50 Modern Dining Chairs To Set Your Table With Style

Tableware, flatware, centerpieces, place mats, runners, and more… There are so many things that go into a stylish table setting, but there’s one thing that guests will interact with more than any other – the chairs! It’s hard to find a suitable modern seat that hits all the right marks, like fitting well with the dining table and standing up strong to everyday use, and of course, there’s the important issue of comfort. This post is a compilation of 50 contemporary chairs that you can buy right now. Some are timeless classics, others are from up-and-coming prodigies, and others are stylish budget-friendly pieces to fit any dining room.

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Kartell Masters Styles Chair: A strong conversation starter for design fans, blends the iconic profiles of three famous chairs – the Series 7 by Jacobsen, the Tulip Armchair by Saarinen, and the Eiffel Chair by Eames. This faithful reproduction is available in black, grey, red, white, and bright green. The original by Philippe Starck is available here.


Umbra Oh Chair: Designed by Karim Rashid, the Oh Chair is an IDEA award winner and remains a modern design favorite for its bold look and versatile functionality. They’re stackable, durable, and available in a wide range of vivid colors.

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About A Chair by Hee Welling: These stylish chairs are the perfect addition to any Scandinavian-inspired interior. The shell is available in every color of the rainbow, including a variety of subdued pastels, and the legs are available in classic soaped oak or black lacquer.

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Eames Style Dining Chair: Originally designed in 1950, the Eames Molded Plastic Chair is a timeless and beloved design. Production continues to this day thanks to this chair’s popularity (you can purchase an authentic Herman Miller version here) but thankfully there are also a wide variety of replicas available for anyone who needs affordable modern dining chairs.

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Eames Style Leather Dining Chair: It’s difficult to find a leather dining chair for a reasonable price, but these Eames lookalikes use realistic faux materials to keep costs low. These would make a handsome addition to a mid-century modern interior.

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Eames Style Molded Plastic Eiffel Armchair: Comfortable and versatile, these are one of the few modern plastic dining chairs with arms that remain minimalistic in style. These are based on a design by Eames and include the recognizable Eiffel base. The shell is available in a variety of bright colors, while the original (available here) offers a more muted palette.

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Panton S Style Chair: A sculpture in its own right, the Panton S is a truly iconic piece for design fans that want something a little out of the ordinary. This reproduction is available in black, blue, apple green, orange, red, and white. The original is available here, with several more color options.

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Wegner Wishbone Style Chair: Crafted from solid beech wood and a stylish rope seat, this Wishbone replica uses quality materials for its sturdy build. It’s available in five colors and two natural wood options. Those who want an authentic Wegner model can find it right here.

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Wegner Elbow Style Chair: It’s hard to go wrong with simple mid century modern dining chairs. These are a recreation of another Wegner classic, their form simple and versatile to suit a variety of interior decor styles – even better, the low back can streamline the aesthetic of the entire dining room since the chairs are unlikely to stick up above the height of the table.

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Wegner CH33 Style Chair: Gorgeous! The CH33 is another famous design by Wegner, made affordable thanks to quality reproductions like these. The seating is available in beige fabric or black faux leather, both fantastically subtle and ideal for clean contemporary dining arrangements. These chairs may be based in mid century style, but this piece is timeless.

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Hans Wegner Style “Presidential Election” Round Chair: Here’s one more Wegner-inspired classic! This style rose to fame during a televised debate between US presidential candidates Nixon and Kennedy in 1960, taking the interior design world by storm.

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Mod Dining Chair: Curvaceous contemporary dining chairs like these are a stellar companion for round or oval dining tables like the one pictured. These attractive chairs are available with a walnut base and a choice between cream or rich espresso upholstery.


Modway Hop Dining Chair: Are you looking for a red dining chair that could work both indoors or out? This durable plastic seat is affordable, quirky, and has a cool modern style sure to capture attention and start conversations.


Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Style Side Chair: With a profile recognized by every fan of Danish design, the Series 7 is a versatile piece for Scandinavian-inspired interiors. This reproduction is crafted from plywood with metal chrome legs, easily stackable for storage or occasional use.

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Ikea PS 2012 Chair: When it comes to budget-friendly Scandinavian interior decor, Ikea always saves the day! These chairs feature comfortable armrests with a curved back for comfort. Each one stands at just short of 30 inches tall, a smart size for anyone who needs a low back dining chair for a compact dining arrangement.

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In Between Chair: Created by Helsinki-born designer Sami Kallio, this series has the natural charm and rich grain of hardwood with the lightweight versatility of plywood dining chairs, easy to maneuver and even easier on the eyes.

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Muuto Nerd Dining Chair: Designed by Berlin-based designer David Geckeler, the 2012 Nerd Chair is more than just a comfortable seat – it’s also an impressive feat of engineering. There are no visible screws or hardware to distract from the silky curved body and handsome wooden veneer (available in either natural oak or lacquered ash), leading to an incredibly smooth form from top to bottom.

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Mattiazzi She Said Chair: This streamlined, low-profile dining chair is the work of Nitzan Cohen, designed to emulate the geometry and lightness of plastic furniture – this time envisioned in solid natural ash wood. Not only would this piece look great in the dining room, it’s beautiful enough to stand alone as a side chair or writing chair too.

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Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair: If you’re looking for retro dining chairs with contemporary appeal, Jacobsen’s Drop Chair just might be the ultimate must-have. After an extremely limited production run that resulted in a 50 year hiatus, these iconic designs have returned much to the delight of mid century design enthusiasts.

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Saarinen Style Upholstered Dining Chair: Available in both stunning red cashmere and smooth white Italian leather, this upholstered dining chair brings luxury to mid century modern design. Both upholstery options are exceptionally durable and resilient but delightfully soft to the touch. The padded seat and contoured back ensure a comfortable seating experience all around.

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Muuto Cover Chair: This distinctive seat by designer Thomas Bentzen forgoes metal hardware like nails and screws in favor of a self-supporting design held together by the bent veneer of the armrests. The colorful versions are manufactured from ash and solid beech while the natural version is lacquered oak.

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Bahia Chair: These modern plastic dining chairs are the work of designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. The version in the link includes tubular metal legs instead of wood, resulting in an even more minimalistic aesthetic.

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Cherner Style Chair: Despite their high luxury inspiration, Cherner-inspired designs actually make great chairs for small dining rooms thanks to their compact footprints and streamlined style. This reproduction is crafted with silky American walnut veneer over sturdy 7-ply plywood, topped off with plastic floor protectors to keep your interior looking great. You can find the original here.

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Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix Chair: Named for its honor of receiving the highest award at the Triennale di Milano exhibition in 1957, the Grand Prix chair is one of the most recognizable designer dining chairs in the world. It’s now available in every color of the rainbow and features a convenient stackable design.


Modern High Back Dining Chair: If you’re for a high back dining chair that immediately catches the eye, here’s a bold and affordable design to check out. Each one is upholstered with faux leather vinyl, in fire engine red (also available elsewhere in black), easy to clean and impossible to ignore. Consider pairing these with a glass-topped table as pictured.

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Muuto Fiber Chair: Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the Fiber chair dazzled the world with its incredibly smooth frame and distinctive angles. The included link actually refers to the upholstered model – available in charcoal with walnut legs, grey with black legs, and two leather options including cognac with walnut and double black.

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Form Chair: Designed by Simon Legald in 2015, this contemporary chair is available in blue, red, green, grey, black, and white. Each color option is available with a choice of walnut or oak legs to better suit a variety of modern dining room sets.

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Globus Chair: Not only is this smooth Jesús Gasca design attractive to behold and comfortable to use, it’s also versatile – the bottom of each seat features attachments to prevent damage during stacking, making them fantastic space saving dining chairs for smaller dining rooms.

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Visu Chair: This versatile 2012 Mika Tolvanen design reduces the concept of a dining chair to its most basic form. Simple sled legs and a thin wood veneer shell presents a super thin profile for an incredibly lightweight appearance.

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Ikea Leifarne Chair: Comfortable, sturdy, and unique – it’s hard to ask for more from such an affordable chair design! The plastic non-scratch feet adjust themselves to provide extra stability, while the solid wood legs ensure your investment will last.

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Eames Molded Plywood Style Dining Chair: This handsome Eames lookalike is based off the Molded Plywood model, once named by Time magazine as the best design of the 20th century, certainly a memorable piece!

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Nelson Swag Leg Chair: Originally made from fiberglass and plastic, these iconic chairs are now manufactured with recyclable polypropylene, a more earth-friendly option. These authentic Herman Miller releases are ideal for use in the dining room, home office, or even commercial spaces.

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Salt Chair by Tom Kelley: Finding chairs that fit just right isn’t always easy. Tom Kelley has designed a series of high back dining chairs that work flawlessly with small tables thanks to their compact footprint – a combination of features rather difficult to come by.

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Ikea Tobias Chair: Transparent acrylic dining chairs are great for small spaces because they take up very little visual real estate, and they’re great for window spots because they allow the light to pass right through. Ikea’s Tobias chair features chrome legs and glass-like seats for a smart contemporary look.

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J104 Chair: Natural beech wood is a staple of today’s contemporary Scandinavian-style interior decor, but this model was actually designed in 1966 by renowned Danish designer Jøergen Bækmark. This simple classic is now being re-manufactured in beech, white, and glossy black.

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Thonet Style Chair: Based on Thonet’s famous No. 18 side chair, this quality black-finished elm reproduction makes for a lovely and long-lasting addition to any dining room. They’re also a good talking point for design fans – Michael Thonet is usually credited with popularizing bentwood manufacturing techniques in Europe.

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Knot Chair From Normann Copenhagen: Inspired by Tatsuo Kuroda’s gorgeous knot chair, this piece combines classic materials with modern style. This piece is crafted from durable black-stained ash wood with major components held together by carefully knotted twine.

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Kai Kristiansen Style Model 42 Chair: As one of Kai Kristiansen’s most celebrated designs, the Model 42 has transcended its roots in Danish mid century design and its popularity has continued all over the world to this day. This reproduction is crafted from solid hardwood with rich walnut veneer, upholstered in versatile grey.

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Calligaris Amelie Chair: Upholstered from top to bottom, the distinctive Amelie Chair looks just as smooth as it feels. The ultra-soft mustard yellow Oslo fabric resists stains and bacteria for long-wearing comfort and durability.

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Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair: Available with removable cushions in a rainbow of vibrant hues – in your choice of fabric or vinyl – these Tulip inspired chairs are a great way to add color to your modernist dining room. The aluminum base includes padding to protect floors.

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Platner Arm Chair by Warren Platner: Here’s a metal wire chair for those who want to break away from the ordinary – these Platner originals were designed in 1966 and still stand alone as an iconic and irreplaceable addition to the world of contemporary design. The frame is available in bronze or polished nickel, with a variety of upholstery options ranging from velvet to bouclé to leather.


Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Style Chair: It’s easy to fall in love with Starck’s otherworldly transparent furniture designs, but thanks to the popularity of these objects, it’s now easier than ever to find affordable alternatives. These chairs look just like the original, an ethereal interpretation of the classic Louis styles. They’re stackable, sturdy, and available in a range of colorful tints.

From $178BUY IT

Ikea Janinge Stackable Dining Chair: So simple! Ikea’s Janinge chair was designed to withstand the demands of hard-wearing restaurant settings while remaining stylish enough to use in the home. These chairs are slim, lightweight, and even include under-seat dampers for safe stacking.


Tolix Style Metal Dining Chair: If you’re in search of a metal dining chair for a farmhouse or industrial decor setting, these lightly distressed Tolix-style chairs just might fit the bill. They’re available in a variety of bright colors suitable for mixing and matching, and this design is actually stackable for easy storage.

$380BUY IT

Metrocles Stackable Dining Chair: Such a creative chair design! Both the branch-like pattern of the back and the translucent body material ensure that all eyes end up on this gorgeous display piece. These are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and the variety of semi-transparent colors (in addition to solid white) ensure you’ll be sure to find a model that fits your distinct style.

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Ryla Rattan Dining Chair: Fans of nature-inspired interior decor themes might find this chair collection enticing. Crafted from thin metal framing and woven together by strong wicker, this rattan dining chair brings the outdoors in.


Eames Eiffel DKR Style Wire Chair: The industrial and minimal Eames Wire Chair is a worldwide favorite, now accessible to a wider audience thanks to faithful reproductions like this. It includes faux leather seat pads (available in black or white) that bolt to the frame to prevent slippage. Or, consider adding a faux sheepskin for luxury appeal.


Magis Chair One Style Chair: Geometric designs are incredibly on-trend, making the Chair One a particularly sought-after design. This lookalike is made from heavy duty plastic with a matte finish, standing at 33″ as a versatile medium-height chair. The original is available here.

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Lucy Wire Dining Chair: Los Angeles based designer Guarav Nanda designed this chair to demonstrate that the delicate and lightweight appearance of wire can actually stand as structurally sound as any other material, thanks to an intensive manufacturing process that includes machine molding and up to 400 handmade spot welds. Each pattern is based on intricate crafts like spirograph art and macrame.

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Vertex Chair by Karim Rashid: Like a low-poly and hyper-contemporary interpretation of the classic Panton S chair, these geometric sculptures go beyond the utilitarianism of furniture and double as functional artwork for the home. Manufactured from semi-gloss black plastic, this chair will play with the light from every one of its many angles.

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