5 Contrasting Small Apartment Designs

This collection of five small apartment designs is a fistful of contrasting inspiration. We have something for just about everyone’s sense of home style here. As we journey through each mini home tour, including some of their floor plans, we will hit a few that build upon clean white base palettes; one with minimal decor, one a home with a feeling of the great outdoors, and another that uses rustic woodtone for Nordic effect. We then take a detour from the neutral pallette and welcome the creative use of colour pops and pattern, ending finally in an altogether darker and more dramatic interior affair…

Visualizer: Evgeny Garchu  

The first of our 5 small apartment designs is a smooth and simple decor, entirely free from pattern. The relaxing visual has minimal clutter or decorative pieces to distract the eye. Calm, plain grey accent pieces can be found throughout the home. Despite its simplicity, the scheme does not appear boring thanks to moments of wooden shelving built into the walls. The geometric coffee table too brings a twist to the pared back lounge.

A round dining table provides a spot for entertaining a couple of friends in this small home.

More seating can be found in the kitchen at the casual dining bar. Double banked kitchen cabinets are valuable extra storage in a small-scale dwelling, with higher units being an optimal space for storing out of season items, or belongings that are needed only occasionally.

Two-tone cabinetry built over and around the headboard maintains a spacious look.

A slither of pebbles edge the bathtub where tiny splashes may fall. Wall-hung sanitaryware makes the room appear more spacious by exposing the clear floor space beneath.

Visualizer: K BAND  

The second small apartment kicks off with a dramatic shadowy tree mural situated right behind the sofa. Teamed with an open flame on the coffee table, this decor evokes a feeling of the great outdoors and camping adventures.

A wall shelf houses the book collection near the sofa.

A circular bar links the kitchen to the lounge area and creates a place for both eating and working.

A black feature wall in the kitchen also acts as a day-planner and organisation station.

A piece of art by the bed brings a splash of colour.

Photographic prints are another opportunity to add warmth to a predominantly white and grey scheme.

Our third small apartment design utilises a good dose of untreated rustic woodtone to bring interest to an otherwise stark scheme. The combination has a distinctly Nordic look.

The wooden entertainment unit appears chunky and homey.

Geometric wooden pendants decorate the kitchen.

Five kitchen bar stools provide plenty of seats for entertaining. These or a similar stool are a good space saving option as they can be pushed fully under the bench thanks to the lack of back or arm supports.

The white kitchen cabinets blend into the background behind the rustic bar.

A simple fruit bowl marks the eating area.

Indoor herb planters decorate the bench. The cool concrete planters work well with the rough look of the untreated wood.

Stylish cutting boards are propped up to add interest on the opposite side.

In the bathroom a strong contrast of black and white is a striking look.

A letterbox shelf is perfect to store toiletries and scented candles.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov  

In small apartment number four, a wave of aqua crashes in unexpected places, along with expanses of bold eye-catching pattern.

The furniture is uber contemporary, with each piece contending for attention.

The aqua painted storage and display cubbies situated around the room are lit from within.

Alcoves are filled with colourful pattern.

The kitchen backsplash uses the same contrasting pattern tiles. A typographical wall decal spells out that this is a family space.

The tiles can also be found flooring the dining area. A neat rectangular dining table seats four.

The master bedroom and nursery are teamed together once the parental Murphy bed descends from the wall. A humorous piece of wall art is revealed above the bed once the transformation is complete.

The dividing wall between the bedroom space and living room can be extended to provide privacy and quiet for those that are sleeping–particularly handy when baby is in bed.

The final moment of pattern decorates one wall of the bathroom, behind the vanity unit and heated towel rail.

Small apartment number five is an altogether darker affair. Rich sumptuous burgundy and teal contrast against one another to great dramatic effect. Minimalism is not at work in this scheme. A multitude of patterned knick-knacks fill each table top, pairings of unusual decorative vases and bowls.

A large piece of colourful art decorates one wall and a whole library of books fill the bespoke shelving opposite.

A comfortable reading chair is picked out in purple, beside a shiny gold floor lamp. A patterned footstool provides a clear spot on which to lay down a book in the busy space. The home library is set out in a fashion of casual chaos, interspersed with random collections and souvenirs. A sputnik style pendant light dominates the centre of the room.

The master bedroom is a strong scheme with masculine undertones. The dark clothed bed resides beneath a mirrored panel surrounded by warm-white LED spotlights. The bedside lamps are two golden Gun table lamps by Philippe Starck, for FLOS.

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