41 Chaise Lounge Chairs That You And Your Decor Will Love

In need of a little relaxation? Then again, who isn’t?! A chaise lounge chair can not only help you get the rest you deserve, but it can infuse your decor with the style it craves. Homes both big and small can benefit from the unmatched style that one of these chairs can bring. Whether you are looking to upgrade your poolside with a reclining Mid-Century Modern chaise lounge or want to refresh a dim corner with a bold red lounge chair, we have you covered. Our collection doesn’t only have a chair for every room and every style, but every budget too. So, say goodbye to outdated furniture and say hello to modern lounging!

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Comfy Chaise Lounge: A white and bright chaise lounge chair with a clean aesthetic and plush pillows. Not looking for white? No problem! This chair is available in over 110 colors, so you are sure to find a shade that harmonizes with your decor.

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Brown Bonded Leather Chaise Lounge Chair: An easy to clean leather surface and a sleek form that molds to your body. This chaise lounge chair would look great in an office, living room, or den. Also available in White.

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Chaise Lounge With Bluetooth Speaker: If you love to listen to music while you kick back and relax, then this the chair for you! With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, this chair allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while you mellow out.

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Mid Century Style Chaise Lounge: A big chaise lounger with even bigger Mid-
Century Modern style. This tufted beauty is an affordable choice that is available in Beige, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, or Light Grey (shown).

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Modern Tufted Fabric Chaise Lounge Chair: The chaise lounge chair that every small home needs! This comfortable reclining lounger easily converts into a compact futon, perfect for accommodating single guests. Available in Sky Blue, Dark Grey, or Light Grey (shown).

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Brasilia Chaise Lounge: A luxuriously modern lounge chair that will have you as relaxed as the pictured pup in no time. This luxury chair is available in over 50 colors and requires no assembly.

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Button Tufted Classic Chaise Lounge Chair: A chaise lounge chair that will bring both personality and class to your home with its aesthetic that exemplifies French style. Available in Thunder Bella Gray or Off-White (shown).

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Modern Minimalist Grey Chaise Lounge Chair: Simple and chic, this minimalist chaise lounge chair features durable linen, high density foam, and a movable back rest. Available in Beige, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Grey, or Light Grey (shown).

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Elephant Chaise Lounge: The one time that you will definitely want an elephant in the room! This unique, elephant chaise lounger is a luxury choice with its soft silhouette and woolly upholstery. Available in 12 colors.

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Small Chaise Lounge: A small chaise lounge chair that will make the most out of your square footage with its compact design. Great for reading, watching TV, or even napping. Available in Khaki or Grey (shown).

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Contemporary Metal Chaise Lounge: This chaise lounge is a contemporary option with its soft curves, sleek stainless legs and white leather upholstery. A comfortable and stylish choice for any room looking for a bit of contemporary flair.

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Metal Base Modern Chaise Lounge: An open base and white coloring make this chaise lounge chair a light and airy choice. A modern and streamlined design that is built to last with premium bonded leather and polished stainless steel.

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Leather Chaise Lounge Chair: With tons of tufts and oodles of comfort, it is hard to go wrong with this plush chaise lounge chair. The rich chocolate color is sure to add a splash of warmth to any room, but if Brown isn’t for you, this beauty is also available in Beige.

$950BUY IT

Oversized Tufted Leather Chaise Lounge: An oversized chaise lounge built for two. Sure, this modern chair has the ability to fit two people, but we won’t blame you if you keep all the room to yourself!

$168BUY IT

Oversized Grey Chaise Lounge Chair: With its velvet fabric and tufted design, everyone will think that you paid top dollar for this oversized chaise lounge chair. Shhh… the fact that it is ultra-affordable will be our little secret.

$270BUY IT

Yoga Chaise Lounge Chair: Move your yoga off the mat and onto this yoga lounge chair. Whether you use it for lounging, exercising, or stretching, this chair will always be comfortable and stylish. Available in Beige, Brown, Red, or Black (shown).

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Traditional Blue Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair: A pop of vivid blue infuses this traditional lounge chair with some modern charm. Available in Opal Grey or Navy Blue (shown).

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Lux Style Pink Chaise Lounge With Gold Finish Steel Legs: Gold and pink merge together to create the ultimate lux chaise lounge. The seashell style backing provides just the right amount of texture while the golden legs give off the perfect amount of luster. Available in 7 colors.

$680BUY IT

Blush Velvet Left Arm Chaise Lounge Chair: The subtle curves and elegant style of this blush chaise lounge chair is just what the interior designer called for. The perfect chair to blend into your decor with minimal effort. Also available in Gray.

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Teal Chaise Lounge Chair With Storage Under Armrest: A lounge chair that is sure to keep things both tidy and stylish. This teal chaise features under armrest storage, perfect for stashing remotes, books, or other odds and ends.

$181BUY IT

Green Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair: Feel like royalty everyday with this plush lounge chair. Complete with a pillow and hand tufted details, this affordable chair is a great choice for those on a smaller budget. Also available in Light Brown.

$240BUY IT

Chaise Lounge With Storage Under Seat: A black chaise lounge that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and function. Simply flip up the seat to store blankets, extra throw pillows, magazines, or any other visual clutter. Also available in Beige or Brown.

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White Chaise Lounge Chair: This white chaise lounge chair will always look like new with its easy to clean fabric and design. If white isn’t quite for you though, it is also available in Beige, Jet Black, or Midnight Blue

$860BUY IT

Florentia Chaise Lounge: Looking for a modern blue lounge chair? The Florentia chaise lounge is a great choice with its eco-friendly, velvet upholstery that is available in 3 shades of blue—Navy Blue, Arctic Blue, Satin Teal (shown).

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Purple Chaise Lounge Chair: With its rich purple upholstery and nail head trim, this chaise lounge chair is ready for its close up. An elegant choice to add a bit of flair to any bedroom! Available in Blue, Light Grey, Pink, Dark Purple (shown).

$2300BUY IT

Oversized Upholstered Chaise Lounge: This oversized chaise lounge chair refuses to go unnoticed with its bright coloring and chunky design. This large chair includes throw pillows and is available in Black, Purple, or Lipstick (shown).

$158BUY IT

Adjustable Split Back Chaise Lounge Chair : This budget-friendly lounge chair has a split back that makes it the ultimate space saving solution. Combine with the matching futon to create a sectional sofa and to create additional seating and/or sleeping space. Available in 6 colors.

$256BUY IT

Convertible Sofa/Chaise Lounge: Compact, convertible, and comfortable, this sofa chaise lounge is a must for space challenged rooms. Use is as a cozy two seater or convert it into a lounger and throw your feet up for awhile. Available in Cream White, Dark Blue, Light Silver Grey, or Dark Charcoal Grey (shown).

$1230BUY IT

PK 24 Style Wicker Lounge Chair: Proof that wicker isn’t just for patio furniture! This Rococo period inspired lounge chair is a comfortable and unique option that is sure to impress. The pictured chair is a reproduction, but the original is also available here.

$1130BUY IT

Eames Style La Chaise: If you are looking for a classically styled chair that gives you a lot of bang for you buck, then this is a definite contender. With its unique shape and mix of materials, this chair is sure to get noticed anywhere it is placed. Looking for even more luxury? The original Eames La Chaise is available here.

$1000BUY IT

Le Corbusier LC4 Style Chaise Lounge: A chair with an aesthetic that is professional enough for the office, but comfortable enough for the home. Pictured is a high quality reproduction of the original chair available here.

$3517BUY IT

Tokyo Outdoor Chaise Lounge: This Tokyo chaise lounge is a luxury chair that may have been created in the 40’s, but has only recently been put into production in 2012. Available in Bamboo or Teak with an included water-repellent cover.

$760BUY IT

Outdoor Rattan Chaise Lounge Chair: A chaise lounge chair with an organic design that we can’t get enough of. This replica of the 50’s and 60’s loungers is available in Taupe, Taupe Grey, or Natural (shown).

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Outdoor Reclining Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair: Classic wicker looks extra stylish on these rich brown chaise lounge chairs. This set is made from woven polypropylene rattan, so it won’t rust. Also available in Charcoal.

$223BUY IT

Portable And Folding Outdoor Chaise Lounge: Say goodbye to your outdated patio furniture and start lounging in style. This folding chair goes above and beyond with its portability and unmatched style. It even has a handle for easy carrying!

$165BUY IT

Hanging Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair: Hang out on the deck or by the pool with this outdoor lounge chair. A comfortable and affordable option for outdoor leisure that comes in Green, Red, Orange, or Teal (shown).

$121BUY IT

Outdoor Kids Double Chaise Lounge With Cup Holders: Because kids deserve to relax in style, too! This adorably stylish chaise lounge features a canopy and cup holders—everything your little ones need for a day of R&R by the pool.

$1120BUY IT

Teak Double Chaise Lounge: This teak double chaise lounge is perfect for intimate conversations by the pool. Each seat can be configured to face either way and comes equipped with small side tables. For extra comfort, cushions for these chairs are also available.

$709BUY IT

Wheeled Teak Chaise Lounge Chair With Cushions: A chair that is both stylish and functional with its teak frame, washable cushion cover, and back wheels. If you are looking for something that combines beauty and function, then this is the outdoor chaise lounge chair you need!

$216BUY IT

Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge With Canopy Shade: Stay cool on those warm days with this lounge chaise that features a canopy shade. This lightweight lounger is made for two and easy to move around wherever it is needed. Available in Black or Sienna (shown).

$225BUY IT

Outdoor Bag Sun Chaise Lounge: An adult beanbag chair to sunbathe on? Yes, please! This outdoor chaise lounge will always make sure you are perfectly comfortable while indulging in a good book of catching a few rays. Available in 6 colors.

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