Japandi Interiors With Unique Flair

With a focus on muted colour palettes, natural materials, and simplicity, the Japandi interior style perfectly melds Scandinavian and Japanese style principles. Wood, wicker, bamboo, cane, cotton and linen textiles blend rustic warmth with functional minimalism to fuse form and function. The two beautiful Japandi interiors we feature here, each exhibit stylish flair and engaging vignettes. Our first home design has a succinct layout with distinctive elements. A custom-made media storage wall dominates a small but memorable lounge area, and a narrow bedroom is both rustic and sumptuous. The second home we visit has an industrial edge. Raw concrete ceilings counterbalance a smooth living room scheme that oozes restful energy.

Visualizer: Lyubov Orlova  

A unique small sofa
living room rug places geometric pattern inside our first Japandi space. A set of round coffee tables provide an earthy wood tone anchor.

Bespoke storage units make a flush surround for a frame TV. The units stretch from floor-to-ceiling to achieve a flat, seamless finish.

A carafe and glass tumblers set has a geometric silhouette to complement the living room rug design. Instead of the typical coffee table book stack, a chic wooden book holder neatly displays current reading material.

Wood chevron flooring achieves a trendy, high-end look.

A curvy media console unit underlines the TV. Its fashionably fluted finish provides further texture to the small living space. A decorative ceramic vase adorns the top of the media unit, along with a small table lamp and an incense holder.

Linen drapes gently diffuse the light, preventing glare on the TV screen.

A wooden floor lamp adds mood lighting in the corner of the living room.

The tripod floor lamp also provides focussed reading light over a low, Japanese-style chair. A moulded plywood magazine rack provides a quirky yet elegant storage solution. This appears to be the Offi magazine stand by Eric Pfeiffer.

A woven floor vase filled with dried pampas grass makes an earth vignette in the window.

A Japanese-inspired dining room pendant light hangs low to the round pedestal table.

Simple Scandi-style white kitchen cabinets hug the wooden dining table in an L-shaped formation. Wall units are double-banked to take full advantage of vertical wall space. Integrated appliances carry a clean white finish to blend seamlessly with the white minimalist kitchen design.

Four rounded chairs encircle the small wooden dining table.

A wooden fruit bowl and a clear glass vase make up a simple dining table centrepiece.

Chopping boards and cooking utensils bring wooden accents to the crisp white kitchen. A Japanese teapot boils on the hob.

The master bedroom has a cozy rustic appeal with sumptuous touches. 3D relief art provides eye-catching bedroom wall decor. Warm layers of blankets and pillows make up a plush and inviting bed set.

Beside the upholstered bed, a chunky wooden table holds a ceramic bedside table lamp.

Natural linen curtains dress the bedroom window.

A linen pouf is teamed with a modern makeup table. The vanity table’s slender gold frame prettily catches natural light from the window.

Designer: Yan Popov  
Visualizer: Edgars Zeimanis  

This 84 square metre home has a Japandi interior with an industrial-style twist. Raw concrete ceilings create a rough and rugged grey canopy, which counterbalances the soft neutrals and smooth fabrics of the decor scheme below. A wooden coffee table set provides a curvaceous core for the lounge, whilst the couch offers a linear minimalist look.

The TV wall is a simple mount, lit around the edges by recessed LED strips.

The TV is set back within its mount to achieve a streamlined finish.

A rustic wooden media console unit adds a warm accent to the minimalistic space, whilst a geometric living room rug introduces a contemporary pattern. A wooden floor lamp stylishly complements the earthy Japandi aesthetic.

A small sitting area is situated inside the home office as a place for contemplation and rest. A floor lamp makes the couch into a comfortable reading nook. Muted green scatter cushions add a subtle flash of colour onto the couch. A grey rug lays down an island of soft texture underfoot.

A wooden coffee table provides a convenient spot for a cup of coffee or reading material.

Over by the window, a wooden desk is teamed with a rich cognac leather chair. A vertical radiator warms the workspace.

Storage units hide office supplies away behind attractive rattan doors.

Creamy stucco walls give the apartment a simple yet warm aesthetic. Oak flooring is applied throughout to achieve a cohesive flow.

In the home entryway, decorative wall hooks dot the stucco. A wide, frameless mirror makes the small area appear spacious and light.

The wooden coat hooks make whimsical wall decor above a small entryway bench and a narrow shelving unit.

In the entryway, the oak laminate flooring is swapped out for durable, easy-clean tiles.

Moving back through the living room, we come to a formal dining area beside the kitchen. A modern wooden dining table is matched by six stylish wooden dining chairs. A tall glass vase is filled with green foliage to make a natural centrepiece.

Two rattan pendant lights illuminate the length of the table.

The wooden kitchen sweeps around the dining area in an L-shaped installation. Rattan unit doors add texture up top.

In the bedroom, a mini bedroom pendant light glows above the bedside.

A wooden platform bed speaks of Japanese aesthetics.

A plain stucco wall holds nothing but the TV.

Wood-slatted doors make the wardrobe an eye-catching feature.

The bathroom is small and succinct with flush-fitting storage.

Recessed shelves supply the bathtub area with toiletries.

LED lights glow beneath a contemporary vanity unit and round mirror.

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