Eastern Influenced Minimalist Interiors In Shades Of Grey and Green

Think Shōji doors and screens, rock gardens and bonsai trees, and you’ll be taken down the beautiful path of Asian inspired interiors. Eastern influenced decor works melodically with a modern minimalist vibe, to create homes that feel peaceful, centred, clean and clear. An affinity with nature shines through in this style of home interior too, where natural greenery plays a vital role. Raw timber and stone expand the natural colour and texture palette, and build contrast between the warm and cool ends of the spectrum. Today we’ll visit three fresh examples of Eastern influenced home design that explore modest use of traditional Asian home aesthetics, adding just a dash of culture to modern minimalist rooms.

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Our first living room is styled with a pale stone grey modern sofa and a complementary chair. The furniture stands on wooden legs so as to enhance the natural vibe of the room. Furniture on legs also increases viewable floor area, and therefore makes the room look bigger and airy.

Typographical Asian art decorates the plain white living room wall.

Large indoor plants grow around and about the seating. Glass walls flank either side of the TV wall, putting a home office on display to the lounge.

The living room opens up to a white kitchen diner at the other end.

The lounge chair has sleek Eastern influence in its swooping silhouette.

Over by the kitchen diner, grey floor tiles break away to make a home for a tiny rock garden with a beautiful bonsai tree.

The pebbled bed stretches away from the miniature garden, speckling a border along the base of some units. A linear cutaway is made in the backing of the units as a decorative feature, lined with natural wood tone and warmly lit. The attention attracting recess draws a guiding line to the tiny enchanting tree.

Stone planters and decorative vases put grey accents across the open plan.

Moving into the heart of the kitchen, modern dining chairs line up along a wood topped dining table. The two white dining room pendant lights are understated in their design, keeping the area simple and modest.

A stone effect pitcher joins the vases in the centrepiece of the table, keeping the decor natural and cohesive.

The dining table butts up against a kitchen peninsula. Wood effect base cabinets draw around it. White countertops provide a clean crisp finish.

The dining room art piece brings some of the rock garden to the wall, with different sized pebbles spaced at even intervals.

Lighting causes shadows to fall around the pebbles, changing the nature of the art.

Wood panels wrap the wall of the living room, breaking up a cold expanse of white.

Huge windows bring sunlight flooding in. A reading area is set up in prime position for the light–and to take in the view.

Fitted furniture fills the home office. Custom cabinetry forms the work desk, bookshelves and a daybed out of wood,

White units provide a larger amount of storage above and around the home workspace.

Visualizer: Ngoc Thuy  

Our next tour is a Japanese home with a more limited dimensions. The main room is fully equipped with a lounge, kitchen and dining area, but smart furniture choices have had to be made to prevent each zone from infringing on the next. A tiny round coffee table serves an armless two-seater sofa, and an ottoman acts as a low level room divider with the adjacent kitchen diner.

A decorative vase with cherry blossom makes a big impact on the small coffee table.

A unique ceiling fan oscillates above the lounge, keeping the air moving through the open plan.

Opposite the sofa, a modern staircase rises behind the TV cabinet.

On the wall next to the stairs, unique wall shelves have been staggered to imitate their ascent.
Indoor plants fill the trio of shelves, and two more plant stands adorn the units below.

Hanging planters drop alongside globe pendant lights in the dining area.

Grey and wood dining chairs flank the wood dining table. The wooden sides of the kitchen island seem to rise out of the wood grain floor.

SImple white, wood and pale grey decor makes up a modest bathroom, where two different sizes of wall tile build a little more visual interest.

Visualizer: K8 Workshop  

Concrete walls and ceiling add raw modernity to our third Eastern inspired home interior.

A floor to ceiling window allows the view to be enjoyed from the low position of the Zabuton cushions around a traditional Kotatsu table.

Shōji screens decoratively divide the living room from the hallway of the home.

A swing arm wall lamp lights an electric piano in the entryway to the living room.

Wood effect doors and wall panelling line the dressing area of the first bedroom.

Storage drawers utilise the base block of the platform bed design, which is a custom built piece that merges with more storage units at its foot.

Glass doors merge this bedroom with the open plan living room–though privacy curtains can be drawn when desired.

The second minimalist bedroom is as devoid of decoration as the first, but again, woodtone brings beauty.

A projector is aimed at the blank white wall, for movies in bed.

Grey tiles back a walk in shower enclosure, and flood out across the floor.

A white stone vanity shelf looks sleek and solid.

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