40 Beautiful Kids’ Beds That Offer Storage With Sweet Dreams

Kid’s bedrooms are spaces to play in. Creative, quirky and holding all their favourite things, they are a soft place to dream of future careers, hobbies – or maybe just the day ahead. Have a little girl that’s always away with the fairies? Decorate her bed in pink, with plenty of storage for fairy dust. Parent to a budding race car driver? Tuck them into a car to the land of nod. Want your kids’ bed to last past their latest fantasy? Design their sleeping space for an industrial or minimalist interior. Take a peek at our top 40 picks for playful and storage-friendly kids’ beds.

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Kids’ Low Study Walnut Loft Bed: Your child needs more than just a place to sleep. They need a place to store books, a place to store clothes and a place to study, all provided for in this handy roll-out walnut solution.

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Space-Saving Bed For Kids With Storage And Workspace: Kids not old enough for a desk? Make the desk a bedside table, the drawers smaller, and the frame a different colour with this one-piece in natural and navy-painted wood.


Kids’ Metal Trundle Bed: Need some extra space for your child’s friends? This metal trundle bed rolls out an extra mattress when the need arises.

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Boys’ Tent Bed With Slide: Bedtime couldn’t get any more fun. This polished pine loft bed lets your young one play house underneath, climb up for a rest, and slide down to Mummy and Daddy.

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Girls’ Tent Bed: Buying for a girl? Make playtime prettier in this pink and white construction.

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House-Shaped Kids’ Bed: Pine wood with steel reinforcements make a little house for your kids to sleep in. Coated in non-toxic paint, it holds a twin bed.

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Princess Castle Bed With Slide: Make your little princess’ dreams come true. Featuring a Rapunzel-esque tower, slide, play tent and sleeping area, its steel and polyester fabric creates an in-house fairytale.

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Grey Rustic-Style Low Loft Bed With Tent For Kids: After a loft bed in more muted colouring? This grey-wooden bunk offers fold-up flaps for its play tent below.

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Rustic Trundle Bed For Kids: Your bach or beach house has the perfect accessory in this rustic trundle bed. Featuring wooden planks at alternating levels, a roller bed beneath sleeps an extra head.

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Tufted Bed With Trundle: Don’t have room for a another bed? Roll out the linen-like sleeper on this beige, quilted couch when small visitors arrive.

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Loft Bed With Storage For Kids: Kids come with more than just cuddles. Store their many toys, nappies, clothes and accessories in this white birch, maple and aspen bedroom system.

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Tree House-Style Kids’ Bed: Don’t have a treehouse? Build your child one inside, with this solid pinewood loft bed with rustic finish.

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House-Shaped Bed For Kids: A slatted bed frame holds your little one, in this mini house within your home. Featuring a realistic exterior, roll-down windows and a ladder, it creates a sleeping space all their own.

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Industrial-Style Pipe Bed, Black: Have an industrial home interior you’re keen to match? This black metal pipe bed has a place in your kid’s bedroom.

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Pipe Bed White: For a whiter and brighter interior, this metal pipe bed does the trick. Pick a colourful bedspread to appease your little one.

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Classic Girls’ Bed: Maple, birch and aspen combine to form this classic white girls’ bed. A rounded headboard and scalloped edge add craft to functionality.

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Contemporary Tufted Beds For Kids: Want your kids’ beds to last through the ages? This quilted, button-tufted option is sure to act a classic.

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Industrial-Style Loft Bed With Storage: Have a little boy who loves the rough-and-tumble lifestyle? Sleep his frame upon this brushed steel contraption, complete with mesh steel cavities to hold all his toys.

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White Metal Frame Low Loft Bed: Need a basic design with all the handy fixtures? This white metal bunk offers storage in a ladder, a swing-out desk for homework time.

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Mint Colored Kids’ Loft Bed With Workstation: Don’t have room to swing out a table? Place it under your child’s sleeping space, in this mint-coloured bed frame.

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Loft Bed With Full-Length Workspace Underneath: As your child grows, their head space increases. This high, white-painted sleep and work space offers room to grow.

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Full-Size Loft Bed With Workspace: Horizontal workspaces can miss out on the view outside. Angle your child’s desk towards the window, as they climb a little higher to the bunk bed above.

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Modern Kids’ Loft Bed With Workspace And Storage: Want a bed with a bit more presence? This sturdy white creation is decked out with a desk, wardrobe, ladder, bed and mattress.

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Platform With Lots Of Storage: Are your kids scared of heights? This heavy-set solution has all the benefits of a bunk bed, without the fear of falling out. Laminated white particle board won’t easily break, bow, scratch or chip. Storage shelves on the side – and under the mattress – leave plenty of room for necessities.

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Trundle Bed With Storage: Buy your child a bed that reminds you of your childhood. This cream-painted trundle bed has all the classic features – and six drawers underneath.

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Modern Minimalist Kids’ Bed: Let your children’s bed stand the test of time. This wooden-based minimalist design can weather changes in your interior and the latest fashions.

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Kids’ Bed With Headboard Shelf: Have a little one who loves an easy reach? Let their arms stretch up to drinks, books and soft toys, in this bed with a nifty headboard shelf.

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Perch Convertible Toddler Bed: Grandparents rejoice in this handy toddler bed option. Sustainably produced from Baltic birch plywood, this seat-come-toddler bed pairs design with functionality.

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Wooden Bunk Bed: Make your kids’ bunk beds sturdy. This acacia wood bunk bed offers built in stairs, a metal handrail and deeper beds to keep their sleeping selves in.

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Parisot Bunk Bed: Give your children more sleeping space. The twin bunks in this superhero home décor bedroom offer French-made storage and sweet dreams.

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Industrial-Style Convertible Bunk Beds: Sleep your kids together when they’re little, and apart when they’re older. This MDF wood and stainless steel bunk can form one unit or two twin beds.

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Kids’ Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle: Nobody likes looking into a top bunk’s bottom. Give your kids room to breathe, with these three bunk beds with staircase storage.

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House-Shaped Double Bunk Beds For Kids: Complete with camouflage pockets, this two storey house-come-bunk bed brings an element of play to sleeping time.

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Home-Shaped Double Bunk Beds: Add a sense of adventure to bedtime. This driftwood-finish pine wood bed offers a single bed above, a double below.

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Metal Jeep Bunk Bed For Kids: Industrial décors can’t go past this creative jeep bunk bed. Two levels clad in steel and mounted on tyres ensure your kids’ dreams will go places.

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Fire Truck Bunk Bed For Kids: Becoming a fireman part of your child’s dreams? Featuring a front-of-truck driving space, wheels, two industrial ladders and fire station decals, this red bed is the next best thing.

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Space Shuttle Bed: Send your little one to space, with this metal and faux-leather, space-themed home décor addition.

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Race Car Bed For Kids & Toddlers: Who can turn down a Corvette? This red-hot twin bed displays silver rims, tap-on headlights and a built-in race track to hone your child’s skills.

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Kids’ Sofa Bed: Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s famous Japanese anime, this giant sleeping bag doubles as a sofa bed for unexpected visitors.

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Privacy Pop Tent: Sometimes kids find it hard to sleep. Insulate their privacy with this zip-up tent fitting twin bed frames. With mesh sides for ventilation and six colours to choose from, this tent provides a haven on your existing frame and mattress.

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