51 Round Mirror to Reflect Your Face and Your Style

A stylish round wall mirror offers much more than plain functionality. Apart from reflecting our faces and light, it helps make the room appear more spacious, adds dimension, and poses as sculptural decor. A strikingly designed round mirror is a captivating focal point, whether by itself or as a part of a set. Placed strategically, it transforms the room with a new flair.

Choosing the right round wall mirror, ideally suited to your style and space, can feel overwhelming. We have rounded up the best picks on the market to help you navigate your way, so read along and enjoy.

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Large Round Mirror: Very versatile piece, ready to fit right in with a range of styles. This large round mirror boasts industrial appeal with strong contemporary vibes. The wooden background adds a hint of rustic chic to power up the impression.


Black Round Mirror: Simplistic and modern, this round black mirror makes a strong accent, contrasting to bright walls and accessories. It pulls the room together and provides a strong visual statement with a function.

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Round Gold Mirror: This large round gold mirror is a simply stunning show stopper that grabs all attention as soon as someone walks in. Placed in a discreet setting with a neutral background, it really softens all the room’s rigid lines.

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Round Gold Mirror: A hint of glam, a touch of art deco, and a whole lot of romantics – all in a charming gold round mirror. Use this piece to complement the setting or make it the star of its own show as the room’s ultimate focal point.


Round Mirror Sets: Well-designed, simplistic round mirror sets can provide a vivid dimension to the room, and this particular set is a jackpot. It’s bubbly, lightweight, reflective, and modern. Moreover, it’s suitable for virtually any space, from the entryway to the bathroom.

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30-Inch Round Mirror With Half-Round Wooden Frame: The devil is in details, and a simple piece of a wooden frame can make all the difference. This large round mirror is ready to effortlessly blend into any contemporary or Scandinavian-style interior, but at the same time, it won’t feel out of place in a modern minimalist setting.

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Ship Wheel 30-Inch Round Mirror: Sea-craving, anyone? Bring a dash of coastal breeze into your home with this ship-wheel round mirror. The distressed white finish and vintage appeal will teleport you straight to Santorini every time you pass by.


Decorative Black Frame Round Mirror: The striking, uniquely designed black frame makes this mirror a feature hard to miss. It perfectly suits contemporary and modern style, but also fits boho and eclectic-themed interiors. The sunburst-inspired frame is made of iron, durable and effortless to maintain.


Round Woven Rattan Mirror: Made from natural rattan, this round mirror boasts an inherently organic vibe, with advantages of strength and durability. The glass is fitted in the frame to provide a rustic appeal, while the neutral hue easily blends into any environment, from rustic to coastal style.

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Round Table Mirror: Framed in oak and placed on a gorgeous oak wood base, this round mirror features two faces for convenient use. It’s perfect to use as a make-up mirror while providing a decorative accent for your bedroom or bathroom at the same time.

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30-Inch Antique Gold Finish Round Mirror: The combination of charcoal and antique gold gives this round mirror a unique, sleek look, accented with a slight bevel. This design ensures versatility, making the mirror suitable for almost any setting and style, and ideal for transitional spaces.

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Round Golden Olive Frame Mirror: This gorgeous golden mirror is shaped like a wreath, made of olive branches. In short, an item worthy of ancient gods and Olympic champions. Use it to create a strong focal point in any place where you want to attract some extra attention.


24-Inch Round Mirror With Rope and Pulley: A dash of steampunk, featured in a rope and intricate pulley, distinguishes this model from the competition. Its versatile style makes it a great piece for every chic home, quite eye-catching to get noticed, yet discreet enough not to steal the whole show.


Hand Painted Black Frame Mirror: A flower or a snowflake, this impressive ornate shaped frame is hand-painted for an artistic finish. Its convenient 20-inch size makes it a great statement for any room, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, or entryway. The backside features a keyhole cutout for effortless hanging.

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Round Wooden Bathroom Mirror With Shelf: A small shelf is ideal for storing daily necessities like jewelry and perfumes, or even car keys in the entryway. Solid wood material ensures durability and hardness, while environmentally-friendly paint makes this mirror safe to hang in the living room or bedroom.


Gold Round Mirror: Simple but nowhere near plane, this classy round gold mirror is the perfect metal accent to add to neutral environments and low-key-toned walls. It makes the room brighter and the mood more vivid. Have we mentioned that it looks classy?


Industrial Minimal Black Round Mirror: Simplicity in design brings more versatility in use. Large diameter, thin frame, and black finish combined in a classic yet modern look make this mirror ideal as decor with high functionality at the same time.

$156BUY IT

Modern Iron Round Mirror: This iron-framed, abstract round accent mirror provided enough reflection while standing as an eye-catching focal point.A unique silhouette of overlapping iron rings is ready to blend into any arrangement, mounted either horizontally or vertically.

$170BUY IT

Modern Gold Sunburst Round Mirror: In an explosion of golden rays, this decorative mirror truly deserves to be categorized as a “sunburst.” Its design is impressive but clean and modern, with a dash of mid-century glam. Industrial hangers on the back ensure safe and stable hanging within minutes.

$300BUY IT

Beveled Oversized Round Mirror: Fashionable and mega-cool, this oversized round mirror will make an exquisite addition to home decor. With a plethora of small mirrors in place of a frame, it’s ready to immerse the room in light while mesmerizing your visitors simultaneously.


Distressed Iron Leaf-Shaped Round Hanging Mirror: A stunning and original handcrafted design distinguishes this mirror. Its iron frame features layers of distressed brown and white leaves, making an impressive statement perfect for entryways and living rooms.

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Accent Round Hanging Mirror: This attractive mirror is ideal for spaces where lightweightness is important. Made from plastics yet boasting a luxury appeal, it’s ready to add dimension and pull any room together. Two triangle hooks ensure easy wall mounting in a blink of an eye.

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Distressed Coastal Wooden Round Mosaic Mirror: Cottage appeal of this distressed round mirror is cosy and chic. The frame is made of distressed planks in a mix of white, tan, and aged teal. Glass diameter is 15″, providing functionality alongside beauty.

$320BUY IT

Flower Medallion Round Wood Mirror: The reflective surface of this round mirror highlights a fleur-de-lis medallion, ready to accent any space in its shimmering style. A floral-inspired overlay is underlined with a sage green and cream vintage finish.


Bull Eye Round Mirror Set: With this set of mirrors, your room needs no other focal point. Unique shape provides broad reflection to flood a room with light, while the scraped paint on the frame delivers a distressed look reminiscent of ship windows.


Round Copper Mirror Set: This set of round mirrors is highly customizable and interchangeable to ensure the maximal impact on any kind of setting or wall style. Each piece can be bought separately and combined with others in a variety of patterns. The mirrors hang on a chain, reliable and secured to the wall by a rounded knob.

$340BUY IT

Round Driftwood Mirror: A large round mirror glass is decorated with a striking beveled edge. Pieces of driftwood arranged in a tidy circular frame have been polished to create a sunburst effect. It’s a functional piece with a strong artistic quality of refined natural elements.

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24-inch Frameless LED Round Bathroom Mirror: Elegance and functionality give a strong character to this modern round LED mirror. It features a frosted glass edge, illuminated to highlight the entire diameter of the copper-free, aluminum structure. The choice of light source adds extra points for energy efficiency.

$100BUY IT

4-Piece Round Mirror Set: A gallery wall made of mirrors? Why not! This set is crafted from iron, in a design reminiscent of hanging plates, with a powder-coated finish. Hammered detailing adds visual dimension, making an eye-catching focal point in any room.

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Large 48 Round Mirror with Silver Frame: This large round mirror boasts a 48-inch surface encased in a thin silver frame. It’s a perfect addition to make a statement in an elegantly designed bathroom or to flood a living room with a lake of reflected light.


Modern Round Framed Mirror: Classy, modern, glamorous, and simply impossible to ignore – this mirror is more than a decorative item, it’s a piece of art. The simplicity of the cut-out metal frame’s geometric forms is glamourized by gold finishing, ready to pose as a major focal point wherever you hang it.

$366BUY IT

Oversized Round Mirror: This large round mirror is modern in construction but features some rustic spirit, too. Its open fret design on distressed mahogany’s background adds dimension to the space, while gold and antique silver finishing provides a classy quality.

$580BUY IT

Modern LED Round Vanity Mirror With Leather Strap: Modern style has been infused with industrial flair to provide a refined yet noticeable piece. This striking round mirror is everything a minimalist bathroom needs in order to make an impression. The genuine leather strap is a refreshing detail that enhances the design’s overall geometric quality.

$184BUY IT

Rustic Round Mirror With Leather Strap: Warm and earthy colors and natural materials are all the rage, and this rustic round mirror is just what you need to jump into that wagon. Gently shaded mosaic frame hangs on a leather strap, adding brightness, depth, and dimension.

$270BUY IT

Round Brass Mirror: And now for something completely different. A unique frame made of miniature cymbals adds a strong dramatic, three-dimensional quality to this round mirror. An antique brass finish enhances its contemporary style with just a dash of an industrial feel.

$170BUY IT

Round Mirror With Pocket: What is the best place to put away some tiny items, frequently in use? Somewhere easy to find. This round mirror features a pocket shelf, ideal for keys, glasses, and other similar stuff. If you lose them, this will certainly not be the last place to look. Plus, it looks great.

$158BUY IT

3-Piece Glam Round Mirror Set: This stunning set can be suspended in diverse ways, even diagonally. Glamourous burnished, gold-finished, mid-century modern squares vary in design piece to piece, each featuring two keyhole hangers for easy wall mounting.


12 Inch Round Mirror White Frame: A frame embellished in white lace is attractive as much as romantic. This unique round mirror can fit almost any interior style, either by blending into rustic or breaking the rule in the modern one. Twelve-inch diameter provides a stunning accent with adequate functionality.

$603BUY IT

40-inch Oversized Round Mirror: Inspired by the art of framing paintings, this design is a successful result of an attempt to frame a mirror without detracting from its beauty. A simple but powerful combination of thin metal lines and light-reflecting glass sophisticatedly dominates the space without overpowering.

$1,100BUY IT

Frameless Oversized Round Mirror: Three talented designers joined together to create pieces that evoke their personal histories. Harvey mirror was named after an aeronautical engineer, so it’s no wonder that it appears to float in space. Brass framing is almost invisible in the background to provide maximal support to this effect.

$245BUY IT

Oversize Round Mirror With Rope: Hand this round mirror like a medallion to jewel up your space. The combination of glass and rope boasts a natural vibe, ideal for coastal or Scandinavian home decor. Try it in a bathroom for some bonus style points.

$486BUY IT

The original Crescent Moon mirror is designed by Granila Santisteban. Affordable lookalikes can be found at Amazon & Etsy lacking nothing of the magnificence of the original. Use it to add some romantics in your bedroom or as an effective functional piece in your bathroom.

$1,298BUY IT

Hand Crafted Coconut Shell Round Wall Mirror: This round mirror explodes with natural glam. Made of coconut shells, it adds dimension to a room with a plethora of texture and smooth, clean lines. Handcrafted and full of character, it’s ready to fill your place with some relaxed coastal vibes.

$598BUY IT

Mosaic White Frame Round Mirror: A statement round mirror, with a wavy pattern reminiscent of sea waves, bears a strong coastal glam. Hand-crafted from glossy tiles, this gorgeous mosaic brings depth, texture, and a dash of artsy flair to any space.

$215BUY IT

Minimalist Round Wall Mirror: This minimalist medallion is a part of Fern’s Enter collection. A round, frameless design with a powder-coated top hangs from a stylish leather buckle, boasting a refined Scandinavian elegance suitable for any space in need of an accent.

$170BUY IT

Small Round Mirror With Wooden Shelf: This Pocket Mirror is designed by Daniel Schofield. It represents a successful combination of a round mirror and a discrete yet super-convenient oak wood shelf, ideal for storing keys and other daily necessities in a visible place.

$524BUY IT

Round Semi-Framed Wood Mirror: A small change can make a large impact. The Split mirror, designed by Zoë Mowat, is a reflection of the power of negative space. Instead of boasting a plain standard frame, this mirror catches the viewer’s eye with the lack of it, making the missing parts equally, or even more important as the existing frame itself.

$960BUY IT

Round Glass Mirror With Metal Frame: The Darkly mirror plays on the history of reflections with the design reminiscent of ceramic bowls filled with water. It’s made from solid brass (or aluminum) and styled to appear hovering in front of the wall. It looks equally great on its own, or as a part of a gallery wall.

$930BUY IT

Round Bronze Mirror: The Judith Round Mirror is a striking, versatile piece of functional home decor. Framed in wood, finished in antiqued bronze, and adorned with mosaic mirror segments, it takes the role of a private little sun, ready to reflect all surrounding light.

$303BUY IT

Button 4-Pie Round Mirror: The Button Mirror from Uttermost is a functional statement hard to forget. Its clean form features four small beveled mirrors aligned over a long, smooth metal rod. The setting is fit to mount horizontally or vertically and ready to catch all attention for itself.

$3,500BUY IT

Moon Glow Round Mirror from Arteriors: This piece brings the fairytale magic straight to your room with its celestial out-of-this-world style. The Windsor Smith Moon Glow Mirror from Arteriors boasts a modern bohemian flair, with a strong character embodied in elegant geometry and an artistic hand-applied mysterious surface. An intricately crafted chain-link is a fine detail that keeps the composition in a perfect balance.

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