40 Fabulous Floor Reading Lamps For The Design Conscious

Floor standing reading lamps are not just an accessory to a room decor scheme. They can set the style of a living room, be multipurpose task lighting in a home office, or define a cosy reading corner in just about any room. Due to the proportions of tall floor lamps, they appear less as a second class accessory and more a piece of actual furniture. Careful thought goes into selecting a large item of furniture for your home, so choosing the design of a floor lamp should be given due consideration too. We’ve selected 40 fabulous floor reading lamps that we think may light up your life!

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Serge Mouille Style Floor Lamp: This would be ideal in a mid century modern room scheme, with its slender tripod leg base. Made from carbonized steel and copper, it comes in this matte black colourway with contrasting white shade interior.

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Serge Mouille Style 3 Arm Floor Reading Lamp: Multi light floor lamps are an ideal solution for a larger home library setup where there might be multiple reading chairs; models like this one are perfect for the job.

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AJ Style Contemporary White Floor Reading Lamp: Spun steel with a tiltable shade, this was inspired by mid-century design by Arne Jacobsen. Modern floor reading lamps with a quirky shape look right at home in a Scandinavian style setting.

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Grasshopper Lamp: Black floor reading lamps really stand out. Team a black lamp with other dark accessories like a black framed mirror or a set of black metal shelves.

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Lean Floor Lamp: The Lean can be selected in either a black or white finish that is subtly distressed to create an industrial look. The arm of the cool floor reading lamp is in raw brass and the detail is rubber.

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Foscarini Fork Floor Lamp: The large casual shade of this lamp by Diesel has a patchwork structure to the canvas that, when lit warmly from within, is reminiscent of campsite tents. It also has a stitching style similar to jeans. The joints of the floor lamp make the stand very flexible, and the shade can be rotated 360°.

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Spar Floor Lamp Replica: Living room reading lamps are in the room most displayed to house guests, and this striking red and black creation would certainly turn heads. If you want to go a step further than this modern replica, the original is available here.


Affordable Energy Efficient 3 Pivot Floor Reading Lamp: LED floor reading lamps are becoming more in demand as people grow more mindful of the environmental effects of energy consumption, and as the monetary costs of consuming energy continually rises. This brushed anodized aluminum design is an affordable lamp that presents a way to help protect the Earth and your bank account.

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Link Ring Shaped LED Task Floor Lamp: Another of our favourite contemporary floor reading lamps that is fitted with LEDs. LED technology provides brilliantly bright floor reading lamps that are perfect for a shadowy reading corner that is situated out of the reach of a main overhead light. This is also a floor lamp with dimmer, so if the LEDs prove too bright then they can easily be made less dazzling.


Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp: Arc floor reading lamps are able to reach over a piece of large furniture like a sofa or chunky armchair, in order to better centre the light source over a book or task. Minimalist floor reading lamps like this have no lampshade, so they don’t encroach on your space or decor scheme. This one is dimmable too.


Linear Floor Lamp: This futuristic LED lamp has a cool lightsaber look, perfect for sci-fi fans. This is the Linear Edition of Brightech’s curved Sparq Arc lamp (previous pic). It has a straight 58in wand that displays at a steady angle from a 5ft metal pole that comes in either high-shine silver or gloss black.

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S7 Snake Like Floor Lamp: Rising from the floor like a snake charmers serpent from its basket. It can also be repositioned thanks to its malleable form that is reshaped by pulling the coils apart, so you could adjust the lamp to be shorter, more coiled or super wavy. The poseable silhouette does not require any tools to adjust it, it’s simply plug and play.

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De Padova Style Circle Floor Lamp: Looking a little like a long stemmed leaf, this design presents a unique way to light a reading area, or add style over a dining table where there is no ceiling light fixture available.

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Solveig Floor Lamp: Solveig means ‘path of the sun’ in Swedish, though this may appear more like a satellite or flying saucer rather than the sun – until the gloss white reflector is illuminated. The repoussé sheet steel shade is connected to the black lacquered base by a magnet, allowing the angle of the circular reflector to be modified.

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Archer Floor Lamp: Wooden floor reading lamps bring a sophisticated look. This one has a chunky beech wood base post, and the shade has a frosted diffuser for minimising glare to provide the user with a comfortable level of light.

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Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp: On the back of the Tolomeo table/task that achieved the Compasso d’Oro award for Italian industrial design in 1989, engineering and performance features have been refined to create a new series of models, including this floor model.

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Adesso Atlas Tall Floor Lamp: Smart outlet compatible, making it furture-proof. Task floor lamps often focus their light on a small concentrated area but this 77in tall design boasts a glow over a larger area.


Floor Reading Lamp With Lampshade: With a classic elevated crane design, this would look at home in any room of the home. The linen textured hanging shade is a neutral tone to fit with just about any colour scheme too.

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Dramatic Large Floor Lamp: Looking almost like it’s made from metallic tree branches, the bright silver finish contrasts against the black drum shade and dark rectangular base.

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Scandinavian Style Adjustable White & Wood Floor Lamp: With current trends, scandinavian floor reading lamps are in high demand. This quirky composition would make an interesting addition.

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Minimalist Style Floor Lamp: A white and wood combo makes up this design too but this time the lamp shade is a more dominant part of the look.


Floor Reading Lamp with Shade: This curvaceous design looks stylish in a living room scheme but would look equally suited to a home office.

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Carronade 360S Floor Lamp Replica: Due to its smaller stature, this is a less imposing floor lamp. The original design is also available here.

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Scantling Floor Lamp: This floor lamp has a matching table lamp available. Both combine on trend geometric shape with a fashionable wood finish.

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Ikea Ranarp Floor Reading Lamp: Peppered with copper coloured detailing and a monochrome chevron cable.


Black Floor Reading Lamp: Sometimes simple is the way to go. This design melds well with most decor schemes.

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Contemporary Gold Shade Reading Lamp: Gold floor reading lamps are bang on trend right now and this would make a super chic accent piece.


Ikea Lersta Aluminum Floor Lamp: If you’re on the lookout for a cheap Aluminium floor reading lamp, this is a neat little bargain.

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Ikea Hektar Oversized Floor Reading Lamp: Pictured left, the Hektar has a bold look that fits with a strong monochrome scheme.

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Minimalist Narrow Floor Reading Lamp: Its small base can be neatly tucked up close to furniture, or positioned in a tight corner.


Copper Floor Reading Lamp: Minimal and super contemporary with a trendy exposed bulb design. No shade required.


Ikea Jansjo Flexible Gooseneck Floor Reading Lamp: This black gooseneck floor lamp is another shade-free design. Simplistic with no embellishments, it’s a useful addition to a room without distracting from other decor.


Triple Light Conical Reading Floor Lamp: Built-in LEDs mean that you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs, making it a time, energy and money saver. Although this is a 3 light floor lamp, it has a lightweight composition which means it’s easy to transport between rooms.


Globe Shaped Arc Reading Lamp: This has been a classic shape through the ages and continues in popularity.


Antique Brass Floor Reading Lamp: Antique floor reading lamps look perfect in a study or can bring a little nostalgia to a living room.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Finish Floor Lamp: A traditional looking piece, this lamp makes a perfect accompaniment to a classic wing chair. Despite its traditional appearance, it has very modern dimmable LED natural daylight simulation to reduce eye fatigue.


Industrial Style Floor Lamp: Perfect for a loft style apartment.

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Industrial Style Counter Balance Floor Reading Lamp: This cool creation looks like it belongs in an inventor’s workshop.

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Modern Arc Globe Floor Lamp: As far as living room reading lamps go, this is one that provides flexibility thanks to a dimmer switch located on the pole that can adjust bright light into mood lighting. Bright floor reading lamps are great when completing tasks but it’s always great to have the option of a softer setting.


Floor Reading Lamp With Dimmer & Adjustable Color Temperature: This lamp pushes the options for atmospheric lighting further. If the 12-levels of brightness and 10-levels of color temperature aren’t enough, it also has a sleep timer and a night light mode.

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