25 Decorative Light Switch Covers

Details matter! It’s easy to overlook common hardware like doorknobs and drawer handles while working on a new interior decor theme, but these small items can make a world of difference when it comes to crafting a cohesive aesthetic – light switch covers included! This list compiles 25 decorative light switch covers to help pull your interior design together. Whether you’re looking for a rustic style to match your new kitchen, or need geeky wall decor for your media room, we hope you’ll find something you’ll love to use and look at every single day. You can even use this list to find useful housewarming gifts for your friends!


Frankenstein Throw Switch Plate: Science fiction fans are sure to appreciate this unique piece – rather than simply flipping a switch, now you can throw a lever like a real mad scientist! Simply replace the cover for your existing decora-style switch and enjoy.


Steampunk Style Switch Cover: This steampunk switch cover can mount over any existing ordinary residential switch. Turn the crank to engage the rack-and-pinion system, just as fun to watch as it is to use. Consider this switch cover as a gift for the engineer in your life!


Hand-Sculpted Steampunk Themed Light Switch Plate: Sculpted, cast, and painted by hand, this charming light switch cover is a unique piece of art for your wall. The artist even offers color customization at no extra cost so you can expertly coordinate with the rest of your steampunk home decor.


Industrial Style Switch Cover: It’s hard to find everyday fixtures to complement industrial style home decor, but this handmade piece will look right at home in any converted warehouse loft or other mechanically-themed space.


Brass Light Switch Plate: Do you need a light switch cover for an elegant contemporary home or to match an Art Deco theme? This solid zinc brass-toned wall plate is an understated design that still manages to catch the eye.


Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Switch Plate: Available in a wide variety of toggle and switch options, this bronze-finished cover is ideal for coordinating within homes that use multiple switch configurations – and matching outlet covers are available too. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, simply choose the satin nickel finish.


Copper Finish Light Switch Covers: With a distressed copper finish ideal for decor themes ranging from Victorian to rustic Tuscan, these switch covers are unique but flexible for a variety of interior needs. This collection is also available in modern bronze with copper highlights and elegant satin nickel.


Chrome Light Switch Cover: Perfect for an industrial interior or a workshop/garage, this plate combines the durability of stamped steel with a luminous chrome finish. Each set includes screws with a matching finish.


Fleur De Lis Switch Plate Cover: If your decorating style tends to fall along the lines of cottage chic, Scandinavian, or countryside rustic, this vintage switch cover would make a charmingly authentic addition. The ornate fleur de lis decor really pops with its distressed painted finish – the artist offers more than 40 color options to suit any interior.


Moose Metal Light Switch Cover: Crafted by hand from wrought iron and finished with matte black coating, this switch plate would make a wonderful gift for your favorite outdoors enthusiast. The moose silhouette is the perfect middle ground between subtlety and standing out.


Elephant Light Switch Cover Plate: This distinctive switch cover is sure to start conversations. And since elephant home decor isn’t exactly common or easy to find, this piece would make a nice gift for enthusiasts.


Faux Deer Antler Switch Cover: Painted by hand for a realistic and detailed appearance, this deer antler switch cover would make a dramatic impression in any interior with a lodge, hunting, or outdoorsy theme.


Nautical Light Switch Cover: Gorgeous! This plate cover looks and feels unique thanks to its rugged copper finish and rich verdigris patina, a great accent for a nautical home decor theme. Each set includes two screws painted to match so you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding coordinating hardware.


Dragon Scale Switch Plate: Are you looking for something eye-catching and unique to complement a fantasy-themed interior style or trying to build up a collection of dragon home decor? This handmade and hand-painted dragon scale switch cover is sure to delight.


Mermaid Light Switch Cover: Designed in the same style as the dragon switch cover above, this shimmery style is made for fans of mermaid decor.


Octopus Light Switch Cover: Consider this unusual light switch plate as a housewarming gift for anyone who prefers to keep things creepy – this octopus decor might even work as a treat for horror movie fans, or science fiction enthusiasts who enjoy the sea monsters of great authors like H.P. Lovecraft.


Owl Switch Plate: Available in antique white or retro turquoise, this switch plate would make a nice addition to any vintage owl home decor collection. The style is timeless and this switch plate will continue to delight for years to come.


Harry Potter Light Switch Cover: Based on the Wand-Lighting Charm and Wand-Extinguishing Charm from Harry Potter, this light switch cover turns the ordinary act of flipping a switch into a powerful act of wizardry. This cover would make a well-received housewarming gift for a fan of the series! Anyone who sat down with the books or watched each movie could find space for Harry Potter decor in their home.


Music Themed Light Switch Cover: Musicians and fans alike are sure to appreciate this switch cover for their studio, media room, or other space that can accommodate interesting music themed home decor.


Doctor Who TARDIS Light Switch Cover: Doctor Who devotees may appreciate the subtlety and decorative value of this TARDIS-themed switch cover. Fellow fans are sure to comment on its clever design.


Star Wars Light Side/Dark Side Switch Cover: Which side will you choose? This resin cast switch cover is finished with copper paint and a verdigris patina for lightweight installation with a sturdy look. With the franchise remaining just as strong as it’s ever been, Star Wars decor is still just as cool as ever.


Game Of Thrones Light Switch Cover: Emblazoned with the iconic motto of House Stark, and accompanied by the Stark and Targaryen sigils, this light switch plate would make a wonderful gift a Game of Thrones decor collector.


Arcade Style Light Switch Plate: Get that cool retro arcade look with this colorful switch plate! The smooth and slightly glossy buttons are too irresistible to avoid pressing. It’s definitely a fun play on classic light switch covers.


Lego Light Switch Cover: Kids and adults alike are sure to fall in love with this modular, interactive, and forever fun LEGO-themed switch plate cover. It’s compatible with all major building block brands so you can change your style any time you’d like, or you could even build your own additions like key hooks or tiny shelves.


Decorative Colorful Switch Plate Covers: These art plates are printed in high resolution on an oversized metal switch plate. The high gloss finish is UV cured and helps to protect from scratches for longevity. This collection includes options for decora switches, power outlets, and 1 to 3 switch toggles.

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