50 Beautiful Dressing Table Chairs & Stools To Add Elegance To Your Vanity

A bedroom dressing table is the ultimate place for pampering. Carried through from 18th Century aristocracy, it’s a space for getting ready for your biggest and brightest occasions. What could bring your vanity to the next level? A creative chair to match. Our top fifty list of beautiful chairs and stools for your powdering area bring out your inner princess. Whether you’re looking for a low-set stool covered in faux fur, a bohemian ottoman ringed in metallics or a wingback chair covered in purple velvet, we’ve got you covered. Take a seat and enjoy the view, as we guide you through our most elegant and stylish vanity chair and stool options.


Ghost Transparent Vanity Chair With Arms: Buy the chair that works around your interior. This transparent design brings beauty parlours to mind and modernity to your bedroom.

$155BUY IT

Ikea Tobias Clear Acrylic Makeup Vanity Chair: Want to blend clear acrylic and metal in one? This chair shows off your outfit on a sturdy metal base.


Eames Shell Chair With Wood Base: The famous Eames chair, available here in nine shades, uses dowel wood and wire to hold its matte-finished seat.


Eames Shell Chair With Metal Base: Rather sit on metal? This Eames variety makes a below-seat sculpture, as its protective caps grace the floor beneath.

$360BUY IT

About A Chair: Hay and Hee Welling’s design offers one form-enveloping, cosy seat. Available with your choice of painted or natural oak legs, it achieves its goal of ‘conspicuous simplicity’.

$145BUY IT

Wishbone-Style Chair: Bring two material elements into your dressing room. This solid beech and rope paper seat offer a natural feel – lavishly accessorized with a fur throw.

$190BUY IT

Swan-Style Dressing Chair: We can’t see the swan, but we can see the style. This soft velvet chair with hidden swivel throws back to the 70’s, with steel supporting a beige, orange, olive, blue or purple frame.

$211BUY IT

Cherner-Style Vanity Table Chair: Own the beautiful Cherner chair, without the high price tag. This walnut reproduction follows the same design lines, for a unique addition to your beauty or office corner.

$130BUY IT

Wegner Elbow-Style Chair: Perfect around a dining or vanity table, these wide-set chairs are unmistakably square. Place its fine stitching and leatherette seat inside your couple’s bedroom.


Panton S Chair: Want a one-piece chair to grace your table? The Panton S, available in white, black, red or blue, uses ABS construction to stack its seats four high.

$106BUY IT

Tulip-Style Vanity Chair: Sit in the seat Judy Jetson would use. Another ABS construction, its aluminium holds cushions in 15 colours.


Bertoia-Style Chair: Have a modern vanity you’d like to accessorize? The lines of the Bertoia wow, in this chrome steel mesh and vinyl pad number.

$1,175BUY IT

Vitra Wiggle Chair: Dare to be different at your vanity. These striking curves by famed architect Frank Gehry are made with corrugated cardboard and hardboard edges.


Golden Bronze Finish Vanity Chair With Back Support: Feel Victorian during your pampering time. This beauty weaves its bronze metal frame around a traditional back design.

$268BUY IT

Purple Wingback Vanity Chair: Real comfort is a chair you can snuggle into. This deep purple wingback offers the seduction of velvet upon espresso-finish wooden legs.

$200BUY IT

Tall Red Vanity Chair: Why not make a statement? This tufted chair makes a scene in high-back red velvet. Available in five colours.

$212BUY IT

Upholstered Grey Vanity Chair With Wheels: Have a pain in your back while you powder your face? This velvet variation offers lumbar support and height adjustment – on roller wheels.

$133BUY IT

Upholstered Black Vanity Stool With Back Support: Want back support, in the shape of a stool? This birch wood number clad in linen lets you sit in class and comfort.


White Swivel Vanity Chair: Want a chair that meets halfway? This height-adjustable seat provides the perching feeling, with a back to lean into.


Girls’ Pink Faux Fur Vanity Chair: Make your vanity into a powderer’s paradise. This pink faux-fur stool is everything your inner princess dreams of.


Stylish Faux Wool Stool: Want to tone down the look? Get your faux fur in beige, with this stylish stool doubling as an ottoman.

$118BUY IT

Spherical Modern-Style White Vanity Stool: Make your vanity minimalist. This ABS stool provides a simple cavity within its sphere.

$250BUY IT

Gehry Twist Cube: Another seat by the innovative Gehry, this polyethylene cube is made in the US. Get it in bright yellow or silver for a stronger colour pop.


Triangular Futuristic-Style Vanity Seating: After a twist on the twist? This unusual ABS plastic stool can be used indoors or out.


Modern-Style White Vanity Stool: Also available in black, this plastic hourglass stool doubles as a bedside table.

$168BUY IT

Curved Chrome Vanity Stool: Combine style and comfort at your vanity. This padded seat makes waves in polished chrome – which you can keep in your home, with money-back, for up to 45 days.

$244BUY IT

Antique Vanity Stool With Distressed Look: Add a sense of romanticism to your morning ritual. Handcrafted in hardwood, this French-style seat with upholstered cushion sits perfectly afront a bunch of flowers.

$496BUY IT

Beatrice Stool: After a less distressed design? This grey-painted creation offers a smooth wooden surface, with a couple of armrests.

$110BUY IT

Scandinavian-Style Wooden Vanity Stool: Outfit your light-wooden vanity with a Scandinavian seat. This handcrafted gem blends 50% cotton with 50% fir legs – and a 90-day warranty.

$830BUY IT

Decorative Hand-Shaped Vanity Chair: Need a hand while you’re at the vanity? Find one in your chair, with this surrealist frame inspired by artist Pedro Friedeburg.

$1,902BUY IT

Platner Stool: Get the crème de la crème of vanity stools. Designed by Warren Platner in 1966, this luxurious design earned an International Award from the American Institute of Architects for its unique steel frame and molded fibreglass shell.

$540BUY IT

Copper Finish Wire Dressing Stool: A cheaper find, this rosy copper-plate stool by designer Gaurav Nanda gives your dressing room a geometric fix.


Art Deco-Style Vanity Stool: Steel and velvet combine in this turquoise stool, a veritable art piece beside your vanity table.

$109BUY IT

Square Tufted Vanity Stool (Grey): Grey is perfect for an understated vanity. Make yours quilted, handcrafted in birch and trimmed with silver nails, like this stylish find.

$116BUY IT

Eclectic Boho-Style Vanity Stool: Introduce Moroccan flavour to your bedroom vanity. This eco-friendly, multi-layered stool in birchwood is the perfect damask accessory.

$870BUY IT

Knitted Knot Blue Stool: Love the knitted look? This sky-blue stool topped with wool adds a unique piece on ash wood.


Luxury Bronze Finish Vanity Stool: Looking for something more glamorous? High-density foam cushioning on a steel frame makes this stool fit for Nefertiti.

$247BUY IT

Glam-Style Metal Vanity Stool: For a more structured design, you can’t go past this velvet and bronze number. Stand its golden form alongside a black-painted vanity.

$160BUY IT

Round Glam-Style Dressing Stool: Beige polyester and painted metal form this circular seat with a touch of glitz.


Industrial-Style Vanity Stool: Trying to match an industrial interior? This pinewood stool lets you swivel around on its steel frame. Take a rest from your heels with its in-built footrest.

$253BUY IT

Cube-Shaped Vanity Stool: Choose from 42 colour-ways in this marine-grade vinyl cube, built to withstand the elements.

$157BUY IT

Ivory-Colored Jute Pouf: Give your vanity a cosy feel. This 100% jute pouf is easy to clean and comfortable to sit on.


Upholstered Vanity Stool: Looking for something low? This beech wood and linen creation contains enough foam for a seat, enough height for a footstool.

$196BUY IT

Kid’s Vanity Stool: Our first dressing room dreams were as children. Lead-free and CPSIA-compliant, this striped stool is available separately or as a matching set with vanity.


Kids’ Tree Trunk Stool: Kids away with the fairies? Gift them a 100% cotton yarn stool – in the shape of a trunk from the fairy’s forest.


Wicker Vanity Stool With Storage: Match your bedroom’s laundry basket with this woven hyacinth-grass stool. Complete with feet, choose from black, red or natural colours.

$134BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Vanity Seating: Match your nautical home decor bedroom, bean-bag style. This striped navy find comes as a square or round.


Tufted Round Vanity Stool With Storage: Have a few items you’d love to hide away? This quilted stool keeps your secrets on the inside.

$144BUY IT

Metal Floral-Patterned Vanity Stool: Add metallic shine with a dash of cool. This aluminium stool won’t retain heat for those hotter-than-hot climates.

$398BUY IT

Decorative Vanity Stool Made From Rope & Metal: Sea grass, iron and rope lace make this stool beautifully unique. Seat it afront a natural-toned vanity to let its design shine.

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