40 Unique Trash Cans That Solve All Your Rubbish Problems

No one wants to take out the trash. No one wants to replace the liner. Yet there’s no reason why your trash should have to look shabby. A basic necessity in all homes, bedrooms and offices, your rubbish bin can make your undesirable waste have a clean and stylish appearance. Want a bit of glitz to hide your bathroom’s horrors? Buy a smooth copper bin to grace the tiled floor. Have a messy child (or spouse) constantly cluttering the kitchen? Drop their food into a sleek can complete with foot pedal. De-clutter, clean and re-organise your kitchen, bathroom or office space with our stunning, stylish – and sometimes just plain fun – selection of trash cans.


Crumpled Waste Basket: Designed by John Brauer, these polyethylene bins look just like your crumpled paper does inside them. Choose from black, white or red for a surprising find beneath your office desk.


Plastic Trash Can With Marble-Like Finish: Want a marble bin, but can’t quite afford it? This plastic find with marble finish is easy on the wallet and easy on the eye. A spot in a marbled bathroom would be quite the fit.

$424BUY IT

Architect-Designed Luxury Trash Can: Made from white-painted stainless steel, the eye of an architect constructed this gem. With smooth, round lines and a handy pedal, you’ll be hunting for things to throw away.

$187BUY IT

Stylish Chic Trash Can: Why should your waste bin always hide away? Make a statement with this black and yellow metal bin, a design of difference with its vintage feel, modern colouring and hidden pedal.


Vintage Motifs Trash Can: Perfect for the bathroom, this white and silver dream makes a feature of the rubbish you want to hide. Place its resin form beside your sink – and think about buying its matching accessories.


Porcelain Bathroom Trash Can: China fuses with Italy’s Florence in this simple yet elegant trash can design. Perfect for any indoor setting, it’ll add an element of class in dainty porcelain.


Tufted-Like Texture Stone Trash Can: Prefer a quilted look instead? This white trash can of stone could accessorise a bedroom or office.


Copper Finish Plastic Can: Want the copper look – without the price tag? This tall and narrow plastic can does a great job of pretending.

$343BUY IT

Luxury Commercial Trash Cans: Commercial trash cans need a few more features than those in your household. These luxury versions boast fire-safe steel, leak-proof plastic liners and a hinged top for your emptying ease. Choose from three metallic shades.

$199BUY IT

Rose Gold Finish Rectangular Stainless Trash Can: For a metallic trash can that’s all your own, this rose-gold finish could stun in your kitchen or bathroom. Step on the pedal of its stainless steel form to watch your trash disappear.


Leaning Waste Basket: Confuse everyone at the office with a waste basket on the lean. Made in Italy from polypropylene, its looks more art piece than waste bin.


Basket Ball Hoop For Trash Cans: Score a goal for every paper you throw. Incentivise recycling with this basketball hoop in your office, or above your kid’s bedroom trash can.

$198BUY IT

Reflective Square Modern Minimalist Trash Can: Who needs a lid with a finish like this? This German-made stainless steel creation reflects light off those attracted to your trash.


Stylish Modern Trash Can: Throw your trash in the cans New York and Tokyo hotels use. Available in nine colours, these nifty little numbers hide their inner bags.


Beautiful Bathroom Trash Can With Lid: Made of matte melamine, the rounded corners of this simple can open for your trash whilst hiding it away. A spot in your bathroom, kitchen or office is sure to be satisfying.

$105BUY IT

Tall Trash Bin: 20 litres of capacity hide in this tall and slim-line trash bin. Available in different colour ways, this platinum variety is suited to many interiors.

$173BUY IT

Stylish Solid-Colored Trash Can: Want it slightly wider and more solidly-coloured? Choose from stainless steel painted in navy, silver, baby pink or green for a step-on trash can alternative.


Stylish Modern Corner Trash Can: Designer Alan Wisniewski makes the most of corners, with this trash can designed for them. Pop your nasties into the corner of your bathroom, kitchen or office to avoid bad smells.

$107BUY IT

Stylish Corner Wicker Trash Basket: Make your trash basket and laundry hamper match. Also designed for corners, this wicker basket can handle your dirty laundry or your disposables.


Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing Trash Can With Liner: Sick of pedals that get stuck, broken, and then hard to open? This smart trash can senses your hand moving towards it and lifts, using battery power.


Automatic Touchless Trash Can With AC Power Wall Adaptor: Wave your hands in front of this trash can to lift its lid, and watch its warning lights as it’s about to close. This automatic bin can be plugged in or use a battery to charge.


Dual Tone Rose Gold Accent Trash Can: Keep your kitchen clean in style. This rectangular trash can boasts a liner pocket on the inside, a white and metallic finish on the outside.


Colorful Collapsible Trash Can: Built in the colours of the rainbow, this collapsible trash can folds to a handy square when the time for moving comes.


Stylish Black Trash Can: Be good to the environment when you throw trash away. This trash can is made of recycled polypropylene with a black matte finish.


Stylish Netted Trash Basket: Want a stylish twist on an old classic? This metal trash basket adds an ingenious slant to standard bin shaping.


Tortoiseshell-Patterned Plastic Trash Can: Want a bin that looks a little bit different? This plastic trash can mimic the hues of a tortoiseshell cat.


White Vintage-Look Waste Basket: Inject a feeling of femininity in the most unlikely of places. Made of lightweight polypropylene, this white waste basket is a treat for the bedroom or bathroom.


Floral-Patterned Steel Waste Basket: For a feminine feel with a bit more substance, this steel waste basket has it covered. Throw your office or bedroom rubbish in its filigreed hold.


Nautical Waste Basket: Made of durable resin, this bathroom waste basket brings images of the sea. Place it beside your sink or toilet for a soothing feeling in your place of pampering.


Modern Nautical Trash Can: Looking for a waste can more in tune with the waves? Add to your nautical home décor collection with this two-toned plastic bin, complete with anchor.


Industrial-Style Metal Trash Can: Remember Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch? We found his iconic trashcan inside a nifty piece of industrial home décor.


Round Rattan Waste Basket: To achieve a more natural look, use more natural materials. This rattan waste basket works perfectly with bathroom whites and beiges.

$100BUY IT

Tall Wicker Waste Basket With Lid: Why not make a feature of a tall waste basket? This wicker cane basket, complete with lid, makes taking out the trash just that bit more trendy.


Wood-Textured Trash Can: Designed by David Quan, this polypropylene trash can is designed to look like wood. Stand its 10-inch diameter form in the corner of your kitchen or bathroom.

$875BUY IT

Expanding Waste Basket: Know from a far-away glance whether your bin is full. This expanding basket fits as much as you put in it – and extends itself to show it.


Pail Trash Can: Can taking out the trash ever look quaint? These metal pail trash cans make an argument they can, with their simple type and wooden grippers.


Pull-Out Kitchen Double Trash Can: For trash you can simply hide away, this pull-out option is the perfect solution. Fit its metal frame within a full-sized drawer in your kitchen cabinets.

$350BUY IT

Stainless Steel Tilt-Out Trash Can: Have the space, but not the cabinet? Use this stainless steel tilted option instead.


Mini Countertop Metal Trash Can: Sometimes a trash can goes on the top of the desk. This mini version is a cute and fun addition to the office.

$430BUY IT

R2D2 Trash Can: Fans of Star Wars home décor will love this find. This R2D2 is more like a full working model than a trash can souvenir.

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