40 Beautiful Swing Arm Wall Lamps And Sconces

We’ve been seeing a lot of home designs come our way that are kitted out with a very particular trend in lighting feature: Swing arm wall lamps and sconces. These handy wall lights reach new lengths over large modular sofa arrangements, and provide homeowners with a lamp that is easily maneuverable between a choice of seats. A swing arm wall sconce also makes a perfect bedroom reading lamp because the far reaching arm allows its glow to be positioned right where it’s needed, rather than pooled only over a bedside unit. So, to help you pick your new bit of kit, we’ve put together 40 of the most beautiful.

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Flos Mod 265 Style Long Swing Arm Wall Light: This is a plug in wall sconce which means that you don’t have to worry about making a mess of your walls in order to wire it in after you’ve already decorated. If you’d like to go for the original model then you can find it available here.

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Prouvé Potence Style Wall Mounted Swing Arm Lamp: Another smart black swing arm wall lamp that fits perfectly with just about any contemporary decor. This one follows the industrial lighting trend of showcasing an exposed bulb. The original of this swing lamp is available here.

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Crane Wall Light: With a neat mount, this swing arm wall lamp by Andrew Neyer is great for situating in narrow spaces such as between window frames, and the long reaching arm would also make it a good solution for lighting a dining table.

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Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light: This steel swing arm sconce with an aluminium shade looks right at home in an industrial interior,. The long arm appears to defy the laws of physics but in fact the weight is counterbalanced by the gear wheels that allow for free-range movement.

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Simple Minimalist Warren Swing Arm Wall Light: By combining 1930s design with contemporary industrial style, Danish designer Søren Rose created an arm light that embodies an eclectic downtown vibe. Also available in a brushed steel finish.

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Modern Scandinavian Style Wall Lamp: The Bellman swing wall lamp comes in powder-coated steel with a matte black finish and brass details. This plug in sconce has a strong silhouette, with an arm that can be adjusted between 130cm-205cm.

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Serge Mouille Style Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp: If you need multiple light sources then a dual arm lamp could be the answer. This retro design is produced from carbon steel and copper.

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Serge Mouille Style Single Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The single headed Serge offers the same great looks but with a third off the price of the double armed version.


Serge Mouille Style Extendable Double Pivot Arm Wall Lamp: An extendable wall light makes for a more comfortable reading experience since you can position the light source right where you need it.

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Tolomeo Style Swing Arm Bedroom Wall Reading Lamp: It’s often a stuck decision as to where to place a bedroom wall reading lamp, either high up for when sitting in bed or down low for cozy reading beneath the duvet. However, with its adjustable arm this wall reading lamp can be used comfortably in any reading position.

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Original 1227 Wall Lamp: The Anglepoise Original 1227 is a design favourite that dates way back to 1934. Vintage colors with brushed brass detail mean this a stand-out piece, making the arm light as much of a focal point as any wall art. A wall mounted swing arm lamp makes a practical addition in an office as it can provide focused task lighting whilst freeing up precious desk space.

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Type 75 Swing Arm Wall Lamp: This Anglepoise scales down the original 1950s design, making its great looks accessible for smaller spaces. Its retro vibe makes it particularly suited to a mid-century modern inspired interior.

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Link Modern Swing Arm Circular LED Lamp: An LED swing arm wall lamp offers a few extra perks, not limited to lowering your energy consumption and electricity bills. This swing arm light offers light intensity that can be regulated via a hi/low switch incorporated into the lamp head. Focused light control and glare-free use when working with a computer screen is also possible thanks to its optical diffusing film.

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Demetra Swing Arm Lamp: Bedroom wall lights should ideally have an adjustable brightness level to create a relaxing ambiance when required. This LED swing arm wall sconce has a dimmable function so it can be bright when reading or softer when focussed task lighting isn’t needed.

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Wooden Swing Arm Wall Lamp: Crafted in sustainable smooth white oak and finished with European natural oil, the Crane wall mount reading lamp brings a much more mellow modern look. Handmade in Southern California, the turned wood fabrication leaves a beautiful grain and the cord has a natural linen cover.


Nordic Style Wooden Swing Arm Wall Lamp: Carrying on the wooden theme, the HOIHO looks like it has been made from cut logs. A great one for Scandi loving style seekers.

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Minimalist Rectangular Swing Arm LED Wall Lamp: A flat folding modern swing arm wall lamp is a great space saving option for extra small spaces, or where a lamp is only occasionally required.

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I.Cono Plug In Swing Arm Wall Light: Instantly add illumination and style to any area with a plug in swing arm light with cool conical shade.


Industrial Style Black & Gold Swing Arm Wall Lamp: A black swing arm wall lamp with bright gold joints is one to stand out from the crowd. With a distinctly vintage flavour, this wrought iron Fuloon lamp would be a hero piece in any bedroom, hallway, den or study.


Accordion Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The chunky scissor arm of this swing arm light fixture is a real attention grabber and it can swing side to side too. The adjustable wall sconce comes complete with an LED Edison bulb.

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Vintage Industrial Accordion Style Wall Lamp: The Susuo design has rustic detailing with bronze hinges.


Industrial Style Swing Arm Wall Sconce With Glass Shade: In comparison to our other featured wall lamp shades, this one is quite unusual in that it has a transparent glass shade that allows us a clear view of the fitted feature bulb within.


Nautical Style Swing Arm Wall Lamp: Wall reading lights aren’t only functional, they can add a little character to a room too. This one brings a hint of nautical charm.


Contemporary Gold And Black Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The Alba is an understated slim-line design that would bring an air of sophistication to a living room or reading nook.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Plug In Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The drum shade of the Ashmore lamp gives it a more traditional look. Two of these as wall mounted bedside lamps would look striking on a headboard feature wall.

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George Kovacs Swing Arm Wall Lamp: This gold swing arm wall lamp is a top candidate for the rich metallics trend we see weaving its way through many a monochrome interior.

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Swing Arm Lamp With Lampshade: Another lamp with a prominent shade, though this time the straight simple lines of its swing arm cements this design on the contemporary side. The Bistro lamp is available in off-white, bronze, and silver coloured finish.

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Modern Chrome Swing Arm Bedroom Wall Lamp: Chrome-plated metal makes the Ax20, by Axo, a shiny addition to any bedroom scheme.


Small Brass Swing Arm Wall Sconce: A dinky brass swing arm sconce that can be either hardwired or comes with the kit to be simply plug-and-play. One sconce fits all.


Simple Cylindrical Plug In Swing Arm Wall Sconce: The Myers Sconce is an elegant, plug-in, brass swing arm lamp, perfect for positioning next to a bed or sofa.

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Gold Finish Swing Arm Lamp: Handmade in Houston Texas, by Long Made Co. this gold wall lamp has a timeless look.

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Modern Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamp: A black and brass swing arm wall lamp with an exposed bulb, the Jib Sconce is a handmade item made to order. Inspired by mid-century Dutch design, with a dash of Prouvé.

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Golden Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The Szabo is a meld of modern and industrial styling, resulting in a uniquely styled solid brass swing arm wall lamp.

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Brushed Nickel Swing Arm Wall Lamp: The soft sheen of this brushed nickel affair would look at home in a modern or traditional setting.

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Globe Shaped White & Gold Swing Arm Lamp: The plug-in Catlin lamp has an orb-like white enamel shade with contrasting bright gold arm and bracket.

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Sonneman Orbiter Swing Arm Wall Lamp: An iconic design from 1967, by Robert Sonneman, the Orbiter® was exhibited in galleries and museums. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, an arc arm holds a balanced boom that moves through a ‘hemisphere’.

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Lampe Gras Model 214 Style Wall Lamp: An eye-catching plug in swing arm wall lamp with a colourful shade, this cool replica has an iconic mid-century inspired look. Thanks to its hinged arm and tall bracket this is a highly adjustable wall lamp too. You can find the original Lampe Gras Model here.


Adjustable Swing Arm Wall Mounted Reading Lamp: If you’re after a wall lamp on a slider bracket but with a lower price tag than a Lampe Gras, then try this swing arm reading lamp. It’s able to drop down close to the task at hand or stand as tall as any floor reading lamp.

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Oluce Coupé 1158 Arc Shaped Swing Arm Lamp: This gooseneck lamp has a glossy black metal shade that looks awesome in a very understated way.

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Giant 1227 Outdoor Swing Arm Wall Lamp: One last one for the great outdoors, this oversized swing lamp is a humorous piece that makes you feel like you’re starring in a ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ movie! Available in a massive 15 different colours.

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