A Cozy Pair Of Apartments With Subtle Pastel Accents

Pastel palettes are a great way to maintain the clarity of a minimalist interior without sacrificing the energy and expressiveness that color can provide. These two apartments both explore pastel color schemes in very different ways. The first home limits pastels to the living room and uses soft neutrals elsewhere, but the initial impression is huge. The second home uses pastels throughout, but in subtle ways that might be easy to overlook in the occasional presence of brighter tones. If you’re looking for interior color inspiration with a lighter touch, these two apartments just might offer up some ideas you can use for your next redesign.

Visualizer: Imade pastel  

Let’s start with an adorable 68 square meter apartment that creates a cool nautical feeling with ocean inspired pastel tones and cloud-gray neutrals, surfaces dotted with minimalist ceramic sculptures of sea life. Other decorative motifs include typography and travel-related prints – a style that expresses a snapshot of the resident’s varied interests.

Extensive windows reveal a sprawling city skyline. It’s an interesting contrast to the natural material theme used throughout the interior.

To keep things looking organized and clean without crossing over into minimalism, this home makes good use of built-in storage solutions that include plenty of shelves for display.

Cabinets near the entrance serve as a catch-all for decorative items, shoe storage, and presumably, cabinets for coats and other outerwear.

Without much room for extra furniture, the designer chose to make every piece count. This creative dining arrangement includes an iconic Hans Wegner Wishbone surrounded by Tom Kelley’s Salt Chair in white.

What a cozy little corner kitchen! While the lack of workspace might serve as a limitation, compact appliances and ample storage help to make the most of what surface area it does have.

Handle-free cabinets and drawers keep the aesthetic as simple as possible, an important distinction for such a compact kitchen design.

Now let’s check out one of the bedrooms, small but packed with functionality – complete with ample built-in cabinets and a cool little writing desk! Even the bed platform hides its own set of drawers.

The cabinets near the window double as a bench seat, a comfy place to read a book or enjoy a cup of tea. The side table near the bed is positioned just perfectly to serve both areas.

Small spaces like these can’t always accommodate bold decor without beginning to look a little cluttered. Thankfully, typography often serves as a reliable option. Inspirational messages are a great way to start the day.

The second bedroom relies on many of the same built-in techniques but with a different arrangement and with a mirrored vanity instead of a writing desk. There’s still tons of storage!

An extended platform makes the bed arrangement quite unique. More than three levels of storage keep things tidy and always within reach.

The window cabinets can double up as a bench seat in this bedroom, too! A nice touch considering the convenient bookshelf positioned next to the television.

Surprisingly spacious compared to the scale of the home, this bathroom maintains an open and bright atmosphere thanks to bright materials and shadow-eliminating lighting features.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

The second apartment in our tour takes a more subtle approach to the pastel theme, with touches of color hiding in the most unexpected places (like the interior of the sideboard cabinet shelves). Bold patterns and creative materials grab up more of the spotlight but the effect of the pastels shouldn’t be overlooked, especially as they relate to the important role of the houseplants.

Other sources of color come from the abundant plants and adorable planters that take full advantage of the sunlight that pours through the generous wall of windows at the end of the room.

Mixing and matching dining chairs is always a great way to transform ordinary furniture into a cool talking point. A unique dining pendant centers the arrangement.

The kitchen is enviably spacious and bursting with functionality. A central volume includes a neat breakfast nook, a wine rack, and plenty of storage for servingware and miscellanea.

A pair of geometric kitchen pendant lights adds a little extra illumination over the marble dining bar.

Rather than using ordinary wall hooks, things like aprons and hats instead hang from smooth circular pegs. It’s always nice to find utilitarian staples transformed into sources of decoration.

Before moving on to the private areas of the home, here’s another look at some of the indoor house plants that breathe life into the interior.

What a fabulous bedroom for the youngest resident! Playful animal decor adds tons of charisma. Unique kids night lights are so much fun – the rabbit night light is an especially clever addition.

The colors and patterns are so exciting. Pastel teal meets with shocking lemon yellow for energetic contrast. The way the wall paint angles toward the corner seems to make the room look larger.

And now for a look at the master bedroom. Convenient shelves stand near the doorway, separated from the rest of the space by a partial wall. Here, the decor is more eclectic to reflect the personal side of the resident.

Interestingly enough, this room uses the same color scheme as the child’s room. This time, muted blue tones and a calmer yellow demonstrate a more subdued attitude.

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