Colouring a Happy Modern Home In The UAE

Ever changing colours decorate the rooms of this 480 square metre private residence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visualised by Ugo Concept. This is a warm and welcoming family home with a multitude of inspiration for kids’ rooms, both shared and single. There is also a plethora of stylish lounge spaces in practical proportions that could be applied to all sorts of living rooms, big or small. Curated collections of colourful pieces enrich and enliven pale grey and white decor schemes, without becoming overpowering or distracting. See how these colour palettes hit the mark just perfectly, achieving an inviting balance between calming and creative.

Green accent chairs are joined by colour matched scatter cushions in this cool grey and white based living room scheme. The green accents uplift the neutral surroundings with a natural energy.

Earthy brown accents tone down a second lounge area situated directly adjacent to the first. Coral floral artwork adds a brighter pop to a focal wall.

Black glass round coffee tables dot the centres of the sitting areas, under a stack of coffee table books. A piece of black and white artwork echoes the dark circular motif.

A slatted console table toys with the light from floor to ceiling windows.

Dining room pendant lights have been grouped along the length of a formal dining set to make a floating sculptural feature. Sage dining chairs meld softly with the green garden view.

There is a second dining area in the home that makes up part of the luxury kitchen. Four designer dining chairs pull up at a square dining table extension that’s tagged onto the side of the kitchen island. Pale grey units furnish the rest of the large space in an L-shaped arrangement.

A long linear suspension light crosses the length of the kitchen island and dining table combo.

A cosy TV room employs a plush blue sofa to give the neutral grey and white scheme a colourful splash. A small yellow ochre pouf adds a small moment of bold contrast.

The floating TV stand displays a collection of decorative vases and a mini book library.

In this sunny yellow accent lounge space, the TV stand includes a fun yellow bookcase to shake up the arrangement. A yellow lounge chair has been placed beside it to exaggerate the colourful effect.

Landmark art prints give the space a holiday vibe, conjuring memories of trips gone by, and sparking plans for future adventures.

Contemporary slatted panels front storage cabinets in the home office, which bridge a small sofa behind the desk.

The sunburst spokes of a mid century modern clock rise beside a stylish contemporary desk design, which has a set of floating drawers situated underneath. An Eames bird lives on a wall shelf above the computer monitor, which houses a ribbon of LED illumination on its underside.

More LED strips brighten an enclosed staircase design and its banister.

In the master suite, modern bedroom chairs and a matching footstool add a warm buttery yellow touch.

A golden Atollo lamp complements the chairs’ yellow tones.

A designer table lamp makes a tasteful addition to a sophisticated bedroom workspace.

The small ensuite toilet has been decorated with a continuation of the master bedroom’s wood slatted finish, along with some chic marbled grey tiles.

A neat storage space under the bathroom sink stows away the toilet rolls.

The house has a shared kids room with a cheerful yellow and green palette.

Twin yellow beds are bridged by a long modern wall sconce. See more great ideas for stylish shared kids’ rooms.

At the foot of the twin beds, a double workspace stretches the width of the room. Desk drawers are situated dead centre to evenly divide the area, and a shared shelf makes use of the wall space. Superhero art and inspirational quotes make cute kids’ decor.

The kids’ bathroom is splashed with more fun yellow touches that are sure to get them wide awake and energised for school.

A pegboard wall makes a practical choice for a kids bathroom because the moveable robe hooks can be height adjusted as children grow.

Green shelves add subtle moments of contrast.

This shared pink bedroom is a whimsical space, where a flock of birds soar over a glowing moon.

Pale pink closets are softly lit by recessed perimeter lights.

Pink art prints, a pink wall shelf and a pink table lamp complement the pink and white kids desk.

Modern bathroom vanity lights highlight pink grout in the girls’ bathroom.

A pink pegboard wall makes another great bathroom robe rack.

A smart bed runner, accent cushion, two hourglass bedsides and a matching area rug make a calm sea of blue in the centre of this crisp double bedroom design.

The bedroom door and surrounding wall space have been painted solid blue to fashion a small entryway.

Blue slats texture a statement wall behind the kid’s workspace. A grey swivel chair makes a cool addition, whilst a brown floating drawer unit brings earthy heat.

Blue and pink accents make sweet contrast in the ensuite bathroom.

Blue grout defines the vertical format of plain white wall tiles.

Moody black and white photographic prints give the powder room sophisticated vibes. A vase of fronds brings the subject of a palm tree picture to life.

In this house of many bathrooms, another wash space doubles its use with a stylish double vanity unit. Matt white faucets make a contemporary addition.

A wall hung toilet and bidet set are mounted onto mirrored panels, which vastly increases the sense of space and light in the bathroom. A tower of recessed shelving is backlit as a decorative and practical feature.

Frameless shower screens keep the look clean and uncluttered.

Large horizontal tiles accentuate the linear profile of the bathtub.

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