30 Indoor Herb Pots and Planters to Add Flavor to Any Home

Starting an herb garden can be a wonderful hobby for nearly anyone. While most apartment dwellers or urbanites don’t have backyards for expansive vegetable gardens, you do not need much space at all to grow a few herbs. Gardening can be not only a relaxing, healthy hobby, it can also encourage you to cook at home more, making your overall life a little bit healthier. Finally, fresh herbs can be a beautiful design element for your home, bringing in a fresh pop of green and some lovely fragrances. Take a look at these 30 different pots and planters that are perfect for homes of any size.


This Complete Herb Garden Kit comes with three red cedar mini planters, each of which has a blackboard for labeling. The kit also includes seeds, a seed storage bag, soil, a Cedar drip tray and instructions for getting started.


This Vertical Wall Hanging Herb Planter is perfect for a home that does not have a lot of counter space or windowsills.

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Another wall mounted option, this 6 pot herb planter nestles cute wooden pots into a unique hanging frame.


The Rustic Country Style Hanging Planter would fit perfectly in a country chic kitchen — the type with a tea cozy or a fanciful wallpaper border.


This Modern Wall Mounted Herb Planter is self watering, taking some of the pressure off for a new herb gardener.


Even with a brick wall, it’s possible to install this Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit.


For larger herbs or other plants, these self watering wall mounted planters would be ideal.


For a more industrial look, consider this herb wall shelve. This particular option does not come with pots but you can easily find planters that go well with other industrial home decor accessories on Amazon.

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Chalkboard is definitely a popular look for herb pots. This wall mounter planter makes it easy to label all the herb you can stuff into this cute vertical garden.


In a home where it’s hard to hang a wall mounter planter, section cups can be a good solution. The Eden Suction Planter by Okidome can be quite a space saver.


These Colorful Window Suction Planters are a more whimsical space saving solution.

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There’s virtually no place you can’t grow herbs if you’re committed. These Overhead Hanging Herb Planters don’t even need a wall to thrive.


Ikea knows a thing or two about practical home solutions and these Ikea Hanging Herb Pots are no exception.


If you’re into a less modern look, this Shabby Chic Style Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit is the perfect solution.


If you’d rather keep your herbs on a windowsill, this rust herb tray with pots that fit snugly into place.


These Cylindrical Rattan Herb Planters are a chic choice for a modern home. They would look right at home on a sunny coffee table or balcony.


In another chalkboard option, this Ceramic Herb Planter Set has a chalkboard rim for easy labeling.


Industrial Style Metal Herb Planters with Chalkboard Signs have a very rustic, worn look that would look great in a loft.


A bit colorful and cutesy, this indoor herb kit has the Mason Jar look that appeals to so many.


For a more sophisticated Mason jar option, this Industrial Style 3-Jar Galvanized Mason Jar Planter is just the thing.


This Rectangular Window Ledge Herb Planter Tray with Chalkboard labels is simple but spacious for a starter garden.


Another Ikea option is this Bittergurka Plant Tray that will perch perfectly on a windowsill.


While the Modern Trio Herb Pot is shown with buds, a small herb plant would work, too.


There’s no reason for all planters to be black or white. These Self Watering Dual Tone Herb Planters can offer a pop of color or blend perfectly with a home’s decor.


Want your herbs to look like cupcakes? Check out these colorful herb pots that look like cupcake wrappers.


Simplicity is the name of the game for this Contemporary Indoor Herb Pot.


For a delicate, feminine option the Ikea Skurar Herb Pot with its lacy details is a great option.


This Indoor Self Watering Herb Planter is simple and cute, in addition to the self watering feature.


Green on green is a nice look for this Indoor Smart Herb Planter.


Finally, the Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Planter looks as though it could have come from Apple with its sleek design.

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