A Colorful Modern Home Designed with Usability in Mind

Every family home should have a little bit of playfulness to it. In this design from Nordico, it is impossible to deny that a little bit of childlike wonder and whimsy have informed the still stylish design. From a pretty pink sofa with a playful design to a modern interpretation of a bean bag chair, this is a living space that’s actually designed with living in mind. Instead of making visitors afraid to touch anything, this fun and quirky home invites you to kick off your shoes and stay for a while. Step inside and get comfortable.

Walking into the bright, spacious living room the importance of color is immediately apparent.

It is difficult to take your eyes off the molded pink sofa that invites with the eye but looks a bit offputting in terms of comfort at first.

The open and spacious floorplan leaves plenty of room for a duo of simple coffee tables.

Indoor house plants scattered about add yet another layer of color.

The bright blue accent wall is a beautiful color — not too overpower nor too pastel.

A modern floor lamp makes for easy reading when the overhead track lights are off.

The central entertainment center doubles as extensive storage, which is always a needed feature.

The flat panel television is actually on a swivel so the living room can be used from either side for television — or not.

In fact, it can even swivel to face the dining area, which is quite convenient.

The larger furnishings can also be moved around easily so the room can be reconfigured at the drop of a hat.

A small dining area and kitchen leave plenty of floor space open for the central living area.

The Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp is a creative lighting solution since it does not take up any floor space and can fold away when necessary.

Unique wall shelves are another practical addition, perfect for displaying those personal style trinkets. On the floor, pebble pillows sit next to the modern About a Chair both of which have their own style and whimsy.

A Swiss cheese plant is a natural choice for the unique plant stands chosen.

The natural wood grain from the ceiling, floor, and features like the entertainment center all works well together without completely matching.

White walls are always a good choice when the furniture brings in so much color.

Comfortable reading chairs like the modular gray versions featured in this space are a great way to encourage reading in anyone.

Here, the chair is shown without use of the matching ottoman.

Color in the sideboard doesn’t quite live in the same family as the pinks and blues throughout, but it stills works.

In the kitchen, things are kept simple with white cabinetry and wood countertops.

Scandinavian style chairs like these ones should come as no surprise from a company called Nordico.

Above the chairs, the use of dining room pendants like these makes sense. The adorable deer lights have been featured before in our post Lighting Inspired by Living Beings.

In an eclectic home like this, you must be able to find even unique trash cans.

In the age of mobile phones, clocks are all but obsolete, unless they are interesting to look at like this kitchen clock.

White subway tile and a robin’s egg blue door give the bathroom its own serenity.

The passageway into the home barely betrays the fun you will find inside.

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