Everlane opens permanent store in New York’s Soho

After a series of pop-ups, online fashion brand Everlane has opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in New York, featuring an interior designed with local studio Leong Leong.

Everlane’s in-house design studio worked with Leong Leong to create the retail space on Prince Street, which runs through the busy Soho shopping area.

Everlane Prince Street

The team aimed to transfer the brand’s minimal web identity into a physical space, using pastel colours – similar to the showroom at Everlane’s San Francisco offices.

“We wanted to create a beautiful space that not only showcased our products, but also allowed our customers to experience our aesthetic in real life so we used plenty of natural materials – wood, granite and greenery throughout the space,” said Everlane in a statement.

Everlane Prince Street

The space is almost symmetrical along its long axis. A series of cushion-topped benches run down the centre towards the pale wood service counter. Shelves are mounted on the walls either side, broken up by floor-to-ceiling stacks covered in white mesh.

The same translucent material forms a banner, placed behind the counter and in front of the fitting rooms, which displays Everlane’s simple logo.

Everlane Prince Street

Its typography is also used above the displays to denote areas for shoes or denim, but in embossed lettering painted white like the walls.

Large roof lights illuminate the store from above, while the glazed shop front also brings in lots of light.

Everlane Prince Street

“In line with our mission of radical transparency, it was important for us to have a light-filled space,” said Everlane, “so we incorporated four expansive skylights running through the middle of the store with a large glass facade looking out onto Prince Street.”

“Instead of a traditional window display or putting product at the very front, we instead put community front and centre, with stadium seating and a wall that will rotate with brand and transparency messaging along with seasonal installations,” the brand added.

Everlane Prince Street

Everlane was founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman, who wanted to create a more transparent fashion label. The website provides cost breakdowns for different products, and promotes the factories the company works with.

Everlane Prince Street

Initially only online, Everlane has run several pop-up stores over the past few years, including a “shoe park” designed by Robert Storey and a denim shop – both in New York.

The new Prince Street store, which opens 2 December 2017, marks a further expansion into physical retail for the brand.

Photography by Naho Kubota.

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