Decorative Vs Minimalist: Two Homes Under 50 Sqm (With Floor Plans)

In exploring inspirational homes under 50 square metres, we’re going to submerge in two very different stylistic approaches. Our first apartment tour is a highly decorative neoclassical interior, revelling in the frills of classical boiserie, curious sculptural art, custom metalwork panels & doors and luxe marble statement walls. In stark contrast, the second half of our study takes place in a home design that is sprung from a minimalist mindset. Furniture is sparse, leaving negative space to say more than the sum of contents, and storage is a hidden commodity. Follow along to the end of each apartment tour to see the detailed floor plan.

Visualizer: Artimitro Interiors  

Decorative boiserie bestows classical elegance upon our first inspirational home interior, which measures in at 48 square metres.

White paintwork and glass surfaces help reflect the natural light from the lounge window all the way to the back of the open plan. A pair of mirrored square coffee tables reflect the rug design to create the illusion of unobstructed space.

Mixed scatter cushions create added interest over a modern grey sofa. Marble slabs around the window add a luxury element to the living room.

A tinted glass wall reveals a glimpse of the walk-in wardrobe, which is accessed just beyond a unique lattice pocket door that gives entry to the bedroom. A black TV stand complements the neighbouring wardrobe’s dark aesthetic.

A black soffit draws zoning above the entryway to the bedroom, its adjoined glass wardrobe and the adjacent home entryway. Recessed spotlights pierce the ceiling above the bedroom walkway, whilst an LED ribbon draws a bright baseline.

In dark reflection with the black soffit, the floor of the home entryway changes from mellow light grey laminate to a hardy black marble tile. Floor to ceiling mirrors swell the perception of space and natural light.

Where natural light falls a little short at the back of the kitchen area, white cabinets have been swapped out for shadowy grey counterparts.

A modern linear suspension light drops low over a rectangle dining table peninsula, lightly dividing the long room plan into two distinct zones.

In conjunction with the change in floor covering, a small cube pouf marks a subtle visual stop between the kitchen and the home entryway.

An unexpected array of hand sculptures create a peculiar display across the top of the kitchen wall cabinets, each one elaborately framed by a decorative boiserie panel.

Inside the bedroom, the striped base of the platform bed introduces a slender block of pattern to a modest grey and white decor scheme.

Slimline bedroom pendant lights call attention to a marble clad window wall, where a custom vanity table/desk has been fashioned across the sill. A modern wall sconce bends reading light around the headboard of the bed.

Latticework breaks up the TV wall, and creates a matching element with the bedroom pocket door.

Another metalwork door closes across the ensuite, which is the only bathroom in the one bed apartment.

An elongated storage unit makes an unusual bedside cabinet design, spanning the space beneath the modern wall sconce and under the perpendicular vanity/workspace.

A black metalwork desk chair ties in with the decorative black lattice door and wall panels.

Heavy drapes draw privacy across the bathroom’s perforated walls.

An unusual cylindrical unit serves at the other side of the bed. A full length mirror doubles the light from a designer bedside table lamp.

A chic decorative tray and matching makeup mirror stylishly match the marble feature wall.

Geometric tiles pattern the ensuite shower space design.

A shower shelf is morphed in one continuous line with the vanity unit.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Vera Babaeva  

Our second featured interior is a 42.87 square metre home in Kyiv, Ukraine, executed in a minimalist style.

The interior design focuses on the negative space, on natural light, contrasting colors, materials and textures.

Glass supports help the small dining table to sit lightly in the minimalist layout…

… Views of the cityscape pass right on through.

A wine storage unit becomes the focal point in a wall of simple white kitchen units.

White wall panelling balances out the clean kitchen aesthetic around the dining area.

A copper kitchen backsplash colours the other side of the L-shaped arrangement, and expands as a warm textural statement behind the cosy modern couch.

Inside the bedroom, a bespoke floor bed and elongated headboard design dominate the space. Eye-catching bedroom lighting
choices accessorise integrated bedside shelves.

An LED strip across the headboard reflects in the glass wardrobe, causing a faux continuation.

A black and white photographic print makes an artistic pairing with the Oda style lamp. Originals are available here.

A simple pale blue bed runner lifts the monochrome decor scheme.

Over by the window, a scatter cushion adds a matching pop of light blue to a comfortable bedroom chair.

The bedroom chair is actually a matching piece for the living room sofa, which allows furniture to be moved and repurposed to suit company and occasion.

A tinted mirror has been mounted behind the bathroom sink to create a free-floating effect.

A black towel heater smartly utilises wall space at the end of a large shower enclosure.

The wall behind the floating toilet is much more than basic cistern concealment…

… The wall panels open up a cohesive laundry system and useful bathroom storage.

Floor plan.

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