51 Mini Pendant Lights That Will Add Big Style to Any Space

Spaces both big and small sometimes call for a little extra flair. Be it a kitchen island that needs a splash of illumination or a bedroom begging for a bit of relaxed ambiance, look no further than a mini pendant light. Think of them as the icing on top an already fabulous design, they are a lighting solution that is both versatile and chic. Choose a stainless steel mini pendant to embrace a modern look or go a bit wild and pick a cherry red pendant for a youthful aesthetic. With so many styles available, you are sure to find one that enhances your decor. Mini pendant lights may be small in size, but they are big in style!

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Pele Pendant: Effortlessly light up any room with the Pele Pendant light! This modern, globe light has 5 installation options and is available in Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Antique Bronze (shown).


Minimalist Scandinavian Style Mini-Pendant: A mini pendant light after the minimalist’s heart. This simple design meshes especially well with Scandinavian decor and is available in Carbon, Ash, White, and Taupe (shown).

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Frosted Mini Crystal Pendants: It is no surprise that this unique bulb was the winner of a 2012 British Design Award. This fabulous mini pendant light with its hand blown bulb is sure to add a touch of luxury whether hung alone or in groupings.

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Contemporary Satin Brass Mini Pendant Light: A combination of geometric framework and an elegant, cylindrical shade make this a great mini pendant for a contemporary home. Available in Dark Bronze or Satin Brass (shown).

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Concrete Mini Pendant Light: Mix it up in style with a concrete mini pendant light. Hang it in an industrial setting for an edgy aesthetic or pair with wood accents for a warmer feel.


Concrete Oak Bedroom Pendant Lamp: The simple Scandinavian decor piece that your bedroom has been waiting for. This concrete and wood pendant lamp is both functional and artistic with its luminescence and sleek design.


Wood & Concrete Mini Pendant: Another wood and concrete combo that is sure to turn a few heads. This highly affordable pendant light is a great choice for those on a tighter budget. Rated for both commercial and residential use.

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Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendant: For whom the bell tolls, we still aren’t sure, but these bell pendant lights were undoubtedly calling our name. This church bell-inspired pendant looks both super stylish in groups and on its own. Available in multiple sizes.

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Muuto Grain Mini Pendants: A mini pendant with a minimalist design and a charming vintage vibe. This dusty green beauty has a stunning variance of tones due to its innovative composite construction that features tiny grains of bamboo fibre.

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Aalto Golden Bell Pendant: Reflect any room’s best style with this sleek, golden bell pendant. The Golden Bell pendant was originally designed by Alvar Aalto in 1937 and re-released in 2017. The perfect marriage of modern and vintage.

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Terho Pendant: The organic form of this mini pendant light makes it the perfect way to introduce a bit of nature into your home. Crafted from Alder wood and hand blown glass, the Terho pedant is available in multiple shapes and sizes.

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Topan VP6 Pendant: The luxurious Topan VP6 pendant was designed in the era of pop art, so it is no wonder it has such a bubbly personality! Available in Dark Green, Dark Red, Grey Beige, White, and Black Blue (shown).

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Flowerpot VP1 Pendant: No other mini pendant light on our list exudes a youthful glow quite light the bright and bold Flowerpot VP1 Pendant. If orange isn’t for you though, this fun pendant light is also available in 11 other colors and finishes.

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Hay Marble Mini Pendants: The elegance of marble intertwined with a mini pendant is an unexpected combo that instantly stole our hearts. A stunning choice for the kitchen or dining room, this design is available in the 3 colors shown.


Modern Brushed Nickel Mini Pendant: Bring your lighting into the modern era with a brushed nickel, mini pendant. This ringed design has an adjustable cord and a canopy that is well suited for regular or sloped ceilings.


Glass Pendant With Perforated Metal Shade: A dual shade design that mixes perforated metal and glass sets this mini pendant apart from the crowd. A great option for contemporary spaces looking to step up their lighting game.


Geometric Art Deco Style Mini Pendants: Glamorous and modern, this geometric pendant light is a versatile lighting solution. Featuring easy installation with all mounting hardware included.


Bronze Finish Spherical Mini Pendant: Pair this spherical mini pendant with an Edison bulb for an industrial aesthetic that is affordable and sleek. Available in Antique Silver, Silver Grey, and Rubbed Bronze (shown).


Vintage Look Mini Pendant Lights: This modern interpretation of a classic design is a must have if you are looking for vintage charm. Works great as a standalone pendant or can be hung in multiples.

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Nautical Style Mini Pendant: A metal lighting solution that is built to last. This mini-pendant is versatile enough to work in both the traditional home and industrial spaces.


Farmhouse Style Mini Pendant Light: This farmhouse style pendant comes in a polished bronze finish and includes a fully adjustable drop.The perfect modern mini pendant for the kitchen island or dining room.

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Aplomb Conical Shaped Mini Pendants: If you are looking for precision lighting, then the Aplomb pendant is a must. The concrete construction of this pendant ensures focused lighting with an industrial aesthetic.

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Vibia Slim Pendants: The sleek tube design of the Vibia Slim pendant makes it a unique choice that won’t overshadow the rest of your decor. Constructed with lightweight, black carbon fiber (Black finish) or white lacquered fiberglass (White finish).


Mini Slim Conical Pendant: This mini pendant light will look fierce in any room, without stealing the show. A simple cone design and silver finish make it a great fit for many design styles.


Black & Gold Mid Century Modern Style Lamp: A contrasting black and gold finish makes this mini pendant light a standout option. A fashion-forward fixture that is perfect for smaller kitchens or entryways.

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Tear Drop Shaped Mini Glass Pendants: Never cry over bad lighting again with a tear drop pendant light. This dimmable lighting solution is constructed with chrome and glass to create a polished look that is elegant and versatile.

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Muuto MHY Pendant: A punch of color is just what the design doctor ordered! This lacquered pendant is available in White, Black, Purple, Green, or Yellow (shown).

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Mini Copper Globe Pendant Lights: Embrace the relaxed ambiance that this copper, globe pendant provides. With a reflective surface both inside and out, this light gives off a soothing, warm glow.

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Tom Dixon Void Mini Pendants: Make sure you decor makes the podium with these Olympic medal inspired pendant lamps. Hand-spun and brazed to create an entirely unique double-walled structure.

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Wooden Orb Mini Pendants: The natural warmth of these wood orbs is a great finishing touch for a kitchen, bedroom, or dining room. They boast to be both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Handblown Mini Glass Pendants: The texture of this blue mini pendant is undoubtedly what first caught our eye. The puckered, handblown glass paired with the blue hue make it a piece that you don’t want to miss! Also available in clear glass.


Turquoise Mini Pendant Light: A bit of turquoise for that much sought after beach feel. Bonus: Fit it with a vintage style bulb to make it extra eye catching!


Red Mini Pendant Lights: The vintage appeal of these ruby red beauties is off the charts! This red pendant light is adjustable and can be bought as a single or pair. Also available in Yellow.

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Pink Mini Glass Pendants: A pop of pink for a bit of feminine flair. This mini pendant would be a stunning addition to a Girl Boss’s office or bedroom. Also available in Green or Smoke.


Blue Handblown Mini Glass Pendants: Youthful, blue, and eye catching! Just a few words that can be used to describe this mini glass pendant. This fun light is lead-free and handblown from soda-lime glass. Also available in Grey.

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Sussex 1-Light Schoolhouse Pendant: Gradient and radiant, this schoolhouse pendant will be a home run in the dining room or kitchen. With a blue fade and an offbeat shape, it will definitely get a few glances!

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Green Cylindrical Mini Light Pendant: Mother Nature has proven to be a powerful influencer in the design world and we can definitely see her style shine through in this mini pendant. This leaf light is available in 6 colors.


IC Lights S Style Pendant: A milk white, globe shade and gold pipping breathe life into this S shaped pendant. This budget conscious light is available for under $100, but for those looking for a bit more luxury in their lighting, the original is available here.


Gradient Colored Mini Globe Pendant: A wash of gold makes all the difference in this gradient globe pendant. Crafted from faceted glass and also available in silver, this mini pendant will feel at home with both modern and contemporary decor.


Stained Glass Mini Pendant Light: A stunning light that won’t go unnoticed. The rainbow glass shade illuminates multiple hues, subtly infusing any room with a splash of color.

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Stained Glass Pattern Mini Pendant: Add a little color to your lighting with a stained glass mini pendant. Created with hand blown glass, no two are alike!

$200BUY IT

Silvered Glass Mini Pendant Light: Many silver pendant lights made our list, but this one is a definite stand out. Its mercury glass finish gives this simplistic design some extra flair, but if it isn’t quite for you, it is also available in clear glass.


Mini Gold Accent Pendant Light: Give your home the Midas touch and string up some golden pendant lights. A great way to make any space feel a bit more glamorous.


Copper And Wood Mini Pendant: An industrial pendant light that won’t break the bank! The copper finish paired with the wood base make this a fun mini pendant for anywhere in the home.


Perforated Pattern Producing Mini Pendants: The perforated pattern on this mini pendant will cast a dance of shadow and light along your walls. Compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL, or halogen bulbs.


Industrial Style Black & Copper Mini Pendant: An industrial pendant light that is both bold and chic. The metallic and matte finish of this piece give it a unique look that is compatible with an array of decor styles. Available in multiple shapes.


Industrial Pipe Style Mini Pendant: A truly industrial design piece with a surprisingly affordable price tag. This fun mini pendant is made of real iron pipe and 100% hand painted.


Rustic Mini Pendant Light: Turn on the rustic charm in any room with a triple ring, mini pendant light. An Oak and metal design sends out a vintage vibe, perfect for bringing a turn-of-the-century industrial look to any area.

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Aalto pendant lamp A110: The Aalto pendant lamp is a timeless light that was originally designed in 1952. This mini pendant uniquely features a perforated, steel ring that acts as a light diffuser to create a soft glow.

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Pippet LED Pendant: Contemporary and sleek, this LED pendant got our spy senses tingling with a design reminiscent of a spyglass telescope. Also available in Black or White.


Unique Hanging Man Mini Pendant Light: Cue the Mission Impossible music! This adventurous, little pendant light is a quirky find that is both humorous and affordable. Available in 3 sizes.

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