Enriching 160 Sqm Interiors With Brown, Red & Rust Accents (Plus Floor Plans)

Brown, red and rust coloured accents bring warmth and welcoming vibes to these two modern home interiors, each measuring 160 square metres. The vibrant accent pieces take the interiors from a neutral mix of plain white, grey and wood tone, to an enriched colour story that’s packed with homey atmosphere and on trend tones. We also get to enjoy a whole host of modern designer furniture inspiration, beautiful living room designs, sleek kitchens with elegant modern dining areas, chic bedroom ideas and stylish home office spaces. We’ve also included the floor plans at the end of each tour to dial you in on the details.

Visualizer: Sasha Hamolin Architects  

Our first 160 square metre home design, located in Minsk. Belarus, begins with a neutral lounge area and an extraordinary modern sofa design. The bold black modular piece sits low onto a light textured rug, which creates interesting contrast.

In front of the modern sofa, a round coffee table rests gently with the rug’s natural colourway.

Bleached oak flooring lays a light reflective base across the open plan lounge, which is matched by the kitchen’s smooth aesthetic.

Rust coloured tiles fill the focal wall of the living room, warmly disrupting to the cooler neutrals.

Bookcases line the walls of a light and airy reading nook by the window. A modern chaise lounge offers an irresistibly welcoming spot to lose a few hours submerged in the pages.

A contemporary floor lamp provides the chaise lounge chair with light after dark, whilst a small side table serves up drinks and snacks.

Concealing kitchen doors help create a minimalist dining room scheme.

When the kitchen doors are drawn back, a red-brown heart is exposed within. Extra tall wall units provide valuable storage in the small kitchen setup, and rust coloured tiles clad the short backsplash.

Graceful white dining room pendant lights float as a pair over the modern rectangle dining table; a spray of white florals complements their elegance in the table centrepiece.

A linear pendant light illuminates a kitchen island in the space behind the modern dining set. Black kitchen bar stools match with the stark black dining chairs to create cohesion between the two spaces.

Rust colour tiles bleed into the connecting hallway of the home, threading the living room’s accent colour all the way up to the bedroom doorway.

Inside the bedroom, a grey bed set melds with a soft grey platform bed, putty grey walls and a textured grey rug.

A black swing arm wall lamp strikes darkly across the putty grey paint, carrying light to the centre of the bed in place of a main pendant lighting fixture. Light wood bedside units carry on the floor’s colour story.

A freestanding bathtub rests at the foot of the bed, looking out over far reaching views.

The master bedroom suite is entered via a spacious home office. Light wood grain cabinets are wall mounted in weightless floating effect.

A minimalist workspace crosses the window wall, furnished with a modern rust desk, contrasting black swivel chair and a stylish black desk lamp.

Rust colour cabinets enliven the neutral stone bathroom interior, in the form of a sleek modern bathroom vanity. A matte black faucet adds a final contemporary touch.

The floor plan illustrates a large walk-in wardrobe in the master suite, which separates the bedroom from its home office space.

Designer: Mykhalikha Architectural Bureau  
Visualizer: Tanya Poberezhnik  

Our second 160 square metre apartment design lands us in Lviv, Ukraine. A decidedly cosier abode, this homey interior features a welcoming living space with a tonal palette of brown accents. A rust colour sofa hems off the lounge area, opposite a contemporary floating tv stand.

A layered rug fusion brings areas of both pattern and calm to the lounge layout. See more inspiration for rugs here.

An obscure glass partition separates the kitchen diner from the relaxing lounge.

Houndstooth throw pillows drop a monochrome moment onto the rust sofa.

Decorative vases bring shining areas of interest to black nesting coffee tables.

Buttery gold lounge chairs complete the lounge furniture arrangement, setting their arched backs against a tastefully backlit modern bookcase.

An indoor plant carries a natural interpretation of the red-brown colour scheme into the corner of the room, creating a colourful companion for the modern floor lamp behind the sofa.

Burgundy dining chairs make a sumptuous addition to the kitchen, where they contrast deeply with a grey and white geometric floor treatment. A sage kitchen design softly contrasts the chair upholstery.

A round pedestal dining table table is mirrored by a circular modern chandelier.

The hardwearing geometric floor covering is repeated in the home entryway, under a neat wooden entryway table and the interior of a walk-in closet.

Inside the bedroom, sage green walls make a fresh mix with mustard accents. Understated bedroom pendant lights descend on walnut bedside units and a piece of colour coordinated modern art.

A bird print cushion adds a flutter of nature to the platform bed

Sheer drapes softly filter the sunlight.

A taupe ottoman provides extra storage under a built-in bedroom desk/vanity.

Mustard accents make another appearance in a second double bedroom design, where they’re balanced out by a dark grey feature wall. A modern wall sconce pricks the dark expanse with a flash of fresh white.

The workspace in this bedroom is a more formal desk and console combo, decorated with a stylish lamp and clock. See other unique desk clocks here.

The floor plan reveals three double bedrooms in this apartment, each complete with their own workspaces.

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