A Spacious Moscow Home That Exudes Luxury

While minimalism may be the trendiest height of style, there is certainly something to be said for interiors that take a different tack. It turns out, you don’t have to choose just one or two pieces of art or even a single sofa to create a stylish, luxurious interior. This luxury home in Moscow, from the architects at Shamsudin Kerimov, clean lines are still in use but minimalism is nowhere to be found. Instead, elaborate columns, sweeping light fixtures, and plush, decadent furnishings make up this gorgeous home. The resulting home feels like the type of luxury you would see in the movies or on a soap opera, ready for a dramatic argument to break out at any time.

Walking into the home, which measures 800 square meters (8611 square feet), you are immediately struck by its expansive open floor plan.

The oversized space leaves plenty of room for an enormous sectional sofa and huge, round coffee table.

Every angle seems to piled with pillows or splashed with soft lighting, creating a large but cozy and inviting atmosphere.

In the main living area, one of the most notable features is the surprising glass columns.

A combination of creative design and lighting makes these pillars become artistic elements in their own right.

On top of that, the way that the checked design pattern works with the wood paneled ceiling has a decidedly chic contrast to it. Just check out the design of that fireplace!

The color palette throughout the main living area can only be described as “modern luxury.”

Heavy use of wood, glass, and marble puts a focus on natural grain and pattern rather than color and textiles.

Off of the living room is a large dining are with comfortable seating for 10 and decorative vases for an added element of sophistication.

Over the table dangle unique dining pendant lights, which are a worth alternative to a classic chandelier shape.

The mixed coloring of the modern dining chairs adds interest while the shapes in the dining room take on an Asian-inspired bent.

A single dining space is certainly not enough for a home of this size, which is why we have additional seating off the kitchen in a similar, if more subdued, style.

This area is not like most other breakfast nooks but it certainly has its charm, with the use of simple kitchen counter stools tucked under a marble countertop.

In fact, marble kitchen are a decidedly luxury choice that this design embraces fully.

Adhering to the idea of clean, if not minimalist, lines is this hypermodern chaise.

For more creative lighting we need look no further than this passageway with its overhead track lights.

Art is an important element of any luxury house and this one is no exception, which is why this spindly dog sculpture guards the doorway.

Unique staircase designs, like these floating steps flanked with glass, are just one more indulgent element that also serves an important purpose in this house.

Moving into the home’s private spaces, a large master bedroom includes bedroom pendant lights as well as a few pops of bright color that eluded us in the living room.

A private fireplace is a must in the cold Moscow winters.

The master bedroom also features a telescope, giving a nod to the subtle space decor in other areas of the home.

In the master bath, indoor planters add life to the marble countertop.

A round mirror and mustard yellow vanity stool are some of the most contemporary elements in this particular space.

Moving into another room, a dark wood paneled wall and comfortable reading chair create a relaxing space for its inhabitant.

Of course, no one says you can’t watch television from a reading chair.

Though there are plenty of books to choose from, too.

An oversized tub with a view of the surrounding woods is another luxurious retreat.

Indoor plants spilling out of their planters bring the forest even closer.

Even elements like a toilet paper holder are chosen for their contribution to luxury.

Few people could claim that their bathroom houses indoor plants as large as these.

Luxury is not without whimsy, which becomes quite clear moving into the child’s playroom.

From fairytale-inspired seating to faux grass and a pink bear, this room is practically another world.

The smaller bathrooms still use luxury materials even if they skimp a bit on other accessories.

A simple deep soaking tub is enough for most people.

In a darker bathroom, we can appreciate the use of a unique faucet, which is the Gecci Goccia ceiling faucet.

Rounding out the tour of this luxury home are beautiful private gyms…

…and a peek of the exterior.

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