Awesome Kids Rooms Where Fun And Style Merge

So, your kid has outgrown their babyish bedroom decor and has set you the head-scratching mission of creating an awesome new space for them. They want it to be a fun place to spend time in, and yes it is a great idea to incorporate a few elements that you know your child will enjoy, they’re only young once. However, since their bedroom is as much a part of your beloved home as is any other room, you would like it to have style too. Check out this collection of fun kid’s rooms with style to boot. It could be exactly the balance you’ve been searching for.

Visualizer: Monochrome Bureau  

It’s a great idea to future proof your child’s bedroom somewhat by designing a scheme that will grow with them, at least in part. Otherwise you might find yourself having to start all over again in just a couple of years time – if you’re lucky. This scheme easily transforms into a more mature space with the simple subtraction of toys.

The funky artwork and neon lighting would work just as well for a teenager or fun loving adult.

Colourful throws and cushions add a splash of young energy to a grown-up bed.

This bubble effect pendant light is both young and stylish.

Kids have homework from a young age these days, so incorporating a comfortable desk area into a kids room is a must.

Visualizer: Monochrome Bureau  

Quirky artwork brings child-friendly vibes into a bedroom scheme that is populated with adult style furniture pieces. A suspended fabric canopy provides an opportunity to create a private reading nook, make a cozy den or play at being on the stage.

Plenty of storage is also on the must-have list for a kids bedroom, whatever their age. First to house toys, then school books, fashion, games and sports equipment.

A unique bedside lamp provides light for bedtime reading.

This desk doubles as a dressing table with the addition of a round mirror above.

A subtle scattering of polkadots add a little whimsy to the painted headboard wall.

A textured rug is a fun way to define areas in a room.

Visualizer: Helena Samarin  

This nautical room decor would work brilliantly in a coastal home, or for any kid who dreams of heading off over the waves.

Every element of boating has been used as inspiration in this space: a crows nest corner shelf, rope ladder decoration overhead, a map mural, a lifebelt and set of knots as wall art, and decking as decor. Not to mention the boat bed itself.

A play area has been built over the storage units, where kids can climb up and imagine sailing the ocean.

A clever window covering has been fashioned as a sail, complete with mast and crows nest. The herringbone floor gives the impression of undulating waves below.

Visualizer: Andrey Korznyakov  

Our next kids room is a space decor scheme.

The wallpaper is a great balance of theme meets style, with star constellations doubling as a trendy geometric design.

The full height of the room has been utilized by installing storage over the bed.

Visualizer: Michel Leyraud  

This bedroom is a striking contemporary scheme with elements of the child’s interest added to make it more personal. In this case, photography and accessories related to extreme sports sets the young tone.

An arrangement of aquamarine storage units provide a hit of energy to the decor palette. The vivid color sings against a smooth walnut wall.

A splash of star wars home decor can be found here too.

Visualizer: Yudin and Novikov Studio  

This girls bedroom is like a woodland fairytale, complete with tree shaped storage. The legs on the desk chair even look like branches.

A window seat is a sweet spot on which to read, draw, chat or daydream.

A forest of tree shelving spans one wall, complimented by delicate bird decor that is beautiful enough to cheer any part of the home.

A princess castle bed holds stacks of storage, including inside the stairs leading up to a top bunk.

Grown-up wardrobes allow for plenty of space for growing up.

A large dressing mirror encourages pride in appearance as well as bouncing light around the space.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

This minty fresh decor scheme could work for a young girl or a boy, a grown woman or man. The only elements of child decor are the soft toys. A quirky unique floor lamp lights up a beanbag chair, creating a cozy reading place.

The small elements of owl decor continue over at the study area, where two flapping desk mascots perch. The wooden table lamp is a stylish touch suited to the young or the fully-grown.

A turquoise armed wall sconce by the bedside matches the floor lamp by the window.

The doors of the wardrobes and storage cupboards have been designed in such a way that they appear more as modern wall decor.

Visualizer: Alina Zastavna  

Again in this space, rather than the doors of the wardrobe appearing only as functional or kept plain in an attempt to blend into the background, they are made bold to form part of the decor.

Soft lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling illuminates the wall covering.

A bubble seat suspended from the ceiling makes a lovely reading swing in this kid’s decor scheme.

An avid reader can be encouraged with the installation of wall shelves for their growing collection.

This biscuit and lemon color scheme is warm and happy for a childhood room and also subtle enough to grow with the child.

A whimsical line of hopping bunnies add a fun element.

The Magis Puppy Chair makes an amusing seat… and a pet!

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