A Unique Modern Renovation for a Young Family in Spain

Many families find that when they decide to grow, it’s also time for them to find a bigger house, leaving a couple house hunting and contemplating a big move while their next addition is already on the way. One couple in Madrid, who already had 3-year-old twins, found a better solution. The home featured here is a beautiful renovation from visualizer Mario Mimoso that combines the couple’s current two-bedroom house with the symmetrical house next door that happened to go up for sale before the couple’s third child was due. The result is 175 square meter (1883 square feet) house with plenty of room for a family of five and unified, modern design.

The couple that lives here is made up of an art gallery owner and a real estate agent, which means that each room needs to have an artistic flair, like unique floor lamp, and plenty of timeless features.

In the floorplan you can see how the renovation beautifully welds the two houses together, which already shared a yard.

In the main living area, a coffee table
and a coffee mug create a sleek, low level that matches up with the modern sofa.

Through the central fireplace, which divides what was previously two homes, you can see how the rooms perfectly mirror one another.

A mid-century inspired credenza and unique modern reading chair offer a comfortable nook for curling up with a book.

In the dining room, a decorative vase and a unique pitcher add a bit of simple elegance to the dining set up.

Scandinavian style chairs are a popular choice for modern homes but certainly have a timeless appeal.

Dining room pendant lights offer just the right amount of glow for a family meal or a festive dinner party.

If the living room is the public area of the house, the bedrooms are the private areas. The wood paneled kitchen, with its kitchen clock lays in between.

By having the kitchen between the public and private space, the design fosters a social, interactive family life.

Kitchen stools are the perfect solution for a quick breakfast for the kids that tuck away under the island bar when not in use.

Essential kitchen tools like cutting boards can be displayed comfortably on the counter for easy access.

The same goes for the Juicy Salif citrus squeezer in aluminum by Philippe Starck .

A unique sleek faucet is another essential kitchen tool in a space this beautiful.

The public area bathroom includes a bit of the tropics with artificial tropical leaves.

A bathroom may not need a bit picture window, but a sliver of sunlight is always nice.

The tropical prints definitely add a splash of fun against a mainly white design.

Hanging lights and a unique warped mirror have their own sense of whimsy, too.

A laundry room is a necessity in any household, but by hiding it away it is possible to forget about chores for a moment.

There is sure to be so much laundry with three young children that a single laundry basket would never do the job.

The simple mudroom includes a simple planter for some brightness as soon as you walk in.

In a single large bedroom for the twins, matching, adjoining kids’ beds are perched atop miniature walk-in closets.

The room is designed to make it easy for the whole family to spend time together, with plenty of play space in addition to the beds.

A central table is perfect for arts and crafts, and a bit of homework as the kids grow older.

Stylish but adorable kids decor adorns the walls in the form of animal portraits and cartoon mountaintops.

The baby’s nursery adjoins the master bedroom.

A convertible sofa and cute wall decals are perfect for those nights when the baby cannot manage to sleep alone.

Cool tones and dim lights are a perfect invitation for rest and relaxation.

Storage is also essential in any household, and this design makes sure it is cute.

A few well-chosen elements like this elegant balloon are better than a room full of toys.

The shared bath space is large and stylish while also embedding practical elements.

A marble-effect wall is luxurious and elegant while indoor plantings bring warmth and life.

An oversized tub is an absolute must with kids.

Both for the kids, and the parents.

Simple soap and lotion dispensers are highly practical.

The master bedroom has elements of zen that imbue the space with sophistication.

Bedside lamps are sleek in their gilded style, perfect for late-night reading and the occasional bedtime story.

The unique wall pattern is reflected in the master bath as well.

A simple porcelain sink completes the tour, in its modern, well-curated style.

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