Interiors That Use Color Blocking To Segment Space

These two unusual interiors, both designed and visualised by LIS design studio, foster a unique style in which color and texture is used to boldly segment space. Color coordinated furniture and colour block wall paint meld together as if one seamless volume. The ‘blocks’ allow small rooms to be broken up into separate uses, like tiny rooms within a room. Tiling is also incorporated to create islands of use, with the same tile design cladding the selected wall and floor areas. Wood flooring and white paintwork bridge the gaps between the defined sections, creating calm neutral breathing space that allows the brighter moments to really stand out.

The first interior we shall tour is an apartment located in Lviv, Ukraine, with a project area of 67.4 square metres. The pastel room decor defines the lounge area with a ghost of pink paintwork that runs parallel with the top of the door jamb – which is coloured in a darker shade of the same hue. A pale sage green strip forms a halo of colour around a sofa of the same colour.

Tiny tiles take over a reading nook, forming light texture and pattern across the lower part of the wall, and making a holding area on the floor for the reading chair. A nearby plant stand matches the red legs of the reading chair and the red grout between the tiles. A white floor reading lamp blends into the light background. The tiles continue up a couple of steps toward a glass door, where white tiles are replaced by green versions exclusively where they sit beneath indoor plants.

A large mirror reflects the reading nook, and elongates the look of wood storage cupboards. Royal blue paintwork announces the entryway to the bedroom.

The bedroom can be hidden away with a sliding white door, which flatly blends with the surrounding wall.

A coral coloured arch leads to the stairwell; a rectangle of the same colour gives the doorway a wider look. A modern dining set stands in front of the coral door arch, teamed with colour coordinated decorative vases and a white dining pendant light.

Patterned tiles map out the dining room.

Bottle green kitchen cabinets and tiles make up the colour block cooking area.

Moving through the coral arched doorway toward the stairwell, we find a bold pink and blue hallway design.

A contemporary dividing wall design has been introduced into the home, which separates the bathroom from the hallway.

The sleeping corner of the minimalist bedroom has no colour other than the natural tones of wood flooring and a timber bed base. A white modern wall sconce provides reading light. However, mirrored closet doors reveal a blue area on the opposite side of the room.

A pink window wall links the blue home office to the dressing area.

Blue storage cabinets, bookshelves and a blue desk merge seamlessly to define intended use as a complete home office. The sliding door between the lounge and the bedroom is solid blue on this side. A wooden Wegner Elbow chair matches a subtle wooden trim on the blue cabinetry.

Mirror is applied to the side of the largest blue volume to lighten its look.

White closets quietly flank the other side of the doorway, with a white linear suspension lamp lighting their fronts.

Whilst this is a minimalist bathroom in terms of furniture, the decor adopts three different styles of tiling. The most stand out tilework engulfs the shower enclosure in deep cerise pink; varying shades give the expanse a pixelated effect.

Floor plan.

Unique dividing wall installation.

Pink and blue room sections.

Our second home tour, also located in Lviv, Ukraine, is a
studio apartment with a slightly smaller project area of 60 square metres. The sofa is built into a wood dividing wall that features a recessed shelf, and is accessorised with a small side table.

The bedroom sits behind the partial dividing wall, which is fashioned in the same pale grey and light wood tone as the small lounge.

Grey padded panels form the headboard and a runaround feature in the bedroom.

The panels stop at the other end of the room when they come into contact with a home office area, which is defined in a pale sage green hue. A pale wood desk extrudes from the pale green storage cabinets. A green table lamp matches the units.

A darker green tabletop and unique wall shelves stand opposite the workspace. This can be utilised as a small vanity area, since there is a mirror tucked into the shelf stack. Indoor plants blend with the foliage coloured background.

The opposite side of the partially dividing wall between the lounge and the bedroom is home to some closets.

Dusky pink colour blocking cuts a square into the kitchen cabinets, backsplash and the flooring that runs beneath the dining set.

White tiles spread from the base of the surrounding white kitchen cabinets.

Pale wood outlines the white bathroom door.

Yellow tiles shine from inside the bathroom.

White tiles floor the home entryway. The upward facing planes of a wood bench seat are painted white to match. A mirrored volume reflects the decor.

Once inside the bathroom, we find that the yellow tiling is confined to a small shower enclosure within an otherwise white decor scheme. The black frame around the yellow shower enclosure matches with a chunky black vanity unit, mirror, and black bathroom faucets.

Design concept board.

Floor plan.

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