Confident Black, White & Yellow Interiors For Young Professionals

Black, white and bright yellow accent interiors send out a confident message; these are spaces that belong to the youthful, the positive-minded and the bold. Here, we are looking at three compact modern apartment designs that have been created with young professionals in mind. These are simple but effective interiors with pared back furniture and eye-catching colour blocking. An emphasis on texture prevents the minimalist black and white based living spaces from appearing bland or monotonous, whilst the continuous yellow colour thread sews each area of the home together as one tight tapestry. The upbeat infusions add warmth even where there is no sunshine, and quirky interest to shake off convention.

Designer: White Interior Design  
Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

A solid yellow modern sofa carries a comfortable slouched aesthetic into crisp white surroundings, where ribbed gypsum wall panels meet a floor of mosaic effect tiles.

The compact open concept brings together the lounge, dining space and kitchen.

Despite the small size of the lounge area, the colour-blocked yellow sofa upholstery gives the zone a bold presence within the open plan.

A neat oval coffee table allows easy flow of footfall down the centre of the room. Its white finish melds quietly with the predominantly white decor

A post television mount allows the TV screen to be rotated, which provides an optimal viewing angle from each of the three living zones.

The TV set also provides a partial partition wall of sorts, which creates a defined entryway into the living space.

A bright yellow shelf and storage unit clearly establishes the dining area as its own distinct nook in the open room. Three black modern dining chairs encircle the small dining table with dark contrast.

Clean white dining room cabinets stow away seasonal serving items, water pitchers and glass tumblers.

A bank of full-height black kitchen units form dramatic housing for large appliances, whilst white upper cabinets lighten the rest of the head space. A black and white kitchen peninsula cleanly cuts the culinary area off from the rest of the room. See more inspiration for black and white kitchens here.

A characterful Eames bird watches over the food prep.

Decorative vases carry a dash of fresh greenery into the home palette.

As we move into the bedroom, a modern wall sconce warmly lights our way from above a chic round bedside table. See more ideas for modern wall sconces.

An Eames bird friend visits the other side of the bed, under a matching wall sconce.

Yellow curtains bring the colour theme into the bedroom. A white perforated aluminium panel is utilised to lightly screen off a dressing table area next to the closets. An illuminated vanity mirror creates a glow through the coated metal sheet.

In the entryway, more yellow shelf and storage units make a bright statement against a jet black wall treatment.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Our second tour takes us to Łódź, Poland, where a small house interior comes alive with acid yellow infusions. A contemporary tufted sofa stretches the fun accent colour across the heart of the living room, causing pure white and lightest grey surroundings to pale away.

Small side tables cut solid white silhouettes into the glaring yellow upholstery.

A black linear suspension light cuts into the white backdrop, defining a dining area behind the sofa.

An L-shaped kitchen holds a sleek line around the modern dining set.

Black wall units and a black backsplash bring weight to the white kitchen. A stainless steel kitchen tap puts a shine on the minimalist monochrome arrangement.

Over on the TV wall, a recessed shelf is emphasised with a black finish that creates parallel cohesivity with the dining room’s black linear light fixture.

Visualizer: Lauri Brothers  

Our final home design sees the most indulgent use of the yellow colourway, with colour-blocked borders wrapping the living room. A cheerful yellow rug extends the accent colour into the core of the space. A black accent cushion pulls together with a stylish black floor lamp to establish one end of the sofa as a reading corner.

The sectional sofa is arranged into a two sided formation. One side of the seating is directed toward the living room TV wall, whilst the other is engaged in a conversational grouping with a hanging chair.

In this alternative visualisation, the floor lamp is swapped out for a space saving modern wall sconce.

Quirky wall art brings a touch of humour to the upbeat decor scheme.

Concrete kitchen walls are partially exposed to fashion a laid-back industrial aesthetic. A modern wall sconce arranges a hanging light feature over the small kitchen peninsula.

Yellow interior doors and yellow trimmed storage cabinets draw the energised accent colour from floor to ceiling.

A rustic entryway table and shoe rack look at home against a rugged raw brick feature wall. Crisp white garment rails descend from ceiling mounts to hang coats by the front door.

KItchen wall cabinets sport yellow painted frames and industrial metal siding. Simple wood effect base units balance out the bolder notes.

White kitchen handles make an unexpected addition.

A wine storage unit doubles as a handy coffee bar–a perfect combo for fuelling the long days and late nights of young professionals.

A dazzling chevron print wall patterns the bedroom headboard wall, behind a soft and cosy upholstered bed frame.

By the window, a bedroom workspace makes use of the natural light.

Closet doors are raised several inches off the floor, leaving a full yellow frame all the way around.

Geometric wireframe pendant lights add a yellow gold accent to the desk area.

A large black ceiling light balances out the wall mounted TV screen.

As pause from the yellow colour thread, dark green cabinet doors colour a nook beneath the bathroom sink.

A green to white gradient transitions down the bathroom walls.

Basic white bathroom tiles box in the bathtub and clad the cistern wall.

Boxes of light scatter across a unique bathroom feature wall, like a tiny cityscape.

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