A Luxury Apartment with Comfortable Furniture and a Double Height Ceiling

Everyone wants more space. Minimalist apartment dwellers in NYC wish they had room for a dishwasher. Estate owners in the countryside wish they had the acreage for a tennis court. No matter where you are, you could probably use a little bit more room. But while we usually think of a square footage expanding outwards, sometimes it grows up. In this luxury apartment, it is the vaulted ceilings that give the home that expansive, luxury feelings. And it’s really like nothing else. Leaving plenty of room for unique light fixtures, stunning windows, and as much jumping up and down as you could stand, this apartment from KUOO Architects, is a testament to vertical space.

The main living area is where the vaulted ceiling really stuns. The modern sofas and even the flatscreen are dwarfed by the high ceiling.

This kind of ceiling is really the only things that could support these unique Vertigo pendants.

Indeed, from this lower angle, the living room does not have that much drama at all.

The unique coffee table stuffed with books and magazines, is just one indicator that this particular home does not subscribe to the minimalist aesthetic.

Instead, the design is not afraid to look lived in, useful, and full.

Adding even more drama to the vaulted ceiling is the spiral staircase, which must not go unmentioned.

The closed in design of the staircase might feel more claustrophobic were it not for the ceiling height, which adds so much volume to the surrounding room.

Moving into the dining room, a lower ceiling serves the purpose of creating intimacy.

The glass dining room pendant lights are their own focal point, different from the drama in the living room lights, but dramatic all the same.

The simple gray chairs and table allow those lights, along with the vines climbing the walls outside, to take the focus.

In a cozy little outdoor area next to the dining space, a comfortable reading chair is nestled up next to a fire pit. Perfect for relaxing with an aperitif.

Moving into more private areas, 4 poster beds like this one are always a bit of luxury.

On either side of this particular bedframe, bedroom pendant lights cast a warm glow.

A vanity with pretty pink dressing chair and a ring light is ideal for putting on makeup or shooting a YouTube tutorial.

A simple chaise lounge is also a comfy addition.

In a room fit for a teen, teal bedding and a smaller space work well.

The homework desk includes a simple desk chair and unobtrusive table lamps for maximum productivity.

Of course, that television at the foot of the bed means there are plenty of ways to procrastinate, too.

The modern, stylish version of a beanbag chair slumps up near the window and could surely support a sleepover or two.

The upholstered headboard is good for a bed that’s pushed up against the wall, offering a bit more comfort.

A narrow dressing area has its own ring lights and simple towel racks.

A deep tub looking out the window is definitely another item from the luxury checklist.

Reflective surfaces and lots of light make this bathroom seem a bit bigger, which is nice.

But truth be told, this is probably plenty of space for the lucky kid that gets this private space.

Simple wall shelves are a great way to display those books that you want everyone to know you have — whether or not you’ve actually read them.

Finally, we step out onto the veranda, where beautiful weather is bet enjoyed.

A unique geometric tent makes a perfect seating area, shaded from the sun.

Cozy chairs, lamps, and tiles create a truly welcoming and useable outdoor space to finish off this luxurious design.

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