Decorating With Light: 3 Dark Interiors With Inspirational Home Lighting

Atmospheric LED ribbons, beautiful backlit mirrors, some unique wall lamps and one extraordinary giant pendant light serve as the bright and shining focal points of these three dark and dramatic modern home interiors. These spotlights bring forth the subtleties of texture, silhouette and reflection from the deep shadows, and sculpt radiant defining outlines. Come with us as we discover dark decor inspiration in the shadowy recesses and sleek expanses of stylish black kitchen installations and their dining spaces, dark bathroom designs, chic monochrome master bedrooms with luxury closets, and black and grey living room layouts that are brought to life with flourishing indoor plants and cosy home comforts.

Visualizer: Abbas Abbasov  

In Baku, Azerbaijan, this darkly insulated modern home design comes alive with electric blue sparks and indoor greenery. A sectional modular sofa cuts through the centre of the open plan layout to define the lounge from the kitchen and dining areas.

A black rug and small side table complete the all black lounge arrangement. A black vertical radiator darkens the grey wall.

Indoor plants nestle under the window, drawing the eye around from the sofa and onto an illuminated TV wall.

A granite TV stand sets down a luxurious base beneath a wood effect floating TV mount.

LED ribbons outline the edge of the TV mount, creating a warm atmospheric glow.

Perimeter lighting takes the glow to the ceiling line. A laser cut initial, backlighting and textured tile creates a commanding art wall.

Colour coordinated throw pillows deepen comfort level on the modern sofa without disrupting the hushed aesthetic.

A modern floor lamp highlights the transition point of the living room dining room combo.

A bell wicker pendant pools light onto a glossy marble round pedestal dining table. The natural shade forms a delicate contrast of colour with the darkly decorated surroundings and plush blue cushioned dining chairs. Modern wall art spills the blue accent onto a moody grey dining room wall.

Concrete screed spreads the industrial look across the dining room floor.

Visualizer: 4Balance design  

Next, we come to a sleek black and grey apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. A low-line modern sofa slides a linear silhouette over a textured charcoal rug in the lounge, whilst a black kitchen is raised to the illuminated roof line behind.

Two side tables stamp black accents onto the grey area rug.

Oversized window blinds overlap the edges of the window frames and extend to the floor to create a softly diffused natural light source.

Golden light crowns the grey TV wall, and washes highlights over two columns of floating bookshelves.

A linear light fixture burns brightly above a concrete home entryway. Grey hallway closets seamlessly merge into a the grey kitchen design

A huge decorative wall mirror shines a ring of light onto the entryway. A circular pouf echoes the mirror’s round outline.

Raw concrete makes a textured ceiling in the foyer area, whilst a dropped ceiling installation establishes a slick black cover over the living room. LEDs cut a sharp defining edge around the recess.

A unique floating volume pushes forth from one wall of the L-shaped kitchen area, whilst the rest of the cabinet space is set back secretly inside of the walls.

Another ring of light creates a fabulous bright burning visual through the bedroom doorway.

The impressive wall lamp circles the deeply cushioned headboard of a comfy modern platform bed, and provides practical reading light. A floor lamp has been picked up onto a low unit to illuminate the opposite side of the bed, and to balance out the height of the enormous ring light.

A home workspace is set up by the window, where another edge-to-edge window blind creates a pale haze.

The unique desk design cuts around a concrete planter, which brings a burst of light to the shadowy decor.

Mirrored panels draw a reflective backdrop behind the open plan closet, which double the light effects in the room.

In contrast to the bedroom’s warm golden lights, the closet is a cool display of ice white LEDs.

Cool white LEDs better emulate natural light, which helps in making clothing selections for the day. In this scenario, it also helps to zone the closet area from the rest of the bedroom.

Monochrome decor sets a tranquil tone inside the bathroom. A mini pendant light hangs a simple spotlight over a unique bathroom sink, whilst a small illuminated mirror makes an eclipse above a slimline toiletries shelf.

Dark wood effect panelling boxes in the plumbing for a minimalist wall hung toilet and bidet set.

A matte black flush plate camouflages with the dark backdrop.

Textured walls glisten under the cool white perimeter glow.

Finally, we come to an extraordinary home design that unfolds beneath the canopy of an enormous colour changing pendant light.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Natural light is dampened by absorbing matt black interior walls.

A modular white sofa becomes a canvas for colour change underneath the great parachute of illumination.

Outside the parachute of light, room details fall into the darkness.

A square coffee table brings a patch of shadow to the centre of the cream living room rug.

Golden decorative vases lustre in the pendant’s radiance.

Only the white keys of the baby grand piano announce its presence in the shaded room corner.

A majestic bonsai tree brings the garden into the living room.

Fiery red artwork crackles down the dark hallway.

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