40 Beautiful Architectural Prints & Posters For People Who Love The Craft

We’ve all seen the world’s most famous landmarks, whether we’ve been there in the flesh, or simply sitting before a TV screen. We owe these beauties of the world to our best minds – our Frank Lloyd Wrights, Gaudis, and Norman Fosters – and chances are, you know a mind that’s studied theirs. These forty prints and posters celebrate the architectural genius that goes into building an Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa or Guggenheim, and the famous names that created them. Whether framed in Mondrian-inspired grids, coloured in blocks or simply sketched in black and white, these pieces are for the creative people you know creating inspiring buildings everyday.


Iconic Buildings Poster: Want to scratch up on your knowledge of world architecture? This nifty black and white poster shows our most iconic buildings, in gradations from tall and slender to thick and wide.


A History Of Architecture Canvas Print: Commit images of the world’s best architecture to memory, with this printed canvas find. Its fine poly-cotton blend is printed with Epson archival inks and backed with wall-hanging hardware.

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Black & White Architectural Art Prints: Want to recognise famous buildings by the cities they’re built in? These black and white sketch-look prints show iconic buildings in iconic locations.


A to Z Architects: See the stretch and scope of what a building can do. This framed, coloured print takes you through the alphabet of famous designers.

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Alphabet Of Architects: Federico Babina thinks outside the box when it comes to architecture. Using letters to designate the names of their makers, these colourful posters look a dream on the architect’s bedroom wall.

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If Artists Were Architects: Federico Babina strikes again, with this set of posters on mock-vintage paper. Using famous artists’ paintings to create new buildings, he envisions what their creations might have been had they been ‘archists’ instead.

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If Famous Buildings Were Animals: Another by Babina, these block colour posters make animals out of architecture. See a crocodile in the Sydney Opera House, a giraffe in the Eiffel Tower and a snail in the Guggenheim New York.

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Famous Architect Plans: Look at famous buildings in an unconventional way. These earth-toned posters, the last by Babina, look at architects’ designs from a bird’s eye view.

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Photographic Letters of Architecture: Go through architecture’s alphabet with the letter as the hero. These striking pops of colour show photo representations in the middle of their letters.

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Famous City Buildings Posters: Travel the world with one look at the wall. Frame the sights of London, Berlin, Paris or Milan in black frames and block iconography.

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Abstract Russian Cathedral on a Whale: Moscow Cathedral never looked so abstract. This monochrome representation on a blue-backed whale turns Russian architecture on its head.


Islamic Architectural Art Print: The domed roofs of the Middle East are a sight to behold. Dulled in greyscale with their iconic gold steeples, this skyline takes you straight to the streets of Tehran.


Mosque Architectural Art Print: The white and gold of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque never ceases to amaze. Hang this print on your wall, as you dream of your next desert holiday.


Indian-Style Architectural Sketch Art Print: Built by the Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799, the Hawa Mahala or ‘Palace of the Winds’ shows its form in this sketch print. Hang its form in a monochrome dining room for a beautiful piece for conversation.


South-East Asian-Style Architectural Print: Recreate your Thai escape with this iconic image of a waving Buddha. Its yellow sash could pop similar accents in your interior.


Chinese-Style Architectural Print: Red, white and black are symbolic in Chinese culture. Place this traditional gate with hanging red lanterns in a monochrome living or dining space.

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San Francisco Buildings: San Francisco is famous for its skyscrapers. Back them on an art deco background to make your lounge or bedroom shine.

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New York Buildings: In love with New York? Set its iconic towers on black backgrounds with striking pops of colour, to set your dreams of travel alight.


Chrysler Building Vintage Black & White Architectural Print: The circular forms of New York’s Chrysler Building stretch to the sky in this vintage print. Cover your hallway or entrance with its low-key, iconic image.


Framed Guggenheim Modern Architectural Art Print: The Guggenheim knows how to frame its artworks, and so does this representation. Framed in solid wood with a contemporary, scooped profile, this print is coated with gesso and premium shatterproof acrylic.

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Creative Guggenheim Architectural Poster: Know someone who wants to create the next Guggenheim? Stir up their creative juices with this inspiring greyscale poster.


Modern Architecture Canvas Print: Bring architecture to the 21st Century, with this idealistic sketch of a designed home and 911.


Architecture-Themed Canvas Art Print: Love Jenga and architecture too? This canvas-bound greyscale combines the two in this forest scene.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water: Usually set in its iconic waterfall setting, Frank Lloyd Wright’s evergreen masterpiece is here set in green. Revere its design for its angular forms in this Spanish-made print (sold without a frame).


Solid Colour Framed Architectural Art Prints: Want a pop of colour for your living room? These off-the-beaten-track architectural masterpieces deserve a space on the wall.


Fictional Floor Plans: Looking to design your first home? These fictional floor plans by a German architect could help visualise your space.


Vintage Architectural Prints: The Church of Saint Agustin looks as vintage in this print as it does in real life. Hang this handmade reproduction on a pastel living room or kitchen wall.


Framed Lego Patent Art: Some of the world’s best architects were surely Lego-building children. Celebrate the iconic toy, in this colourful print framed in solid wood.


The Deck Builder: Society forgets the minds that made design reality. This art deco image of a deck builder is an eye-catching reminder of the steps great architecture takes.


Modern Architecture Canvas Print: Will your guests recognise the first twisted skyscraper in the world? Sweden’s Turning Torso is a sight to behold on this grayscale canvas.


Abstract Black & White Architectural Print: Roof cavities are a feature of great architecture. Think of the Pantheon and Nanjing’s Massacre Memorial Hall when you look at this print.


Abstract Architectural Canvas Print: Want to see your city more simply? Use eggshell and white to create a series of blocks mimicking its layout.


City Art Print: Raise the city a little higher, with buildings showing their levels. Muted in colour, this sketch shows a fictional city close to Frankfurt or Berlin.


High-Detail City Poster Of Budapest, Hungary: Drawn with a single technical pen, this city map of Budapest by a Hungarian architect is full of beautiful detailing. A spot on the wall in your living room or library will have you gazing for hours.


Framed Le Corbusier Wall Art: Le Corbusier was an icon in many a Swiss man’s eyes. Take his image in black, white and red with a simple white frame.

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Architect Portraits: Not sure what the world’s most famous architects actually look like? Learn the faces of Gehry, Niemeyer, Zumthor and others in this striking collection of simplistic colour prints.


Mid-Century Modern Chairs: Sometimes it’s chairs, not buildings, that take the credit for good design. See the best mid-century seated inventions in this eggshell and mustard poster.


Designer Chair Poster: Prefer them set in blocks instead? This sixties’ style print highlights the most popular seats of the day.


Eames Chair Patent Posters: Eames’ legacy had to start somewhere. These blueprint patent posters show how he protected his most famous works.

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