Black, White and Patterns Steal the Show In This Scandinavian-Style Apartment

Want a home in monochrome? This stylish Scandinavian interior by Nordico blends light and bright spaces with a black, white and patterned palette. Interspersed by pops of beige, wood and greenery, its open plan living area, out-of-a-magazine kids bedroom and clever corridors do what Scandinavian spaces do best – make style seem effortless, and messy spaces look crafted. Inject fun into your kitchen, using geometric tiling. Add colour to the kids’ room, with a beige diamond wall. Extend your lounge, dining and cooking areas, with a wooden bookshelf separating all three. Peer through the relaxed design lens of this apartment for inspiration.

Opening up to a beige modern sofa, white stripes couch cushions, a grey rug, and the all-white chiffon curtaining and walls, providing a sense of the breezy. Lining the corners of floating cabinets, a framed block abstract and plant stand legs, black rises early with white to join the party.

Edging back from the lounge, gold-rimmed dining room pendant lights reveal quarters of themselves to illuminate the table. Using the same wood as the lounge’s chairs, it holds a sprig of florals on navy, while a Swiss cheese plant introduces greenery.

Prefer a bit more dining privacy? A mid-wooden bookshelf shows off flattened stones, headphones and vases, while peek-through holes ensure the space remains fluid and open.

A pan further to the right reveals a tiled wall in monochrome, the border art for the kitchen. Two round coffee tables in black and white continue the theme, while their stencilled metallic legs add a touch of glitz. On closer inspection, the lounge’s Scandinavian style chair is an experiment in the circular, a hidden tie-in to the tables and semi-circles in the tiling.

Showing geometric forms in block cabinets, circular tables and a rectangular rug, the lounge punctuates its look with indoor house plants set in stone.

Lit by a single idea bulb, a Fiddle Leaf Fig waves goodbye to visitors before a minimalist, muted-hue hallway. A few wood logs inject the rustic.

The bookcase plays an active part in the home’s design. With a back to the wall, its 12 free spaces support leaning print decorations for the dining. Pushing forward to the room’s centre, it separates the adults in the dining room and kids in the lounge – whilst allowing a parent’s watchful eye.

Gifted the spotlight by light flooring and white walls, the accessories in the bookcase do all the talking. Three similar prints create a design theme. Geometric vases and wooden ornaments create items of interest, while more luxurious high-end headphones finally find a home. Woven baskets hide items not worthy of display, while a couple of wine glasses make a cheers to the collection.

Beside the doorway, more geometric features catch the eye. Lit-up above a monochrome piano, a series of crosses make a patch on the wall. A wood and black piano stool provides a place to view.

Moving closer to the door, a bronzed Kubus Bowl makes another shape, one almost reflected in the cabinet’s handles. Black and white tiling from the kitchen links to the piano, as does another bowl in white blending into its surface.

Looking from the lounge, the entrance takes on more dimensions. Japanese-style stencils create windows to the side, framing a white door. A light grate above makes an interesting frame, while to the right, another long stool and hanging oval provide a place to check visages.

Bathed in Scandinavian styling from top to toe, the kitchen welcomes with a ceiling-suspended shelf, classic white tiling and hanging planters voluptuous with greenery.

Stepping back from the bench, the kitchen’s design makes a bolder statement. Extending from the lounge, geometric tiling creates a sense of fun in the monochrome theme. A set of three kitchen pendant lights mark the spot for cooking, while a back wall of tiling references the entrance.

As the day turns dark, the kitchen’s pendants and entrance cubby lights show new assets in the interior.

Led on by another light, the hallway to the bedroom remains white and bright. A Monstera leaf art print adds the artistic to two bronze-cupped ferns.

To the right of our unique plant stands are more Scandinavian treats. A distressed moving wardrobe hosts a cardigan and moss. A matching piano stool and wicker basket cue back to the main space.

The entrance wallpaper strikes again in the bedroom, a relaxed affair with geometric bedding detail. White diamond wall sconces light up the piano’s pot plant on the table beside.

Using blue, white and grey as special colourings, the look of the bedroom remains effortless. Its white walls and light wooden flooring allow migration of accessories around the room. Connecting stripes on the bedspread ensure new hues add to the look, rather than subtract.

Another Scandinavian space, the kids’ bedroom makes a statement with a beige diamond wall, scattering of patterned cushions and unique floor lamp in teal. As two framed illustrations either side of a pendant draw the eye, the Grasshopper floor lamp looks away from a mini white clothes rack, perfect for a child.

As white chiffon curtains open out to the sky, the light-wooden floor allows space for play time. A round beige mat holds polka dots and a mini tent. Statement wallpaper holds a cork board, desk and chair, a cute combination that grows with the child.

Rabbit themes add character to the room, in a cubbied book and monochrome drawing, as bunny kids’ night lights glow in the corner. Loud ornaments, bold shelves and plant holders tie the patterned cushions in.

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