A Cute Vintage-Inspired House with Lots of Space for Kitties

With design trends leaning so far towards minimalism, obsessed with clean lines and mid-century modern furniture, it can be easy to forget just how cozy a home that has plenty of stuff can be. Having things like books, trinkets, and even coffee mugs for many people is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. Being surrounded by the things you love is an important and soothing part of having a home. The cozy house featured in this post, from the designers at The November with photos from Hey!Cheese Photography, has plenty of shelving and storage for all those lovely tchotchkes and even provides fun spaces for a few furry companions.

The entertainment center can be a trick beast. In a minimalist design, a television mounted to the wall and perhaps a narrow console would be enough.

But in this home, a large shelving unit acts as bookshelves, entertainment center, and stylish cat furniture all in one.

The natural wood unit has a country chic style to it while interior cat doors make it easy for the furry little friends to move through the various compartments safely.

Hidden hinges and portals mean that this beautiful shelving unit doesn’t look like a giant cat tree at first glance, only when you get a bit closer.

It’s really what goes onto the shelves in a home that makes them special, like a modern cuckoo clock, and lots of much loved books.

The patterns and colors used in this house give the design a bit of a vintage vibe, from a mustard gingham couch cover to some cute minty curtains.

As from these muted colors, things are kept fairly neutral with white and wood making up the majority of the interior.

The use of interior windows looking into the home office makes the space feel much bigger and allows more natural light into that room.

House plants scattered about are another cozy addition to this full space.

Those interior windows also open up, maximizing airflow and of course creating yet another perch for a curious cat.

The non-shelving furniture in the home is fairly sparse, but a beautiful dresser near the front door does have a mid-century feel to it.

Atop that dressed, indoor house plants add color and clean the air.

Overhead, a Boston Fern hangs down.

In the corridor, more shelving for a massive book collection.

The glass cover can slide over the shelves or act as a door for the office space, keeping those distracting kitties outside.

The interior windows are especially helpful for the office because the window in this room is quite small.

More shelving and some simple furniture make for an inspirational workspace.

Looking out into the living room, you can see another cat climbing apparatus tucked into what would otherwise look like a china cabinet.

A window seat offers some hidden storage and surely a nice sunny spot to curl up in.

The kitchen is fairly cozy in its design with a single cooktop and dining table that extends from the counter.

Simple, modern chairs hie away underneath the table when not in use while a mix of dark and light woods give the kitchen an eclectic, bohemian feel.

The overhead kitchen pendant lights are simple in their design, a more vintage take on track lighting.

Open shelving in the kitchen is another way to be constantly aware of the things you love and choose to keep.

A small exposed kitchen shelf creates a snug spot for plates and coffee mugs.

A single white kitchen bar stool is perfect for a quick cuppa. This pretty, modern version is the About a Stool by Hee Welling for Hay.

A patterned tile floor is a final vintage flourish in the kitchen design.

Moving into the private space, the bedroom is kept surprisingly simple with just a bed and a comfortable reading chair for furniture.

Natural wood cabinetry acts as a closet, but it is closed off from prying eyes and paws.

In place of bedside lamps,
vintage-inspired wall sconces flank the bed.

And no room in this house would be complete without a few books.

The bathroom is also an exercise in simplicity.

White walls and a slate gray tile floor, along with a glass-walled shower are all that’s needed.

A couple of small plants liven up the room and surely benefit from the humidity.

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