3 Homes that Play with the Contrast of Black and White

The colors used in an interior can make or break the space. Too much loud, neon color and it can be impossible to relax. Too much white and light just bounces around. Too much black and you end up feeling like a vampire, even during the day. The homes featured in this post take a balanced approach to color. All the designs utilize a good deal of black and white, but also play in the space between those colors — with gray accents and indoor greenery — that makes the homes comfortable without sacrificing the chic style that comes with contrasting elements.

Visualizer: LVI Studio  

The first home immediately calls attention to the more colorful accents with the use of stylish plant stands.

Interesting shapes are also key when designing with a more limited color palette, as evidenced by angular accessories and sloping furniture.

In the dining area, modern dining chairs including the Kartell Masters Styles Chair and the Eames Dining Chair Eiffel Base make for a very inviting table.

The use of white in the open living area makes a relatively small space feel quite roomy.

The mismatched dining chairs give a bit of a nod to the bohemian style without things getting too messy.

In the kitchen, light streams in through a perfectly placed window for a sunny summer breakfast.

Black wire chairs are another chic choice for the breakfast table.

A home work area is similarly sunny, with its black and white desk and white wire chair with black pillow.

A cute little plant and creative bud vase add life to a place that could easily get drab.

The material used for the living room curtains is black, in line with the palette, but gauzy so that plenty of light can still get through.

In the bedroom, white walls and wall-mounted lighting make the most of a small space.

An oversized doorway makes the bedroom feel even more spacious, though may be a challenge in terms of privacy.

A cute side table is just the right size for this cozy bedroom.

The outdoor space utilizes the marriage of black and white with gray chairs to go with the gray railing.

A natural wood table completes the lovely outdoor space.

Visualizer: Deer Design  

In the next home, even the art comes into the black and white theme with this raven print and a graphical bla print.

A proud Fiddle Leaf Fig adds some nice contrast against a white brick wall.

The open dining area includesScandinavian style chairs as well as somewhat dramatic dining room pendant.

The organized kitchen is a chef’s dream, with everything in easy reach.

Natural wood always works well with black and white design, as evidenced in this cabinetry.

An Eames Bird replica adds a big splash of sophistication to this simple bedroom.

The use of grayish blues in the bedroom is no mistake — this color is particularly calming.

Of course, a pop of pink never hurt anyone. Especially in a cute and chic little girl’s room like this one.

Despite the small size, natural light makes the room feel bright.

In another bedroom, table lamps serve a practical and stylish purpose.

The wood flooring and ocean blue accent wall give this room a particularly natural feel.

Finally, a bedroom with lots of natural wood — from the flooring to the headboard to the closet doors.

The recessed headboard and matching side table lamps are particularly elegant.

The home’s bathroom sticks with a simple white design with inlaid wood accents.

Visualizer: Duong Tung  

The final space has very modern feel, from the use of unique coffee tables to the overhead lamp with an arm extended towards the floor.

This home certainly tends more towards the gray rather than black and white, with the sofa taking center stage in the main living area.

The kitchen, visible in the open floor plan, uses light gray cabinetry as well.

A white table with wood chairs is a bit eclectic and warm.

Unique faucets can make a big different in the kitchen, as seen here with this brass choice.

The brass color carries through to the drawer pulls as well as the dining room lighting.

In fact, that brass dining room chandelier is a bit of a focal point from afar.

Even the tiniest details matter in design and this little black bud vase is no exception.

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