A Modern Residence with Simple Details Outside of Moscow

While the luxury of Italian marble and antique oak can never quite be matched, the reality is that you do not need the most expensive materials to create a truly unique and stylish space. Instead, it is the way the materials fit and flow together that creates real luxury. This modern interior, made for a private residence outside of Moscow, is proof that even simple, inexpensive materials can create a beautiful home when used correctly. In this instance, of course, a few high-end furnishings don’t hurt either! This unique home was conceptualized by the architects at MOPS Architecture Studio with visualization by ONI Render.

The home’s open floor plan firmly establishes it as a modern space while floor-to-ceiling glass let in a huge amount of natural light. Unique plant stands that support year-round greenery can bring a bit of color and excitement to the home, even in the frigid Russian winters.

Creative paneling that opens up to reveal a television is not entirely unique in modern design, but the style here that mimics concrete gives the design an industrial warmth

With an open floor plan, it is critical to divide a space with flow and privacy in mind. Here, a partial wall separates one area of the home from another without disrupting the natural light.

Of course, a fireplace is required in a climate like this. The c-shaped design lets the flames be enjoyed from either side.

Luxury furnishings can make a tremendous difference in how a home feels. There is no question that this large white sectional would be ideal for sinking into after a long day.

When the sun goes down, so does the wonderful light that streams in through the large windows. Ultramodern track lighting keeps the living room livable at night time.

Pull up a mid-century style chair for a chat by the fire before dinner — or slip a book off of the centerpiece shelving for some quality alone time.

The living room certainly stays true to the clean lines of this space, with only a few carefully placed trinkets to add a bit of personality.

For more personality, move into the dining room where whimsical dining pendants sway over the table in a variety of playful shapes and colors.

A dividing wall can become a monolith if not properly treated. A large piece of daring artwork does the trick here.

What is a beautiful home without a space to revel with your guests. A long beautiful bar provides the perfect space for just that.

Careful going up and down these suspended steps — you wouldn’t want to track any mud on that pristine white.

No need to perch on a backless barstool at home, instead get cozy in the kitchen bar stools with bucket seats. The mismatched colors on the stools are the perfect subtle contrast to the grey kitchen interior.

More indoor plants adorn the master bedroom, which focuses in on a big comfy bed and cozy plush grey rug.

Built-in shelving can make any space feel a bit more upscale, as seen here underneath the television in the bedroom.

Buttery leather chairs give a pop of color and texture to an otherwise grey and white bedroom.

The bedroom should certainly be a place to relax and this one gives space to turn in, or to just tune out.

The brightest pop of color in the house comes in a shockingly green panel in the bathroom.

The green glass matches the indoor greenery while more natural light provides the best possible scenario for getting ready every morning.

Even the bright green feels subdued against the natural stone walls and wood flooring.

Architect: MOPS Architecture Studio  

His and hers mirrors are the only way to start the day in harmony.

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