36 Inspirational Home Office Workspaces That Feature 2 Person Desks

Sharing an office isn’t always easy – but with the right workspace setup, coexistence is definitely possible. This post looks at a wide variety of offices designed for two occupants, with options ranging from face-to-face to side-by-side arrangements, from minimalist environments to beautifully artistic retreats. You’ll even find a few suggestions for two-person designer desks and stylish chairs to go with! Whether you’re looking to rearrange your home office or want to make your workplace more welcoming, we hope you’ll find a few fresh ideas right here.

Visualizer: IDunic DesignStudio  

This home office leaves plenty of space for two. Both workspaces are nicely separated, each with a convenient niche to ensure that neither person will distract the other with their screen.

Visualizer: IDunic DesignStudio  

Here’s another nicely separated workspace. The inset lights make it easy to find reference material and office supplies on the shelves up above.

Designer: Avenue Design Studio  

With just two sawhorses and a central pair of drawers (available from IKEA on Amazon), a simple piece of board can become a spacious co-working desk.

Photographer: Blupics  

Back-to-back workspaces are another option. This one features two desk-mounted Tolomeo style lamps that offer adjustability suited to any task at hand.

Visualizer: Pavel Vetrov & Aleksandr Zenzura  

Here’s another simple back-to-back desk. This arrangement is a great way to avoid getting distracted by what might be happening on the other screen. That’s right – one partner can take a break with a YouTube video without disrupting the others workflow.

Designer: Studio 13  

These chairs are the Panton S Chair model. The miniature globe is a nice touch too, a fun way to add decoration that doesn’t feel out-of-place in the office.

Source: Dearkids  

Typography is another great decor theme for the office, especially on-theme for those who work with print or words. You can find the letter A figure here on Amazon.

Designer: Elayne Barre  

This office keeps things simple by keeping only the necessities and the simplest decorations on the shelves. Flowers in vases are a great way to add a little liveliness to the area.

Architect: MCK Architects  
Photographer: Douglas Frost Photography  
Visualizer: http://mckarchitects.com/  

Wall-mounted desks offer several advantages – they’re easy to clean around, and there are no legs to get in the way of free movement. It’s a win-win.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

Even ordinary wall-mounted sideboards can make nice desks for certain types of work. Those who use only a small laptop or pen and paper don’t often require a large work surface.

Visualizer: RNDR Studio  

While this desk isn’t wall-mounted, it still leaves plenty of space beneath for the occupants to slide around and find a good working position.

Designer: DHD  

A book-lover’s dream! This stylish office includes a full library, complete with a rolling ladder to reach the higher volumes. This would definitely be a neat workspace for somebody who takes inspiration from literature or needs to have reference materials on hand at all times.

Visualizer: Alex Schiry  

Here’s another great home office that includes an expansive library. The arrangement of the workspaces is also pretty smart – one side is for writing and drafting, and the other for working with a computer.

Designer: Murs & Merveilles  

This library draws immediate attention with its vivid colors in contrast to the abundance of minimalist white storage that surrounds.

Designer: Marie Olsson Nylander   

Minimalist offices are great for those who find distraction in visual stimulation. But some actually work better surrounded by inspiring sights and objects they love. Some go beyond simple decoration, like the stylish yet useful vintage fan.

Designer: Lime Building Group  

Even the most professional environments can benefit from a little decor. When options are limited, indoor plants often remain a viable choice.

Visualizer: int2architecture  

Other times, the furniture itself can serve as the aesthetic boost that makes a home office appealing. This pair of Eames style Eiffel Base Wire Chairs are a classic choice.

Source: Risen Developments  

And this pair of desks uses the forever-current Eames style Shell Chair.

Designer: Tom Robbrecht  

This handsome office uses the Eames Style Aluminum Group Management Chair, a popular design that merges ergonomics and style. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with Eames.

Source: McDonald Jones Homes  

Interior architecture is another source of decoration that will never come across as clutter. This gorgeous wood-paneled accent wall makes the entire room feel warmer.

Designer: CCS Architecture  

Although it’s not a true two-person desk, this workspace still feels connected thanks to their attachment to a central wooden volume. The chairs are from the high-performance Aeron collection by Herman Miller.

Source: RH Baby & Child  

Are you looking for a style that feels vintage but still stays in line with modern trends? This industrial style double desk looks and feels current thanks to the popularity of industrial home decor.

Designer: Catalina Estrada  

Themed workspaces can help foster a certain mood. This enchanting forest of owls would definitely inspire a sense of whimsy. The desk and storage are both available on Amazon.

Visualizer: Viktoria Tsikhotska  

This desert-themed bedroom is subtle but dreamy. When tired of working at the desk, the residents could bring a laptop to the bed, sofa, or even the swinging hammock chair.

Source: IKEA  

Making space for an office inside of another room isn’t always easy. This one uses desks and storage from IKEA (available on Amazon) that accommodates the needs of both areas.

Designer: Nordico  

This office overlooks a living room but still feels separated thanks to the small containing wall that supports the desk. The chair the person is sitting in is the About A Chair model by Hee Welling.

Visualizer: Marta Yavna  

Schoolchildren need organized workspaces too! This adorable bedroom has plenty of room for the young occupant and a study partner. Drawers, shelves, and two adjustable lamps make it easy to focus on the task at hand.

Visualizer: Nido Interiors  

Here’s another kid’s room and office combination. The workspace features another version of Hee Welling’s popular About A Chair design, this time with the wooden leg option.

Visualizer: Julian Malik  

This very unique dormitory concept outlines the workspace with a border of blue that transitions to plywood walls. The sleeping area is supposed to be in the white portion of the room.

Visualizer: Boom Project  

Let’s talk about lighting! This desk occupies a rather dark niche with relaxing inset lighting in the shelves above.

Visualizer: Rully  

Here’s another office with relaxing lighting, this time just above the bulletin board behind the computers. The bulletin board is a cool accent wall idea for any office – consider opting for one in a nontraditional color to make your space even more unique.

Designer: DKOR Interiors  

Colorful accent walls are a great way to separate a workspace from the rest of the room. This one is bright orange, energizing and passionate.

Designer: Christophe Vendel  

This office takes a more eclectic approach to its accent wall with plenty of colorful artwork and rows of books beneath. Even the chairs are unpredictable – The Flow Arm Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud takes a simple approach while the Panton S Chair stands out in bright red.

Visualizer: Vitaliy Bozhenov  

Art is a great way to add some inspiration to an office backdrop. These city art prints are the work of Blanca Gomez.

Designer: Project Palermo  

Here’s another two-person office with artwork on the feature wall. The color theme is unified with muted tones so each resident can choose their own theme without the end result looking too eclectic.

Designer: Industrial Facility (For Herman Miller)  

Let’s close out the post with something a little different – convertible desks that accommodate either sitting or standing. The modern-looking chair is the Herman Miller Mirra 2.

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