual composite beam
  • A fresh composite element for FRP Reinforced Concrete Slab
  • Effect of shear lag on anchor bolt tension in a base plate
  • Pushover analysis – cyclic loading, deterioration effect in RC Moment Frames in pushover analysis
  • Rehabilitation –Assessment of the drift distribution
  • Assessment of big dynamic structure in environmental industry
  • Speculative study on High frequency fatigue properties of concrete
  • Seismic evaluation of interlocking blocks in walls
  • Plastic elastic bending, weight carrying capability of steel members
  • FE Evaluation of sideways buckling of a plate rounded in property
  • Indoor technology and promotion of green energy for smart buildings
  • Constructing environmental assessment techniques
  • Mathematical study on amplification of composite bridges
  • Amplification effect for RC member under negative bending
  • Consequences of negative Poisson’s ratio on bending of RC member
  • Macroeconomic cause inside the life span of bridges
  • Long term deflections of long span bridges
  • Structural harm exposure in plates using wavelet theories (transforms)


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