51 Living Room Rugs to Revitalize Your Living Space with Style

A well-chosen living room rug is just the thing you need to tie your space together. These useful decor elements can underscore your favorite accent colors, serve as an important source of contrast, visually delineate functional areas, and capture that essential coziness that can make any living space feel more comfortable. We’ve collected our favorites from around the web – each one available for sale online right now. From true designer statement pieces to practical family-friendly picks, there’s something here for every purpose and for every budget. Refreshing your living room decor has never been so easy.

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Performance 8×10 Gray Living Room Rug: For high-traffic living spaces, consider investing in an area rug made using performance materials. This family-friendly piece is crafted from stain-resistant recycled fibers spun into soft yarns that feel just like wool underfoot. This design keeps things simple with a striated grey texture, sure to maintain its sharp modern look even with everyday wear.

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Silver Viscose Living Room Area Rug: For lower-traffic living spaces, shimmering viscose offers silky softness and a luxe high-end look. This gorgeous hand-tufted area rug features a raised pattern that gleams like silver – lending glamorous texture to any contemporary living room. Use to underscore a casual or formal seating area where its plush comfort can be enjoyed.

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Grey and White Living Room Rug: This sophisticated area rug is hand-loomed from bamboo silk, worked into a low ridged pile for a sleek and streamlined look. The white and grey palette offers an uplifting aesthetic sure to brighten any space. Use to bring definition to a seating area against a dark floor or use to complement a bright and airy environment.

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Nanimarquina Tres Living Room Rug: Tres is an artful design by nanimarquina founder Nani Marquina. This piece is flatwoven in the always on-trend dhurrie style, its three joined components lending an instantly layered look to any space. Choose from a wide variety of nature-inspired color palettes and a smart selection of common sizes.

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Fringed Area Rug for Living Room: Wool rugs combine the best of comfort and function – soft underfoot, yet naturally resistant against many types of common stains. This decorative living room area rug features a low looped pile with a raised trellis pattern overtop, the borders surrounded by a unique braided fringe for a playful casual look. Use to anchor a seating arrangement where its bold texture can be appreciated.

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Muuto Pebble Living Room Rug: The aptly-named Pebble rug by Margrethe Odgaard features a stippled woven texture reminiscent of smooth stones. This piece combines the softness of New Zealand wool with the natural feeling of jute for an enchanting tactile experience. The low border around the edges makes this design an excellent structural piece, a fantastic way to center a living room or to frame a small seating arrangement.

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HAY Peas Wool Rug: Simple solid area rugs offer a minimalist look for living rooms, a smart choice for rooms with a more subtle decor theme. The gorgeous Peas Random Rug proves that simple does not have to be unremarkable. In this case, the hand-rolled wool construction and thick weave provides deep visual texture sure to make any room feel more welcoming.

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Textural Geometric Grey Living Room Rug: Carved rugs like this one can provide dramatic decorative impact while remaining subtle and easy on the eyes. This design is a wool and polyester blend, with geometric shapes rendered in tonal shades of grey and emphasized by differing pile heights.

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Diamond Stripe Living Room Area Rug: Perfect for Scandinavian, Moroccan, and mid-century modern interior themes, this simple rug makes a playful decorative statement with its diamond pattern formed from thin broken stripes. Polyester blend construction makes it suitable for living rooms that experience higher levels of foot traffic.

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Grey and Cream Living Room Rug: Handwoven construction makes this living room area rug a distinctive work of art. This piece offers a rich palette of texture – the darker stripes are woven flat and low, the lighter stripes rendered in a cozy shag. A diamond trellis pattern plays over top.

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Fluffy Faux Sheepskin Living Room Rug: Flokati-style rugs are capable of making even the largest room feel intimate, cozy, and comfortable. This shaggy rug is made from durable synthetic materials that mimic the look and loft of natural sheepskin. Select from a diverse range of colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for your space.


Genuine Wool Living Room Flokati Rug: Nothing compares to the pure comfort of natural wool. This rug is woven from 100% wool in a plush flokati style, a cozy addition to living room styles ranging from Scandinavian hygge to Hollywood glam.

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Jute Rustic Rug for Living Room: Jute area rugs provide a bold rustic look yet feel surprisingly soft underfoot. This piece is woven with a textural chevron striped pattern, perfect for living room themes like bohemian or modern farmhouse. Choose from two versatile sizes.

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Braided Jute Country Rug for Living Room: A diamond trellis is woven in a raised braided pattern to give this jute area rug a charming contemporary look. This piece is handwoven and finished with a long braided fringe for classic appeal. Use to complement interior themes like rustic country, mid-century, and more.

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Round Jute Area Rug for Living Room: Jute is a surprisingly adaptable fiber for rugmaking. This beautiful round living room rug showcases its artistic potential – woven into a floral medallion shape perfect for adding decorative emphasis to a bohemian or cottage chic interior theme. Select a smaller size to define a cozy reading nook or invest in a larger size to underscore a casual seating area.

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Beachy Rug for Living Room: While jute and other natural fibers offer that wonderful breezy look appropriate for coastal decor themes, synthetic options often prove easier to clean for true beach-friendly appeal. This design boasts the look of natural jute, but it’s made from water-resistant stain-resistant polypropylene for easy upkeep and excellent resilience.

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Modern Asymmetric Kilim Living Room Rug: Kilim rugs are a fantastic solution for casual living spaces, lightweight and easy to handle for cleaning or rearranging. This stylish design by María Mengual keeps things simple with woven natural-tone wool, decorated with geometric red dashes across one side. The asymmetric balance makes this rug an effective statement piece.

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Living Room Kilim Rug with Red Border: Looking to add a splash of color to your living room without overwhelming the balanced palette of your decor? This kilim-style woven rug features bold red ends that capture the eye, offering just enough oomph to tie your space together. This piece is also available with yellow borders for sunny themes.

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Wool Orange Living Room Rug: This thick wool rug is hand-loomed by skilled artisans in a stylish diamond lattice motif for smart global appeal. Feel confident using this substantial wool rug in higher traffic spaces in addition to accent placements throughout the living room. This design is available in grey and orange.

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Yellow Wool Living Room Rug: Oversized abstract patterns allow this area rug to capture attention from any angle. This piece is hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand wool, the yellow portions in a dense cut pile and the cream portions in a low looped pile. Choose from a wide range of sizes up to an impressive 10×14.

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Abstract Mid-Century Living Room Rug: Rugs offer a unique way to incorporate art into your living room decor. This handmade wool rug features bold geometric motifs tufted into the surface, with the edges of each shape deeply carved for added pop. Use to center a seating arrangement or display its full composition in a standalone placement.

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Handwoven Wool Yellow Stripe Rug: Handwoven from super-soft New Zealand wool in bold chunky knots, the Bala area rug showcases delightful texture that beckons tactile exploration. Pictured here is the Soleil colorway – a stripe of sunny yellow popping against a neutral taupe base. Use to complement Scandinavian and minimalist living room themes.

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Green Gradient Living Room Rug: This striped living room area rug enjoys a gradient palette, shifting from dark green to light. Rugs with thick stripes like this one provide a smart layered look without the effort. Handcrafted construction lends artisanal appeal while its wool composition provides enduring comfort. This piece is also available in a red gradient.

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Modern Floral Living Room Rug: Patterned area rugs offer a unique opportunity to play with scale. This design features an oversized floral motif, the result of collaboration between Barcelona-based artist Santi Moix and luxury rug studio nanimarquina. This plush wool rug provides attractive balance for large living rooms, rooms with high ceilings, and can even serve as a statement piece in smaller living rooms.

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Abstract Colorful Rug for Living Room: This colorful living room rug goes bold with an intriguing combination of pastel hues and bold neutral stripes, rendered in plush wool with hints of smooth banana silk fiber. Variations in pile emphasize each geometric component – some portions feature dense cut pile, others a thick looped pile, and other portions are ridged.

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Abstract Wool Living Room Rug: Plush wool construction ensures this geometric area rug provides comfort and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. This piece features an abstract design in cheerful hues, every shape outlined with a deep carved texture for dimensional pop. Invest in a small size to serve as an accent or a large size to center a furniture arrangement.

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Orange and Turquoise Rug for Living Room: This vibrant abstract area rug is made with a short polypropylene pile for excellent resistance against staining – an uplifting option for living rooms that experience higher foot traffic. Use this piece to underscore an adventurous color palette.

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Geometric Turquoise Living Room Rug: A geometric triangle lattice decorates the surface of this jacquard-woven area rug, designed by Michele Menescardi for Calligaris. This piece features a blended fiber composition, with polyester for durability and acrylic chenille for excellent softness.

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Royal Blue Rug for Living Room: This shaggy Moroccan area rug provides cozy comfort and alluring contrast. A diamond trellis is rendered in white for dramatic pop against a royal blue field. Thick braided tassels cap both ends. This piece is also available in black, teal, and grey.


Striped Nautical Rug for Living Room: Bold stripes are an adaptable option. This blue and white striped area rug is perfect for nautical living room decor themes – but it’s also available in a range of other vibrant colors to suit other styles. This piece is flatwoven from cotton for a comfortable underfoot experience, fully reversible for twice the wear.

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Wavy Colorful Living Room Rug: Available in vintage yellows or a vibrant multi-hued rainbow, the Wavy Rug is a bold statement piece well-suited to the most adventurous modern decor themes. This piece began as an exhibition project from Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit and now offers collection-worthy appeal for the home.

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Modern Purple Rug for Living Room: With its pastel coloration that falls between purple and baby pink, this beautiful area rug offers an uplifting touch for the modern home. It’s also available in a range of other colors to suit more conventional decor palettes. This piece is tufted from 100% wool for longevity and comfort.

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Wool Layering Rugs for Living Room: The handsome Ply Rug by Margrethe Odgaard offers true versatility through its flatwoven 100% wool construction. This low-profile design is perfect for layering. Choose from a wide variety of adaptable colors and sizes – mix and match to create a custom rug arrangement.

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Flatwoven Pink Rug for Living Room: This high quality kilim lays flat for excellent resistance against frequent foot traffic. This piece features a bohemian-inspired design, pale pink stripes capped by layered borders on each end. Invest in the large area rug option to define a seating area or seek out the smaller sizes for adaptable accent placements.

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Pink and Orange Living Room Rug: Classic patterns are updated with modern materials in this versatile performance-focused area rug design. This piece gives recycled post-consumer plastics a brand new life, worked into wool-soft yarns that provide excellent resistance against weather and wear. Use in a high-traffic living room, at the entryway, or even outdoors.

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Tasseled Colorful Living Room Rug: With a traditionally-inspired geometric pattern and a brilliant usage of contemporary color trends, this unique living room rug transcends era. Vibrant pom-pom tassels decorate the edges, creating a border of color to brighten its powerful black and white contrast.

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Flatwoven Layered Rug for Living Room: A rich palette of texture brings tactile interest to this flatwoven area rug. This piece is handwoven from New Zealand wool and cotton – some stripes are flat, others are shaggy, and still others are playfully bubbled. Use this piece to enjoy the casual styling of a classic rag rug with a designer touch.

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Spotted Shag Rug for Living Room: Playful polka dots give this shag rug an uplifting personality, sure to bring energy and excitement to any room. This piece is crafted from 100% New Zealand wool in a pile that measures almost an inch in length for comfort that beckons everyday enjoyment.

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Memo Scandinavian Living Room Rug: Created by Urd Moll Gundermann for Linie Design, Memo showcases the artful and expressive side of Scandinavian rug design. This piece is handmade from 100% wool and features geometric patterns rendered in calm and cozy colors.

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Shaggy Asymmetric Living Room Rug: This rich shaggy area rug is made from 100% wool for irresistible underfoot comfort, a fantastic selection for intimate living room arrangements. This piece features an asymmetric abstract pattern that draws inspiration from Moroccan art. Like all shaggy wool rugs, it’s important to expect shedding with this design.


5×7 Pastel Living Room Rug: Calming pastel hues bring a cheerful quality to this practical polyester blend area rug. Stripes play across the surface in a spectrum of color, the edge of each stripe lightly carved for a three-dimensional effect.

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Pastel Asymmetric Living Room Rug: Asymmetric edges make this living room rug capture attention from any angle, ideal for an accent placement where its unique form can be appreciated. This piece is hand-tufted from 100% banana silk for an incomparable softness underfoot. Select from a wide range of versatile sizes.

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Bias Living Room Throw Rug: The simple and chic Bias rug by HAY is a versatile candidate for an all-purpose “throw rug”, a rug that can be moved around and adapted to all of your needs throughout the living room. Its wool and cotton flatwoven construction helps it stand up to high-traffic spaces while its unique bound edges allow it to serve as an attractive accent. Use at the entryway, below a window, alongside a sofa… the options are endless.

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Marbled Round Living Room Rug: This sophisticated round rug features rich swirls of grey and gold, its stone-inspired pattern standing in smart juxtaposition to its super soft polypropylene pile. Use this round rug in an accent placement, like a reading nook or waiting area.


Oval Rug for Living Room: In the living room, oval rugs can suit a variety of niches. These rugs can be used at the entryway, in a cozy reading nook, or can even center the room. This design is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit any purpose, each one handwoven from a comfortable combination of wool and cotton.

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Grey Striped Living Room Rug: Wool and viscose construction makes this textural rug especially satisfying underfoot. This piece features a ridged pattern across the surface, with the oversized diamond trellis pattern expressed in a low woven relief. Choose from a tremendous range of sizes, from streamlined runners to spacious area rugs for the largest living rooms.

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Geometric Striped Living Room Rug: For lighter rugs like this one, stain-resistant construction is especially important. This soft low-pile design is made from 100% polypropylene for easy cleanup. The striped geometric pattern is perfect for Scandinavian and modern minimalist decor themes.


Small Boho Throw Rug for Living Room: Living room rugs don’t have to be especially large. This small throw rug is great for casual placements – near entryways, shoe benches, beneath planter arrangements, and more. Its flatwoven construction makes it especially well-suited for layering.

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Shag Trellis Living Room Rug: This black and white living room rug features an oversized trellis pattern, available in a range of exciting color options to suit a wide variety of decor themes. Choose from two versatile sizes. Each one is made from a durable polyester blend for an easy-to-clean approach to shag.

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Trellis Living Room Area Rug: Dotted patterns create a large trellis across the surface of this rug, bold and versatile at once. Like many of the best cheap area rugs for living room placements, this design is made from a durable polyester blend with low looped pile. Choose from a wide variety of color options.

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Black and White Rug for Living Room: This white living room area rug features a traditional medallion pattern, rendered with exceptional personality through wavering lines. This piece is hand-tufted from durable 100% New Zealand wool – no two are exactly the same.

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