Alluring Two-Story Family Apartment In Ukraine

This alluring 440 square metre two-story apartment, located in the downtown of Dnipro, Ukraine, was created with pleasure in mind. Each space inside the urban home, designed and visualised by Dezest Design, is an oasis where the owners can relax and rejuvenate from city life. Close knit family times are catered for here, but there is also focus on offering the four family members each their own moment of secluded relaxation. The home is a welcoming place for guests, with open plan living/entertaining spaces and plentiful mood lighting. Illumination of basic elements also contributes to the zoning in this home, along with effective multi level ceiling designs.

Calming colors meet wood texture in the modern living room, and in the decor throughout this modern luxe home. A sectional sofa arrangement is centred in the first living space, offering seating in every direction from which it can be approached. Ambient lighting glows around the ceiling line and along shelving at the back of the room. A floor lamp sheds brighter light over one end of the modern sofa design, creating a dedicated reading spot.

A modern fireplace blazes in the dining area of the home, flickering from a glass bed on top of a modern unit. Modern dining room pendant lights spread out at different heights across the contemporary dining table and chairs set.

The modern kitchen stands directly opposite the dining area, with its own casual dining spot set up along a marble topped peninsula. Four black kitchen bar stools line up solidly beneath the chunky countertop.

Darkened glass is used as an accent in many areas of the home design, used to attractively encase structural columns, or to form smoked glass doors and partitions.

The fluid transition of the hallway into the open living space is achieved by using the same wood effect panelling on all walls, plus a seamless continuation of the warm ambient lighting scheme.

A huge backlit mirror behind the entryway bench becomes almost an optical illusion; the glass reflects the panelling and shading of the wall opposite, causing the mirror to look like a recess in the wooden wall on which it hangs.

Up on the second floor of the apartment, a low bed design brings a large expanse of rich russet tone into a dark decor scheme. A monochrome rug is cleverly set to one side beneath the bed; its position strengthens the casual grouping of a bedside shelf, table and lamp arrangement, and offsets the weight of the extended bed frame on the opposite side.

The bedroom has a sleek reading nook around the corner. A small stone step builds a base for a sofa, with cushions laid directly on top. Recessed shelves store a modest selection of books and sentimental items.

The stone step continues along the remaining length of the bedroom and out through wooden doors. An LED strip is bedded in the base of the stone, both for effect and to alert to the change in floor level.

Bespoke closets fit wall to wall alongside the bed.

More stunning black stone is employed to floor a bathroom and fill a shower enclosure.

Gold faucets and fixtures bring luxe to the room.

Golden lighting adds dramatic effect.

This bedroom has its own adjoining lounge and workspace. An inspiring cityscape stretches out far and wide beyond large windows.

A wood clad column divides the workspace and lounge from the sleeping area of the room. A gorgeous modern 4 poster bed design stretches wide to accommodate an extended frame design that serves as a shelf for a bedside table lamp. Find more ideas for 4 poster beds here.

Dusky pink and blush tone elements colour the neutral canvas of the room.

Sheer white fabric swags across the modern 4 poster bed frame, creating a romantic yet simple canopy.

There is a dressing room attached to the suite, with a tinted glass wall. A dressing table stands inside the doorway.

The rails of clothing can be made out through the glass, though the tint takes down the brightness of the fabrics and pink vanity chair.

A floor hugging chair and a pouf or two arrange a conversational seating area.

A gold sleeve wraps the edge of the upholstered bed frame design to make a solid ledge.

Marble slabs create a dramatic backdrop inside of this bathroom design, where they encase the cistern wall and the wet zone.

A unique vessel basin stands tall on the vanity.

The modern tub crosses into the shower zone of the luxury bathroom, bridging the two floor levels.

Bespoke bathroom storage cabinets are built around the vanity, quietly stowing away all of the necessary noise.

Gold elements bring warmth.

The second living room is a multifunctional space where the kids can hang out away from the adults, or vice versa. Upholstered seating and a square coffee table take up the centre spot.

A TV wall stretches out opposite.

Wood grain creates horizontal stripe the length of the room.

There is coffee bar set up in the corner, so there’s no need to leave the den.

Another cosy bedroom design, sleek with wooden walls and darkened glass.

Indoor plants are a common theme in this home, breathing life into dark corners.

Wood and stone come together in natural elegance.

A wood desk chair sits by a stone desk design.

One more mysterious smoked and mirrored closet.

Large framed prints are propped at ground level around and about, building an unpretentious gallery.

This bathroom is a masterful space designed for two.

A white double sink bathroom vanity runs crisply across the textured wall.

Recessed light tracks cut into the stone.

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