3 Scandi-Style Home Interiors Under 70 Square Metres (750 Square Feet)

Even if interior design is your vocation, it can be a challenge to work in small spaces. When an apartment has to work for a couple or even a small family without much square footage, things can quickly get cramped when even one decision goes awry. With a little bit of planning, however, it is possible for a space even as small as the ones featured here to end up feel welcoming and open rather than claustrophobic. The three apartments featured in this post measure less than 70 square metres (750 square feet) but still have a beautiful open feeling to them, thanks to carefully chosen colors, well-placed furniture, and attention to detail.

Visualizer: KYDE  

The first home featured is a 65 square metre (700 square feet) apartment located in Moscow. Despite the small size, the design still makes room for important decorative elements like a unique plant stand nestled next to the sofa.

Decorating a small space means always thinking about storage, and the coffee tables used in this living room have nooks for books and other items underneath. A unique floor lamp fits easily in the corner without taking up valuable floor space.

Unique shelving that’s put at an angle adds visual interest as well as usefulness.

A small home office area is set apart from the main living area with design, including lighting. A stylish ergonomic chair, specifically the Eames-Style Group Executive Chair fits nicely with the rest of the living room’s decor.

It is critical that different areas are kept as separate as possible without closing off the space, which this decor does well.

In the dining area, a decorative vase, modern dining chairs, and dining pendant create what feels like a contained area. Each element works together to draw the eye towards the table and make the space feel cozy and warm.

Keeping many elements in the same color family, specifically white in this case, can also help with a small space.

A black and white kitchen is a decidedly modern look, too.

Though the dining space and kitchen are forced to bleed into one another, the common colors and textures means they are able to work together and not feel too crowded.

Lighting is also perhaps more important in a smaller space. In the bedroom, a bedroom pendant light on each side of the bed adds an important decorative element as well as essential light.

Recessed overhead lighting adds even more glow, but takes up no space at all.

Neutral colors like white, beige, and bare wood keep the bedroom feeling clean and bright.

Still, the design leaves room for important indulgent pieces like a mustard yellow dressing chair and vanity.

Unique shoe storage is tucked out of the way while a soft gray ottoman gives a comfortable place to slip into or out of the day’s shoes.

The use of indoor plants is basically a must in small space design.

Finally, a white bathroom feels incredibly spacious.

The combination of white on white design with mirrors and lots of light is ideal in a compact space like this one.

Indeed, photos may not do justice to quite how compact this bathroom is.

Visualizer: Studio PINE  

The next apartment featured is a 66 square metre (710 square feet) space located in Kiev, Ukraine.

The home was designed for a young couple who wanted to live “surrounded by soft tones and gentle shades,” but who clearly also have an affinity for wine judging by the wine glasses and wine storage.

Maximizing natural light was imperative for the designers on this project, since only one wall of the unit has a window.

Because just one wall has a window, a wall shelf is optimal for storage.

The design separates the bedroom from the main living area with a glass wall so that light can constantly pass through.

Because the room divider is glass, the home is allowed to feel much more open.

The kitchen and living area are not separated from one another.

Bleached oak cabinetry, artificial tropical leaves and an indoor herb planter all bring a bit of nature into the home.

White and wood in the bedroom as well as minimalist side tables and a simple bedside lamp keep the bedroom from feeling too cluttered.

The same wood coloring is brought in for the closet doors.

A dark wood flooring and soft area rug are a perfect addition for a bit of texture.

The single bathroom is white and dark gray, which is a comforting combination.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

In the final space, which measures 68 square metres (732 square feet), we get a bit more color, starting with a lovely accent wall in the main living area.

The small dining space, demarcated by a dining pendant light and bare wood Scandinavian style chairs, is lovely.

Soft grays and wood, coupled with natural light, is optimal.

The decorative elements call attention to the Scandinavian inspiration.

Moving into the bathroom we get even more color with a vibrant olive green.

The green against white and wood is quick contemporary and chic.

The bedroom chooses a luscious blue for its accent color, along with a very simple table lamp.

A bit of pattern in the flooring can be dangerous in a small space but because it is just a small swath, it works here.

Finally, the entryway, which includes a bit of useful storage, a place to put on shoes, and just a hint of blue.

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